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Spotlight Series : Jo Poole

As we bring in the New Year, our Spotlight Series is back! Last month, Valiant Kings, was in our spotlight and this month we sit down with a rapidly-rising artist, who has been on out radar since early 2017. Our first Spotlight of 2018 is on London-based DJ Jo Poole! We first came across Jo during our DJ Mix Competition with CR2 Records in 2017, where she was crowned the winner! She’s had quite a year since with sets all over London, supporting sets for the likes of Doorly, Tough Love, Leftwing & Kody, OC & Verde, and 2018 is looking even more exciting for her! Check out our Spotlight Interview with Jo below! ------------------- Hi Jo! It's great to catch up again, it's been a while! The last time we spoke was when you won our DJ Mix Competition with CR2 Records last year, and you've certainly been busy since! For anyone who may not know you, please tell us a little bit about yourself ... Hello Evermix! I’m a house / techno DJ based in London and l am currently learning to produce. Last year was when regular sets started to roll in, thanks to my former residency with His & Hers. I’ve been playing at venues such as EGG LDN, MoS, Basing House, 93 Feet East, Basing House, Fire, Lightbox, Junk Club and McQueen.    Being from Bath in the West Country, Bristol must have had a lot of influence on you and your taste in music? Did this area have a big effect on your passion for music? I went to several DnB nights! A genre l still love.  Ibiza, in particular, going to Space and watching DJs such as Jonathan Ulysses, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler, has been my biggest influence. l’ve been going every year for some time now, l love the island.    For those who haven't heard your sets, can you sum up your musical style in three words Groovy, techy, minimal   We know that you graduated and learnt a lot of your craft at London Sound Academy - can you tell us the biggest things you learnt during your time here? LSA was a great platform to kick start to DJ’ing. The biggest things l learnt were 1) practice, practice, practice 2) when you're starting out, and it sounds like an obvious one, but make sure your first track or first couple of tracks are ones you know well so you can relax in to your set and 3) believe in yourself and enjoy it!    We know you've had quite a busy 2017 with sets all over! Can you tell us what you've been up to since we last spoke last year? Going out a lot, dj’ing, networking, Ibiza a few times, watching Ableton tutorials! and supporting friends in the industry - 2017 was a lot of fun :)   A little birdy told us that you played just under 40 gigs in 2017 - that's almost a set every week! With so many sets lined up, how do you prepare and find new music to keep your sets fresh? I have friends doing well producing at the moment so l always like downloading and playing their new stuff. I can happily spend hours searching through Beatport. I’ll start with an artist l like or l have recently heard of and then look at the labels they are signed too, who they have done remixes with etc and go from there.  Recently, we've noticed that you have started to move into production more ... exciting stuff! What sort of sound can we expect to hear from you?   126bpm minimal tech vibes  Quick Fire Questions: Ibiza or Croatia  Ibiza  Tech House or Deep House  Tech house Ableton or Logic Ableton  Tequila or Jägerbombs  Depends who l am with !  Can you share any exciting plans you have for 2018? Can we expect an even bigger year for Jo Poole? I hope so! I am focusing on learning to produce and I am hoping to play some more sets out of London and abroad. I would love to play at a Festival this year too.  And lastly, do you have any exciting gigs coming up which you’d like to share with our listeners? -          20 Jan HABITAT @ Source Bar supporting WADE + HABITAT residents  -          24 Feb 33 @ The Metal Works supporting Hauswerks, Marco Strous + 33 residents -          17 Mar supporting Maya Jane Coles @ Junk Club  :)

Mix of the Week 51 : Joeski

Our second Mix of the Week of 2018 comes from New York based DJ/Producer, Joeski, who has absolutely spoilt us as he's given us a late Christmas present in the form of an exclusive studio mix, recorded especially for our listeners! Listen exclusively on Evermix. Listen in the player below!

Five DJ Tips from the Experts

We now live in a world where DJing has become a common choice of profession for many young music connoisseurs, and wherever you go, you'll always meet someone who is a DJ, or someone who knows a DJ in one way or another ... it's impossible to escape the army of DJs around the world today! This may be great for our scene, but this also means that the competition is tougher - the DJ market is saturated with thousands, if not millions, of music lovers, dreaming of playing infront of thousands of fans, and it's become much harder to stand-out from the crowd in today's interconnected world. Labels and tastemakers receive hundreds of promos and requests every day, so if you want to get their attention, you need to be doing something different to the rest!

So, as part of our ongoing partnership with MN2S, we sat down with Natasha Guiotto, an agent from the global booking agency, to find out her top tips for aspiring DJs to get noticed and help propel their career to the next level. Whilst there are no real rules to DJing, these tips are absolute gold dust ... ------- 1. Play As Much As You Can If you're just starting out ... play as much as you can, wherever you can! The more people you get in front of the better. 2. Online Presence is Everything You have to treat your DJ profile like a brand - so make sure all of your social media channels are on point and get those fan and follower numbers up! The best way to do this is to create as much authentic content as possible, this includes live streams of sets, behind the scenes mixing, press shots, and imagery of you on the road/playing gigs. Oh ... and don't forget to interact with people as much as you can too! 3. Your Music is your Identity .. so SHARE IT! It's so important to share your music and mixes as much as you can – this is what will keep you current and fresh with listeners. Evermix's MixBox2 can definitely help you with this by helping you easily record and share your sets online! ... thanks for the plug Natasha ;) 4. Get a Decent Booking Agent A good booking agent can make or break a DJ, and help to put you in front of audiences and promoters that you probably wouldn’t be able to do yourself. It’s always look more professional and credible to have someone working on your behalf. Currently, I look after a variety of rising DJs and live acts, including Format B, DJ Cartier, Marcus Nasty, Alex Gaudino, Artikal, Will Taylor, Ray Keith, Catchment and loads more! 5. Set Your Goals and Don't Be A Push Over This may be a little difficult when you're finding your feet in the industry, but you always need to put yourself first! Never sell yourself short, stick to the fees and billings that you want, and set goals for what you want to achieve - be realistic and it will always pay off in the end. When I signed DJ Cartier in 2015, he was pretty much playing small town Garage nights, but, when he joined MN2S, he set out his goals he wanted to achieve with us and we planned it out! Since then, he has played at Boomtown's Main Stage, Fabric Live at Motion Bristol, and FUSE Brussels to name just a few ... all of the places he mentioned on his 'gig wish list' when I signed him! What do you think is the most important tip from MN2S? Share your thoughts in the poll below!

Which Tip is most important?
1. Play As Much As You Can
2. Online Presence is Everything
3. When It Comes To Your Music ... SHARE SHARE SHARE!
4. Get A Decent Booking Agent
5. Set Your Goals and Don't Be A Push Over

Mix of the Week 50 : Simone Liberali

Our first Mix of the Week of 2018 comes from Italian DJ/Producer Simone Liberali, whose set at 33’s event at The Steelyard in December completely blew us away! Some of our team haven’t stopped talking about it since ... Check it out for yourself in the player below! Evermix’s Josh Fowler also sat down with Simone to chat about his favourite sets of 2017, crazy DJ booth stories, his plans for 2018, and loads more! Check it out below! ------- 1. Congrats on being our first Mix of the Week of 2018 Simone and Happy New Year! How did you spend your NYE? Can you tell us what sort of mischief you got up to? Hey guys! Thanks a lot it’s a great pleasure. My NYE was really good, I played 3 hours at Opera Club in Zagreb Croatia. The club was incredible, the energy of the people too and was really full. I brought 3 friends of mine with me there so I didn’t celebrate alone the NYE. We had a lot of fun! --- 2. Your set was recorded at 33's sold-out event at The Steelyard in London just before Christmas, the photos and videos looked out of this world! How was the event for you? And can we expect you back in London any time soon? Oh yes, that 33 party was absolutely one of my best parties of 2017! The guys are amazing, I told them many times. They worked very well for the party. Everything was excellent and the venue.... what a venue! The steelyard is awesome! I love to play in England, the electronic scene now is very strong there! I received a request from Egg London and we are planning the date. I hope to come back in London very soon! --- 3. We know you had a busy touring schedule last year with sets all around the world in countries like Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, USA and many more ... but can you tell us what your stand-out set from 2017 was, and why? I think one of the most exciting sets is that one from Elrow in Barcelona! For me was a big satisfaction to play in one of the biggest party in the world. The club was incredible and the people at the Elrow parties is something special! Another one that I enjoyed a lot was my 4 hour set in Sofia Bulgaria for MusicRow with Neverdogs! I played in an amazing venue, it was like a convention center really full of people. --- 4. You had a HUGE 2017 with releases on well-respected labels such as Avotre, Elrow Music, Stereo Production, Saved Records, and support from the likes of Martin Buttrich, The Martinez Brothers, Steve Lawler, Hot Since 82 + loads more! So, what's next for Simone Liberali? Can you tell us any of your exciting plans for 2018? Yes my 2017 was an year of big satisfactions and I’m really happy about how things are going. I’m always ready to give more and more. I have a lot of things coming soon: a release on Kaluki and Nic Fanciulli asked me for another release on his Saved Records. It’s a big pleasure for me to receive this massive support from him, he is one of my favourite artists. I have other things planned but for now I have to wait to communicate it. 2018 will be super!! --- 5. We can't get enough of your most recent release, 'Halo' on Nic Fanciulli's 'Saved Records', which you played in your set at 33! It's a rework of Sisqó's 'Thong Song' and is an absolute belter! So what made you remix such a classic RnB track? Thank you guys, happy that you like it! Nothing was planned, everything happened casually. I was doing that track and then I decided to put a vocal on it because I always like to have voices in my tunes. I was listening to all my acapellas and when I got into that one I said : “wow sounds really good”. I worked it in with some cuts and effects and that's it ahah. --- 6. Can you tell us 5 tracks that you can't stop playing in your sets at the moment? Sure : • Rober Gaez , David Herrero - Call On Hold [mustache music] • Royal House - Can You Party [Idlers] • Hauswerks,Huxley - Make it right [MoonHarbour] • Damian Lazarus ft Afronaut Zu - Fly Away (Dennis Ferrer Remix) [Crosstown Rebels] • Giuseppe Martini , Greck B - Don’t More [Finky Republic] 7. Can you share any funny stories behind the DJ booth? What is the craziest thing you've seen whilst playing? The craziest thing I’ve ever seen was in Ecuador! I was playing and I saw a girl behind me that was not dancing, only watching my hands on the mixer. Suddenly she climbed up on the console and jumped into the dancefloor falling with her face on the floor. CDJ and mixer fell on the floor and the music was stopped! People got very angry with her, I think she was a bit too drunk ahah Or one time a girl threw me her bra! --- 8. The great debate amongst producers ... Ableton or Logic? Ableton --- 9. We always ask our Mix of the Week artists what they think of Evermix and our MixBox recording device, and can we expect to hear more sets in the near future? Of course guys hope to come back soon on board! Evermix is really a good site where you can find nice music played by a lot of international artists so i recommend it to all! Thank you guys!

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 12: Full Intention

New Years Eve is upon us with 2018 just around the corner and our final day of Mixmas. Lets make this a MASSIVE celebration with none other than Full Intention, From Glitterbox to Evermix, we are super excited to have them on board. We gave Full Intention our 5 quick fire Q&A's to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when ... We watch all our money magically disappear 2. On Christmas Day ... We go straight for the Sofa 3. Our favourite Christmas tipple is ... Mulled Wine 4. We do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? We certainly do not wear annoying reindeer jumpers! (Michael was tempted though) 5. I hope Santa brings me in 2018? We hope Santa brings us a Grammy next year  Thanks for all you support this year and please buy every singe record we make in future Including this one - DOWNLOAD HERE >> po.st/FI024 https://twitter.com/fullintention https://www.facebook.com/fullintention/ https://www.instagram.com/fullintention/ https://soundcloud.com/fullintention

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 11: Seamus Haji

*TICK TOCK* We are counting down the hours, miuntes and seconds to the New Year, 2018. Seamus Haji, has graced us with an amazing 60 minute mix of some of his favourite tracks right now! We also gave him the 5 quick fire questions for him to answer for us!

1. Christmas is a time when ... I can totally switch off from work (mostly) and spend time with friends & family 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the ... Kitchen as I like to cook. me control freak!? This year is ‘reggae roast' 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is ... Mulled wine 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? The latter. I’ll wear some red underwear instead 5. I hope Santa brings me? All the things I didn’t want when I was a kid ie. socks & underwear Your message to the listeners: Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year! Big Love 2017 Compilation out now on Big Love Follow Links Twitter seamushaji Facebook seamushajibiglove Instagram seamushaji Soundcloud - Account shutdown! Please let us know if you are spinning and where over Christmas / New Years Eve! Dec 31st New Year’s Eve - Heaven On The Harbour, Cruise Bar, Sydney, Australia Jan 1st New Year’s Day - Beresford, Sydney, Australia

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 10: Steve Parry

Mix of the Week 49 : David Penn

Our final Mix Of The Week for 2017 comes from someone who has dominated both the sales and hype charts of 2017. He’s a busy global player and his distinctive blend of deep, jackin and damn right funky house has been a staple part of the AAA list DJ’s diet throughout the year. His latest release ‘Down Wid Da’ which he created with ATFC has been number 1 on Traxsource for 4 weeks. To round the year off perfectly Traxsource also nominated him artist of the year alongside label of the year. He’s a big Evermix user so we proudly present the perfect mix to get you warmed up for New Year's Eve and beyond. It can only be David Penn…. Tracklisting: 1.) Haji & Emanuel “Weekend” (David Penn Remix) – BIG LOVE 2.) Roog, David Penn – “House Thing” (48 hours mix) - URBANA RECORDINGS (PROMO) 3.) Re-Tide, Moon Rocket - Make You Do Right Feat. Danielle Martin (Original Mix) – CUT REC 4.) David Penn “Yeah Yeah” - URBANA RECORDINGS 5.) Sam Divine & CASSIMM - What God Has Chosen -DFTD 6.) David Penn & KPD – Why Don´t – MONOSIDE 7.) ATFC & David Penn “Hipcats” – ARMADA SUBJEKT (PROMO) 8.) Todd Terry , Roog – Old Skool Joint (48 hour mix) - FREEZE 9.) Greco (NYC) - Mans Not Hot – UNRELEASED 10.) DEUX – To The Music – URBANA RECORDINGS 11.) Camelphat & Elderbrook “Cola” (Dario Dattis remix)DEFECTED 12.) David Penn & ATFC – Down Wid Da – URBANA RECORDINGS 13.) Man Without A Clue – Hello – CLUELESS 14.) Marco Lys – The Story Continues – BAMBOSSA 15.) David Penn & HOSSE – I Can´t Wait” - URBANA

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 9: Kevin McKay

We are now on the train to bringing on the New Year. Bringing you some PURE classics, which in the office is going off. Kevin McKay and his background with classics and Disco. We're sure you won't be disappointed. We also gave him our 5 quick fire Q&A questions to answer for the festivities:

1. Christmas is a time when... We let in love and we banish shade. 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the... Bread sauce. On everything. 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is... Espresso Martini. 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it... I'm Scottish and spend Xmas in Scotland usually so a free jumper is always welcome! 5. I hope Santa brings me... Up? Your message to the listeners... Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year when it comes to everyone. My label, Glasgow Underground, is 20 years old this year and I've asked some of the biggest DJs in the world to select their favourite track from the last 20 years and I'm giving the album of all that away on our Facebook page on Xmas day. You can find all of Kevin McKay's social links on his Evermix page.

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 8: Nude Disco

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 7: Lee Coombs

We have a very special set here from Lee Coombs, with a very special vinyl set. You must make sure this is one to listen too. We gave Lee 5 quick fire Q&A's to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when… I miss my British Christmas dinners! Don’t get me wrong, food is great in the US but they just don’t do Christmas dinners the same way.. 2. On Christmas Day, I go straight for the... Kettle. 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is... A new drum machine Not quite there yet, but its close... 5. I hope Santa brings me... An annoying jumper with a reindeer on it. Your Xmas message? Get down to the classic vinyl mix up and have a great Christmas!! Anything you wish to plug? New single - Lee Coombs and Andy Hughes - Congo Bongo - https://www.beatport.com/release/congo-bongo/2150902

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 6: Hoxton Whores

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM EVERYONE AT EVERMIX!! Now its Christmas time, lets get you in the mood for something slightly different to Chrismtas songs, Hoxton Whores have provided a whole 60 minutes to bring you in the house mood! We also gave them our quick fire Q&A's to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when ... you can get away stuffing your face all day 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the … Brandy and Mince Pies 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is ... Brandy 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? ... No never have, never will 5. I hope Santa brings me?... Kots of Brandy and Mince Pies Your message to the listeners:... Merry xmas you lovely lot and all the best for 2018 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHECK WWW.HOXTONWHORES.COM FOR ALL OUR LINKS

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 5: Thrilogy

Wow, what an amazing Mixmas mix we have here, blending some of the best Christmas track and latest track, Thrilogy is next to get you on the hype for Tomorrow. We gave him some quick fire Q&A's to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when ... IT'S OK TO DRINK AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the ... NUTS 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is ... A SMALL GLASS OF THATCHERS GOLD 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? ... I TRIED TO BUY ONE THIS YEAR, BUT THEY ARE £20! 5. I hope Santa brings me? ... AN ANNOYING REINDEER JUMPER Your message to the listeners: PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO THIS MIX WITHOUT A DRINK IN YOUR HAND CHECK OUT MY NEW RECORD LABEL: FATE AND FICTION RECORDINGS...home to the Bristol massive, Ishmael, Thrilogy, Admin, Remotif, Christophe, J.Morrison, Jack Baldus, Ment, Delahay, Molly-Anne and Greymatter. Dusty sampling, organic deep house music, some techno and artwork by the amazing Anna Higgie...x Link: http://www.phonicarecords.com/label/fate-and-fiction-recordings/145533/all/latest/desc Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/fateandfiction NEW THRILOGY MUSIC: THRILOGY 'EVANESCENCE' (INC. MAN POWER REMIX) (OMENA RECORDS) THRILOGY 'THE BODY, AND THE SOUL EP' (FATE AND FICTION RECORDINGS) V/A - FAFEP003 (ISHMAEL/ THRILOGY/ J.MORRISON FEAT. JACK BALDUS/ MENT) (FATE AND FICTION RECORDINGS) -Support from Ashley Beedle, Giles Peterson, Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Scuba, Severino, John Digweed, Tensnake, Space Dimension Controller, AME... Follow Me: Twitter @thrilogymusic Facebook www.facebook.com/thrilogysound Instagram leethrilogy Soundcloud soundcloud.com/thrilogy

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 4: Tall Paul

Bring you into the 4th day of Mixmas, we have the mighty Tall Paul with a small fire Q&A:

1. Christmas is a time when…Family get together and argue all day 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the  Pigs in blankets 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is …My own Mull wine recipe. Legendary 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? …More annoying the better 5. I hope Santa brings me?…New ears (and eyes) Your message to the listeners: , Happy xmas to the Evermix squad watch out for 2018. Anything you wish to plug? Gallery xmas party 15th Dec. Will record if you can’t make it. Follow Links Twitter Facebook Instagram Soundcloud

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 3: Northern Soul Rave Patrol

Day 3 of Mixmastivities, we bring you the groovy Northern Soul Rave Patrol! We sent them over our quick fire Q&A's for them to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when..... ......it all gets soulful. 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the ……drinks cabinet. 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is …..Espresso Martini with a Kestrel Super chaser. 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? ……..NEVER! 5. I hope Santa brings me? An original copy of United Sounds - It’s All Over (Baby).  Shame it goes for over £5000. Your message to the listeners: Keep The Faith obviously! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSoulRavePatrol/ Mixcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/willnicol16/

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 2: Brett Gould

With Brett Gould absolutely smashing it on the scene with his DJ mixes and tracks, we are delighted to have him on board with the Mixmas Calendar, Steve gave him so quick fire Q&A's to answer:

1. Christmas is a time when I embarrass myself at a Xmas party! 2. On Christmas Day I go straight for the Beer and Chocolate! 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is A good Brandy. 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? I do wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it. 5. I hope Santa brings me? Nothing. Besides good fortune. Your message to the listeners: This mix is my top 11 tracks of the year. The tunes that have done something a bit special on the dance floor for me and given me some great memories. Starting backwards and counting down to the best track which I mixed last. 1) The Deep Shakerz 'Diggin Down' Ordinal Records 2) Leftwing & Kody 'Sound Boy' Solid Grooves 3) Prok & Fitch 'Sheeple' Relief Records 4) Riva Starr 'The Wikedest Sound' Brock Wild 5) Metodi Hristov 'Behind' D-Formation Remix - Beat Freak Records 6) Brett Gould Feat Malia Belle 'Can't You See' Snatch Records 7) Shadow Child 'Higher' Food Music 8) Piem 'Together' Glasgow Underground Now counting down.. Top 3. 9) Riva Starr, Gene Farris and Dennis Cruz 'Play' Snatch Records 10) Camelphat 'Cola' Defected Records 11) Sasha 'Out Of Time' Original mix - Kompakt Don't do anything I wouldn't do this Xmas. ;) Anything you wish to plug? So much exciting things going on. I've just finished mixing the Best Of Snatch 2017, which has an exclusive track by myself with the lovely vocal of 'Malia Belle' She is one to look out for. The single comes out on 15th December via Snatch Records and is called 'Can't You See'. The Best Of Album comes out 29th December. I've remixed Hausworks for Joeys (Apollo 84) Twisted Fusion label that comes out late December called 'Just One Touch' And have an e.p with Sola, Solardos label in January called 'Drum Machine'. My next gig is on the 15th December in Essex for Zoned UK at Elements. Follow Links: Twitter https://twitter.com/_brettgould Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brettgouldmusic Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brettgouldmusic/ Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/brett_gould

Evermix Spotlight Series : Valiant Kings

Evermix’s Spotlight Series is back just in time for Christmas! Our Spotlight focuses on rising DJs that have caught our eye (and ears) on Evermix.fm. After our last Spotlight Interview with Stefan K, this time we come a little closer to home to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to sit down with Valiant Kings, whose mesmerising music has gained support from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Don Diablo, EDX, to name just a few. The Evermix team have had their sets pumping on the office speakers all year since we first listened to one, so we knew we had to sit down with them for a Spotlight Interview! We caught up with them earlier this week to chat about his journey so far, their musical style and all their exciting 2018 plans! Check out the full interview below! -------------------- Hi Valiant Kings. Welcome to Evermix's Spotlight, congrats on being our latest artist in the series! So, for anyone who is not familiar with you guys, please tell us a bit about yourself? Firstly, thanks so much for giving me this amazing opportunity! I’m a Belfast-based DJ / Producer who decided, along with Lisa Williams, to create Valiant Kings, with the aim to produce & play music that will suit fans from both the underground & commercial scene, and so far, it’s working pretty well!   Your sound is quite different to a lot of DJs at the moment, and it's always nice to hear something fresh! For any new listeners, can you sum up your musical style in three words for us? Unique, dynamic and ambitious!

We first noticed you when you entered our Mix Competition with CR2 Records earlier this year, and we've loved all your sets ever since! Out of curiosity, how did you hear about Evermix? I think it was from a post shared by Steve Stimpson on Facebook – it was definitely a competition to win the MixBox1, which I ended up winning, and I’ve used it ever since!  It's an amazing piece of kit! But it's not only your sets that have caught our eye, we've also listened to your remix of Swedish House Mafia's 'Leave The World Behind', and we loved it! What made you remix such a classic? Whilst waiting on a release date (still waiting!!!) for the upcoming release, I wanted to put something out for free to keep momentum, and also as a thank-you to those who have previously supported VK!  After a brief conversation with an old friend (Sonny Vice, Switzerland) we decided to knock out Leave The World Behind – it’s simple, yet effective!  As for upcoming remixes, an upcoming artist and star in the making (Reiss Harrison, Manchester UK) asked us to remix his upcoming track which is a cover of a 2008 rock song!  From memory, it’s been signed & licensed to a few massive labels from USA and the release is January of next year (I think!). You've also gained support from the likes of Don Diablo, EDX, Paul Van Dyk and Judge Jules, how does it feel getting support from such huge artists? Never did I think Valiant Kings would gain support from the biggies in such short notice.  I kinda felt it would eventually happen, but never so quick!  It makes it all worthwhile!   Support like that must be a proud moment for you, but can you tell us your top 3 career-defining moments so far for Valiant Kings? Each time the Valiant Kings name progresses, is a career-defining moment in my eyes, though what sticks out for me, would be the release of the debut “As The Rush Comes” which was a cover from Motorcycle, secondly the release of “Mysteryland” which was a collaboration with a good friend Ramrod Rodeo (Newry, Northern Ireland) and last but not least playing at Tanztal Festival at Nurburgring, Germany alongside Alex Schulz, Plastik Funk, Niels Van Gogh and DBN to name a few!  Big thanks to Tom Franke (bigFM, Germany) for that! So what's next for you? Can you share any exciting 2018 plans for Valiant Kings with us? The Remix for Reiss Harrison is the starter for 2018, then there’s the Valiant Kings own release out on New State Music (still waiting on the release date). Also I've just finished a track with the amazing Beth Macari (Newcastle, UK) and we’re both confident that will be signed to one of the majors. In between all that, there’s a tour in the pipeline with shows in Greece, Germany, France, Norway, Dubai, Ibiza and a few others. Also, my fortnightly show starts again in May for Ibiza White FM / Tantra Ibiza alongside Tom Franke, Boogie Pimps and some others!  Oh, and a new podcast / Facebook live show starting next year with guest mixes from some of the biggest names in the world, so yeah, keeping VERY busy! We know Belfast is a city with a huge electronic music following, so if we were to visit, can you recommend any must-attend events or clubs? I tend not to go out “clubbing” and prefer to stay in my local, though if I do, the 2 main places / events would be Shine or Thompsons. If your willing to travel a bit further, theres “Lush” at Kellys, Portrush – all 3 amazing promotions & events that cater for different people. Christmas is just around the corner, so can you tell us anything that is on your list this year? As long as my family & friends are happy & healthy, that will be the best Christmas present for me! Check out Valiant Kings latest release ‘We Were Young’ on Beatport, this has had a huge support from Chicane - check it out below! www.facebook.com/ValiantKingsMusic https://www.mixcloud.com/valiantkings/ https://soundcloud.com/valiantkingsmusic

12 Sets of Mixmas Day 1: Tim Healey

Now we have come to the end of an amazing 2017, we have decided to bring 12 dedicated sets for our '12 Sets of Mixmas'. Coming to you first is Tim Healey, we gave him some quick fire questions to answer for his holiday festivities:

1. Christmas is a time when..... all good men come to the aid of the party. 2. On Christmas Day I go..... straight for a Bloody Mary. 3. My favourite Christmas tipple is..... Mezcal. 4. I do or don’t wear an annoying jumper with a reindeer on it? I can reveal that I own a onesie with reindeer and Christmas trees somewhere. 5. I hope Santa brings me? A Roland System 100. 6. Your Xmas message? Huge thanks for everyone’s support for my label and my music this year. Totally appreciated. May 2018 bring you everything you hope for. This is a special retrospective mix to round off 2017, featuring my favourite tunes of the year and a slew of my own and Bennun & Healey stuff and my reworking of The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary. Time to get get your groove on while you stuff that turkey. Anything you wish to plug?  Keep up to speed with our new releases at www.dbstereo.com Follow Tim Healey’s tour dates at www.djtimhealey.net Bookings: lee@rocstar.com Follow Links twitter.com/timhealey facebook.com/timhealeyofficial instagram.com/stereobrighton soundcloud.com/tim-healey

12 Sets of Mixmas

Mix of the Week 48 : Mark Fanciulli

Christmas is so close we can taste the turkey and pigs in blankets, so in true Christmas fashion, we have a special gift for everyone from one of the hottest DJs on the planet. Our latest Mix of the Week comes from none other than Mark Fanciulli, who gave us the perfect Xmas gift this year – he recorded an exclusive studio mix for your ears only, which is full of tonnes of new music. Listen to it in the player below!

Before Mark had to shoot off to finish his Christmas shopping, Evermix’s Steve Stimpson caught up with him to chat about his recent projects, the great Ableton vs Logic debate, his tops tips for young aspiring DJs and loads more! Check out the interview below! ------------------ It’s been a hell of year for you on both DJ and production fronts. You’ve individually created and collaborated with a whole bunch of raw talent such as Huxley, Joris Voorn on tracks such as ‘Lyra’, ’The Tide’ and not forgetting that absolute monster remix of Everything Feat. Meggy on Defected to name a few examples. Please tell us some of your personal favourite musical memories of 2017. One thing I am really happy about is that my output this year has been even greater than any other. I like to hold back and not just release anything, which explains why there can be some gaps in the schedule but this year has been very productive in the studio. The most successful releases have been the two collab EP’s that I did with my friend Huxley on Moda Black. Releasing on Seth Troxler’s “Play It Say It” was definitely a highlight especially as we had the remix treatment from Honey Dijon who delivered amazingly. One other thing that stands out for me on the production front is putting out the very first “Test Tone” release. It’s a project that me and Zoo Brazil have been collaborating on and there’ll be more to come very soon so stay tuned. On the road, I’ve had some absolutely unreal gigs such as playing the Panther Room at Output in NYC for my birthday and the Water Club Boat Party in Faro, Portugal. The very first Test Tone gig was incredible too, we did it on the roof of Slakthuset in Stockholm and the vibe was just insane. It was during the summer and from the very first record I knew it was going to be a crazy one. Looking forward to 2018 what’s on Mark Fanciulli's bucket list of goals and targets. Anywhere you haven’t played yet that your eager to spin at? Anyone in particular you would like to collaborate with? Studio-wise I want to keep collaborating with Zoo Brazil under our Test Tone alias. It’s the best stuff I have ever come out of the studio with, it’s far more melodic than what I usually do and we just work so well together. The Between 2 Points radio show will continue along with label releases from myself and parties too. As we all know regular touring is part of the parcel when DJ’s get to your level. What level of musical organisation goes into a tour. Is it a case of the set being practically mapped out or do you pretty much play what ever you feel is right on the night. I never forget what one of my lecturers told me at college…..”Remember the 6 P’s”: “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.I try to keep the music on my laptop as organised as possible. I’ll do it in folders like "Deep/Early", “House", "Tech House", “Techno", “Closing", “Classics", "Productions”. During the week I will go through my promos and look at download stores and listen to it all in the run up to a gig before updating my SD Cards.My sets are never mapped out, but I try to cover as many angles as possible. Every venue is unique and I want to be able to cater for the crowd.  Please tell us what is coming up on the production/remix front? I have just signed an EP to Solardo’s label, Sola which I am really excited about. The records have been massive for me this winter and I think I’ve found the perfect home for them. The next Test Tone release will be coming on Joris Voorn’s “Green” imprint and will also include a remix from him as well. Logic or Ableton and why? Favourite piece of kit? I think that both pieces of software are amazing, but for me I choose Ableton as I like the way my work flows in it. Logic is great and I used to use it on its own and then in Rewire with Ableton and then moved across completely. I am really enjoying the Roland SDE-330 right now. It delivers these amazing delays that add so much to my studio sessions. You just completed a very successful tour of Asia. The general feel is that EDM is a more popular genre on that side of the world. What is the general vibe of the underground scene there and how do you compare the crowds with the European clubs? The general vibe of the Underground scene there is that it is alive and thriving. My first gig was at this club in Jakarta called “Colosseum” in a room hosted by a brand called “Enter The Void”. They usually put locals on but now want to bring in international acts and I was the first. This is an obvious sign of how healthy it is and this was whilst an EDM party was in full swing in the other room. Headquarters in Singapore was an amazing space to play in, definitely one of my favourite venues right now. It’s small, intimate and I got to play totally across the board, full on Between 2 Points House & Techno. The last gig was at Elysium in Kuala Lumpur which was a great party on a terrace roughly 30 floors up. I also managed to squeeze in a small set last minute in the inside room before I had to catch my early flight, I could have played  for so much longer. Any tips for the budding DJ’s trying to make a name for themselves? Play whatever you want to play and dedicate as much time as you can to it. Collaborate with friends and just try things, not everything works but some things do. Can you share 5 tracks that are absolutely tearing it for you right now? ANOTR - THE ISSUE [NO ART] PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS - DESERT RACES [MOTE EVOLVER] PLEASUREKRAFT - NAGELBETT [ODD RECORDINGS] MELLA DEE - TECHNO DISCO TOOL [WAREHOUSE MUSIC] MARK FANCIULLI - MOVING ON [SOLA] We always ask our Mix Of the Week winners what they think of Evermix and can we expect to hear more sets on the platform very soon? I think its great with the way it's helped bring mixes closer to people. You can definitely expect to hear more from me very soon. ------------------ Now, being our very 1st Christmas Mix Of the Week Winner it's only right that we keep the spirit alive for those who choose to blast your set on the big day while peeling the spuds. So, here are 5 quick fire questions Where will you be on Christmas day? With my family in Maidstone. Most of you reading this won’t know where that is, but it’s the town where I grew up in the south-east of England, not far from London. Most memorable Christmas rave? Christmas Eve has historically been a messy affair for me. I’ve had many heavy nights which resulted in hangovers from hell at the Christmas dinner table and I don’t think this year will be any different. Favourite Christmas song? Wham! - Last Christmas   Beef or Turkey? Beef. I hope Santa brings me? I don’t need anything. I just wish for health and happiness to my family and friends.

Mix of the Week 47: Catchment

Our recent collaboration with global booking agency, MN2S, will see us explore exclusive sets from their incredible roster of artists and DJs, and each month they will be choosing a Mix of the Month from one of their artists. Their first Mix of the Month comes from rising UK House/Bass duo, Catchment, who certainly have a bright future ahead of them with releases on iconic labels like Toolroom, Eton Messy, Fat! Records, and sets at the likes of Fabric, The Warehouse Project and Brixton Academy … they must be doing something right! Their exclusive studio mix is our latest Mix of the Week! Check out their set in the player below!

Just before they returned home for Xmas, we managed to sit down with Catchment to find out what is on their Xmas List for Santa, their journey so far, and how they met Samuel L. Jackson! Read the full interview below! First, can you tell us how you both started working together?   Music has been an influence in our lives from a young age. We used to write alternative/indie rock music when we were growing up using an old 4 track cassette mixer we found in the loft. We had little skills in what we were doing but we loved the process and the feeling of finishing a track. This led us both going to college and university where we learnt about music production to a higher level. Catchment started by us sending ideas we had been working on separately to each other and merging them together. Once we had both finished our courses, we were able to then work together full time and persevere until this current day!    Your set is our Mix of the Week, and also MN2S's Mix of the Month, can you explain how you guys go about putting  a mix together? Do you plan every detail or just wing it?   We always want our guest mixes/ online mixes to represent what to expect in our shows and try capture the same feel. So in an attempt to do that, we compile all of our favourite tunes and record a live mix rather than just put it together on the computer. Because of this, they’re never immaculate either and we love that.    You've already played at iconic venues such as Brixton Academy, The Warehouse Project and Fabric, but where would you say the strangest place you've ever played a set?   We played an event a while back where the room was set out like a bedroom and we were literally surrounded by sex toys and lingerie. It was interesting. We eagerly await topping that in weirdness.    A little bird told us that you also DJ'ed at Troxy for Samuel L. Jackson and the cancer awareness charity 'One For The Boys'. How did this happen?! And an obvious question ... did you get to meet him?   Our management were speaking with some of the people at One For The Boys and they liked what we were doing so they asked us to get involved, it's a really great cause we both feel passionate about as well so we jumped at the chance.    We did get to meet and thankfully we can happily say he’s as cool as you’d hope he is.    With releases on some great labels like Toolroom, Eton Messy, Love & Other and Get Twisted, to name just a few, what can we expect from Catchment in 2018?   More! We’ve been working hard on new material and already stacking up releases for 2018. Nothing that can be mentioned yet, but we got lots of exciting releases and remixes coming!      What are your Top 3 Tracks you can't get enough of right now?   1. Milk & Sugar - My Lovin ft Barbara Tucker (Matt.Joe Remix) (Milk & Sugar Recordings)  2. MANT - Tick (Cr2 Records)  3. Eats Everything - Loud (Relief Rec)     You must both be getting excited to see what'll be under your tree on 25th December!? What is on your Xmas wish list this year?   Ideally... Korg Ms20, SP1200, Roland Jupiter 8 and some Fresh socks    We always ask our Mix of the Week artists what they think of Evermix and our MixBox, and can we expect to hear more sets in the near future?   Absolutely, plenty more to come! You guys hooked us up a while back with it and we love it. It’s super easy and quick to just plug and play when you get to the decks. It being as small and sleek as it is, is a nice touch too. 

The Secret Life of A Booking Agent

The booking agent plays a pivotal role for any artist and event, no matter what genre ... but booking agents are often the unsung heroes in the music industry and many people are still unsure of their role. So, as part of our recent collaboration with global booking agency, MN2S, who represent the likes of A Guy Called Gerald, Doorly, Joey Negro, Tall Paul and loads more, we sat down with Ben Walker from MN2S, to find out more about the role of a Booking Agent. If you've ever thought about becoming a booking agent, hiring a booking agent for yourself, or you're just want to know what they do, check out our full interview below!

First, tell us a bit about yourself, your role as 'Booking Agent' and your roster ... My name is Ben Walker, I’m 24 and have been an agent for 2 years in January. These past two years have been pretty damn mental and I never envisioned doing this after leaving university with a criminology and sociology degree. Suffice to say, I love it! The best way to look at the role of a booking agent is the person in charge of touring in an artist’s team. We work very closely with an artist’s manager, we source then negotiate shows on their behalf. As record sales are nowhere near the level they used to be, with the likes of Spotify et al charging much less for music than before, means that the artist makes the majority of their income through touring. This can cause a high pressured environment as you are responsible for putting food on their table. My roster is really quite varied but tends to focus around the urban side of the music industry. I represent the likes of WSTRN, The Sugarhill Gang, Slick Rick, DJ Melody Kane, Kenny Allstar, The Four Owls, Mad Professor, Utah Saints and a few more.

And how did you get into this role?   It’s a strange story to be honest. I was sat in the Manchester Metropolitan library towards the end of my third year revising for my last exam. I was then struck by an overwhelming fear of ‘what the hell am I going to do after this??’ I promptly stopped revising and started putting a lot of thought into this. I came to the decision that working with artists as their agent, would be the dream – it was a very quick and snap decision but I went with it with everything I’d got.   I began to then send hundreds and hundreds of emails to every agent and agency email I could find, with a copy of my CV. I must have sent over 300 in a couple of weeks and only heard back from a tiny majority of those (thanks to all who took the time to get back to me and offer advice on how to get into this arena) – I also received many emails from people telling me to stop emailing them! I eventually received an email back from what would be my future boss, Sharron Elkabas, offering me an internship in London. I accepted and was massively excited to get started. Anyone looking to get into the music industry really should expect to do an internship, for most people without prior experience, it is very much the norm.   I then worked for 6 months as an intern, assisting MN2S agents, after 6 months of this, I was offered the job as an Agent at MN2S and began building my roster of artists you can see above.   So, what does a normal day in the life of a Booking Agent at MN2S look like?   The role of a booking agent is very much office based. You take a lot of calls and you have to answer a huge amount of emails. I would say about 15% of all the enquiries we get actually get to the confirmation and contracting stage, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was even less.   Aside from this we also have to do a lot of A&R (Artist and Repertoire). This is the process of finding new artists for your roster. It’s a lot harder than it sounds as any artist with any following is usually taken and the chances of you finding the next Justin Beiber or Drake are next to nothing.   The agents will discuss the booking with the promoter, come to an agreement on all the points in the contract and pass this onto our booking assistants to draw up and issue the contracts and invoices as well as organise all the logistics for that show. I really can’t emphasise enough how important the admin team are at MN2S, they are a huge resource and free up a huge amount of time for us to focus on booking shows.   You must meet a lot of different artists constantly ... but aside from releasing great music, what helps an artist stand out from the rest? What catches your eye? In short, it’s very difficult to stand out from the rest. The first thing to really catch my eye would be your flow and style with your music. It’s all well and good being influenced by an artist, but so many sound like carbon copies of the people they are influenced by. Don’t be scared to be different, all the huge successes in the music industry were all unapologetic in how they were different from the rest. And at the end of the day, they all made huge successes out of that. Another thing to do is go out and do it yourself. I have met and spoken to so many artists who want an agent, because they think that’s what is needed to make it in the music industry. The truth is, an agent is much more likely to approach you when you are ready, rather than take a punt off of a random email and a SoundCloud link. Go to shows and talk to people, try and meet fellow artists who are similar to you, ask their advice. Put on your own shows (no matter how big or small), create interesting content for your social media channels and above all, don’t give up. It’s all about building your brand, if you focus on this, managers, agents, shows and tours will all come in time.   We've heard some horror stories from artists and agents over the years, from your experience, what are the recipes for disaster between artist and agent? Can you tell us any personal stories?   The biggest recipe for disaster has to be a lack of communication and an inability to manage an artists expectations. The worst thing for me is thinking that an artist is sat at home waiting for the phone to ring with a show. If you can’t get the artists any shows, let them know this – all it may take is for them to be a little more active on social media or a new release to get people talking again.   In terms of managing expectations. If you tell an artist they are worth 100k and you can get them a 30 date tour worth 3 million, they will believe that, and they won’t be particularly happy when it doesn’t happen. An artist may think they are worth X amount, but they may find they get way less shows at this level of fee than if they dropped their fee slightly. They would earn more money in the long run by doing more shows at a lesser fee and you have to communicate this.   You must listen to a lot of new music and emerging artists all the time, so do you have any hot tips or predictions for 2018?   In terms of Urban music, I think it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Ocean Wisdom and Onoe Caponoe of High Focus Records really break into the big time. High Focus already broke Rag n Bone Man so they have a keen eye for the next best thing. You could almost certainly argue that Ocean Wisdom has already broken into the industry but I really think this is just the start from him. Another artist who I think is criminally underrated and should do some great things in 2018 is CASisDEAD – I think he’s really different to other grime artists and he could be huge.   In terms of the other side of things, I’m really finding a lot of bands turning towards the ‘Shoegaze’ style of music, a 1990’s music genre influenced by the likes of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine. There are so many artists reverting back to this style of music and I really think it could be mainstream successful very soon. Bands to watch out for would be Turnover, The War on Drugs, DIIV and Wild Nothing   Can you share with us who are your ones to watch from MN2S's rosters?   Sure thing, I think Paigey Cakey, Kenny Allstar and Third Party could all do amazing things within their respective genres   And finally .. i you could represent any artist in the world, who would it be and why? I think it would be a mixture of artists from The Mouse Outfit (A Manchester based Hip Hop collective, I love their music), Mungo’s HiFi (The UK’s biggest Reggae Sound Sytem), MF Doom (just cos) and Turnover (my favourite band)

Mix of the Week 46 : Purple Disco Machine

The Christmas Party Season is well underway and our latest Mix of the Week is perfect to get you in the holiday spirit! This week we visit the most famous club on the planet with one of our favourite ever DJs - Purple Disco Machine at Ministry of Sound. His funky set was recorded at People from Ibiza as he headlined the world-famous Box and it's had the Evermix team dancing all week! Check it out in the player below!

Evermix's Steve Stimpson also had a quick catch up with Purple Disco Machine to find out his favourite moments of 2017, his favourite tracks right now, his Xmas Wish List and loads more! Check out the full interview below! It's been several months since we awarded you your last Mix Of The Week and from what we have witnessed 2017 has been a stellar year for you in terms of productions and DJing. Please tell us some of 2017’s highlights. Yes indeed, 2017 was another massive year. I played loads of amazing gigs around the world and had a residency on the White Isle at Hi Ibiza and played Pacha for the first time. I also finally released my debut album “Soulmatic”. This was definitely one of my highlights. I’m so proud of it and the reaction has been overwhelming. And last but not least, the Jamiroquai tour which I have been playing on for the last few last weeks. Can you tell us what 2018 has in store for you? Any exciting collabs or productions we should be looking out for? In 2018 I’ll be continuing on the “Soulmatic World Tour” which starts in Australia over NYE and into January. Planning the Asian and South American legs right now. Production wise my third album single “Encore” is coming in 2018 with massive remixes and of course some new Purple Disco Machine club weapons. So stay tuned. What are your 3 biggest tracks in your box at the moment? 1. Oeil Cube - Disk Two (Versatile Records) 2. David Penn & ATFC - Down Wid Da (Urbana) 3. Hot Toddy - Slow Motion Cowboy (Hifi Sean Remix) Where will you be playing on New Year's Eve? I’ll be playing Australia again this NYE. Going to Perth to celebrate the end of 2017 there, then 2 shows on New Years Day in Sydney & Melbourne What does Purple Disco Machine want for Christmas? I spend my Christmas time at home with my family. That’s the most important thing for me and something I am privileged with.

Off-piste, on-piste, or just too piste: how will you party this winter?

The tan has faded, the speedos swapped for your snuggest sweater, and the Ibizan sun finally set on the summer. Winter is here. And winter is one long, cold bastard! But this is no time to retire to the sanctuary of a fireside sofa; the party must go on! Evermix Tech Support man Ed Shepherd got both legs out of his box this week and whittled down a whole host of the biggest and best up-coming events to bring you this: Ed's top six winter festivals. So grab your big coat. We’re going out out!

Rise Festival, 16th - 23rd December 2017 Location: Les 2 Alpes, France risefestival.co.uk With three years under its belt, Rise is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best events in the Alpes Francais. Lineup-wise diversity is the order of the day, with commercial chart-toppers rubbing shoulders with the best in underground House. Set on the largest skiable glacier in Europe and with over 220KM of piste to play on, there’ll be plenty of room for all your pals too. So let the exercise and fresh alpine air breeze all hints of a hangover away. Skiing + music + bye bye hangover… what’s not to like?! “But I don’t like skiing”, you say? Not a problem. The ski-averse can take advantage of an array of adventures including alpine yoga, helicopter or husky rides through the forests, and plenty more. Fly to: Grenoble or Lyon with transfers from Airport to Resort available online. Best Choice for: People who love their Skiing and good times! Ones to watch: Bicep, Denis Sulta, Monki & Solardo. Evermix Tip: Try and get your gloved hands on one of the 300 invitations to the Kanata Secret Adventure Parties… and bring us as your +1 (register at risefestival.co.uk)

Awakenings, 27th January 2018 Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands awakenings.com Located in the heart of one of the world's greatest countries for electronic music, Awakenings brings the biggest and best names in the Techno & House Scene: from Patrick Topping to the mighty Techno boss himself, Adam Beyer. Founded back in 1997, they certainly know how to throw an event of epic proportion. Best Choice for: Techno Vikings, who can’t go a moment without it in their lives. Ones to watch: Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati & Charlotte De Witte Fly to: Eindhoven Airport Evermix Tip: It’s only a one-day event, so make it a long weekend and do a bit of sightseeing. When you’ve tired of the weird and wonderful vehicles at the DAF Trucks museum, rest your weary legs and have a pint or five at one of our favourite Dutch pubs, the Kafee Kix: Kafee Kix Facebook .The spinning wheel behind the bar is full of drink dares that will guarantee another night of debauchery you won’t regret… at least until the morning.

5 Senses Thailand, 3rd February 2018 Location: Koh Phangan Island, Thailand 5sensesfestival.com A next-level destination for any electronic music lover. Senses are bringing an extraordinary 14 nights of underground House and Techno to the island infamous for the Full Moon Party. Dance from sunset to sunrise with stunning waterfalls and some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet as your backdrop. Amazingly you can still stay on the island dirt-cheap: budget rooms are going for the un-princely sum of $3 a night. You’ll want to stay on Koh Phangan all year round… and at these prices, you probably can! Best Choice for: Anyone who appreciates beauty in all 5 senses ;) Ones to watch: Mat.Joe, Manuel De La Mare & Tapesh Fly to: Ko Samui, with a short sea transfer to the Koh Phangan Island. Evermix Tip: Want to relax in between sessions? Chaloklum Beach is a little off the tourist trail, so you can replenish your energy in peace and quiet ready for the night party ahead. If you’d like to experience something different, visit Thong Sala night market, where you can try some fascinating local delicacies.

Snowboxx, 17th – 24th March 2018 Location: Avoriaz, France snowboxx.com They’re back for their sixth year of snow & music festivities. Snowboxx never fail to impress with their line-ups, and this year is certainly no exception. From the legendary Fatboy Slim to the very talented Loyle Carner and old Garage favourites Artful Dodger, there’s something for everyone at Snowboxx. And with six stages/venues over seven days, we’re sure you won’t be short of options. This time around they’re all about ‘epic experiences’ and a packed itinerary featuring snowball fights and human bowling down the slopes - probably best done pre-beers. Fly to: Geneva or Grenoble to name just some of the few airports around the area. Best Choice for: Experiencing that ‘big festival’ main stage atmosphere under subzero starry skies in the mountaintop arena Ones to watch: Purple Disco Machine, Mark Knight & Abode Evermix Tip: You can sign up for the special ‘Snowboxx Black Card’ to benefit from discounts on equipment hire and cut the booking fees when you buy your tickets! Every year you go to Snowboxx the perks get bigger. Everyone loves a freebie or two.

Liverpool Disco Festival, 31st March 18 Location: Liverpool liverpooldiscofestival.com A biannual event - the next installment of the ever-popular Liverpool Disco Festival is back on the 31st of March. With huge associations with the likes SalSoul, Soul Heaven & Mi-Soul, this line up is going to be a Disco fanatics dream. Their last event completely sold out, and tickets for this one are set to sell like hotcakes too! Last year’s headliners: Linda Clifford & Dimitri From Paris. So expect some powerhouses to be announced soon. Best Choice for: People who appreciate Disco for what it is! This is for sure going to be a bad-ass lineup Evermix Tip: You're in a city with a HUGE tradition in music, so let's open up the genres a bit. Head down to ’24 Kitchen Street’ to take a break from Disco and discover your new favourite up and coming band.

Snowbombing, 9th - 14th April Location: Mayrhofen, Austria snowbombing.com Snowbombing is back for a sixth consecutive year in Mayrhofen, Austria. What can we say other than this is THE biggest festival on snow, and one that simply has to be experienced to be understood. With a stomping big-name lineup and a glut of extra-curricular activities, there’s a hell of a lot more going on than you could ever wish for. Igloo raves, mountain stages, yoga, cable car-aoke, and the infamous pool parties (maybe dust off those speedos after all) mean you probably won’t find much time for skiing. And for the singletons amongst us, the ‘chair lift speed dating’ makes it that little bit less likely you’ll be going home alone. Again. Fly to: Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich Ones to watch: Pretty much everyone. But Doorly, Skream, and Eats Everything will be unmissable. Evermix Tip: Doorly is back once again (with the ill behavior). He’s been known to mix it up with his Hip-Hop sets at past Snowbombings, so who knows what’s up his sleeve for this year ;) Check out one of the most unique sets on Evermix below…. happy partying!

Mix of the Week 45 : Slipmatt

Our latest Mix of the Week comes from an absolute legend in the game, and someone who has seen the rise of the electronic music scene from the very beginning in the early rave days. He’s been an ever present figure in the old skool scene for more than 30 years, and he’s disappearing any time soon. Slipmatt recorded an exclusive mix in his studio for our listeners and it’s been a firm favourite of ours all week – check it out in the player below!

Not only did Slipmatt make an exclusive mix for us, but Evermix's Steve Stimpson also sat down with the old-skool veteran to chat about his most iconic moments from his 30-year career, his craziest DJ booth stories and his 2018 plans. Check out our full interview below! You have probably featured on more flyers than anyone I have ever known. Having been at the forefront of the old skool scene all those years ago and still a very prominent player across todays clubbing landscape, please tell us what fundamental changes you have seen and how you rate yesterday’s punters with today’s? It’s nearly 30 since my 1st ever club set and 28 years since I played my 1st proper rave, Raindance at Jenkins Lane, East London. So, no doubt I’ve been on a fair few thousand flyers around the world throughout a long career in mixing and having fun!  I think the biggest change for me is that the punters that come to see me these days are usually a lot more focused on what I do. In the late 80’s early 90’s everyone was raving, it was just the in-thing. What I’m most famous for, Old Skool, is a lot more niche nowadays. Although saying that, I’m absolutely loving playing new music again this year and have a load of exiting stuff going on. In general, though, the people I play to are just as friendly, maybe even more so these days. What is Slipmatt up-to in the studio? Any remixes or new tracks on the pipeline? I’ve actually just finished a re-make of our old SL2 track “Bassquake” just to bring the production up to date. We’ll also be remixing it in to Tech-House along with a brand-new track which I’m very excited about. I’ve also been working on a couple of tracks with a friend called Sooney who’s currently signed to Hot Creations and Elrow. I’m really upping my studio game for 2018 and you’ll be seeing a lot more from me music-wise, especially on a House-Tip. You have been doing your radio show religiously for many years now. Please tell us a little bit about the current show and format?, I’ve done various radio stints over the years, starting on a pirate called Raw FM back in 1989 from the top of a tower block in Hackney, to Kiss 100, Centerforce, Kool London, and loads more. But for the past 4 and a bit years I’ve been producing my own “World Of Rave” shows. They started off live but after the 1st year I decided to make it in to a podcast with less chat and more music. I syndicate it weekly to over 20 stations around the world and it also gets 1000’s of downloads every week on iTunes.  From my 50th birthday (22-04-17 if you’d like to make a note ) I started my brand new show “Slip’s House”. The rave scene was born out of House Music, I still love and have always played House, but I’d gradually fallen in to a bit of an Old Skool rut. So I decided it was time to play some new music again, and I’m absolutely loving it. I think I picked the perfect time too as there’s a bit of an Old Skool vibe going on at the moment with the Tech-House genre… or maybe it was a law Of Attraction thing? Lol  Where will you be this New Year's Eve and do you have any extra special gigs or a tour lined up for 2018? This NYE I’m up in Liverpool for a party called “Back To Your Roots” which set to be a huge success alongside Vibes & Livelee, Force and Charlie B, and then I’m back in London for a late one at Scala for Moondance with The Original Chalkie White. I’m actually back in to London on NYD for Hospitality @ Printworks for a B2B set with Mumdance which I’m really looking forward too. What a great start to the year! I’ve recently signed with Universal Artist Agency so there’s exciting times ahead for 2018! Tough one here for you. If you were on a 1 way trip and only had room for 3 vinyls, what would they be? SL2 – On A Ragga Tip (XL Recordings but now on World Of Rave) - It’s served me very well Edge#1 – Compnded (Edge Records) - It’s just so nice to mix and a classic Fab Five Freddie – Change The Beat (Celluloid Inc) - Just for scratching and keeping me amused Please tell us some golden highlights from the past few years? It’s a tough one to pick from such a long career span, but here’s a few: 1. Getting my 1st record deal in 1989 2. Top Of The Pops with SL2 1991 > https://youtu.be/1WC_oB3LAMc  3. No.1 in the mid-week chart with On A Ragga Tip 4. Playing Fantazia @ Matchams and the amazing sea of people 5. Playing Space, Ibiza totally wrecked, and getting told it was my best set of the summer lol 6. Presenting an award at the Albert Hall 7. Filming a comedy sketch about Rave with David Mitchell https://youtu.be/lNKuIdAPvuQ  8. Playing alongside The Prodigy at The O2 Arena London on NYE 2013 to 20,000 https://soundcloud.com/slipmatt-1/slipmatt-live-o2-arena-london  9. Playing Boomtown this year on Bang-Hai to (what looked like) 10,000 people 10. Being asked to do a mix for Evermix, as it’s exactly where I am at the moment, and I’m loving it. Funniest thing you have seen from behind the decks? Possibly, the state of me at certain times especially in Ibiza (not these days though) lol. I’ve seen a lot of extreme face pulling over the years as I’m sure you can imagine, and people getting up to all sorts on a different planet without a clue what they are doing. A really funny one though was when this massive tent collapsed on top of us once but everyone just kept trying to dance whilst doing their best to keep it held up with their hands. Eventually it got hoisted up again and everyone just carried on as if nothing had happened… it went on for ages, haha! We always ask our MOTW artists what they think of Evermix and can we expect to hear more sets in the near future? Evermix is a great place to check out a ton of great DJs all under one roof. Please also check out my weekly Old Skool World Of Rave show and my upfront Slip’s house show every 2-3 weeks. My diary is already filling up for 2018, but one to look out for is Strictly Old Skool in Ibiza 19th-26th May 2018 when we’ll be taking over Ibiza Rocks Hotel for the week and holding club nights at Eden, Es Paradis, Vista @ Privilege and loads more. Also look out for some brand new SL2 releases as well as some brand new Slipmatt House --------------------------------- For Bookings: paul@uaagency.co.uk For Press & Social Media: rachel@slipmatt.net  On the Web: www.slipmatt.net  On the Web: www.worldofrave.co.uk  Socials: https://www.facebook.com/theDJSlipmatt  https://twitter.com/Slipmatt  https://www.instagram.com/thedjslipmatt/  https://www.mixcloud.com/Slipmatt/ https://soundcloud.com/slipmatt-1

Evermix Spotlight Series : Stefan K

Our Spotlight Series is BACK! Under our Spotlight, we focus on artists that are not necessarily household names, but definitely deserve to be! Last month we sat down with one of our favourite DJs on Evermix.fm - Goos from India – and this time we go a little closer to home with another top DJ and all round nice guy - Stefan K from the Netherlands. Stefan is certainly no rookie to the scene with regular slots at Tomorrowland, Ministry of Sound and Pacha to name a few. He’s been turning heads in the Evermix office all year and his energy-filled sets have had the whole team grooving ever since we stumbled upon him on our site! We caught up with him this week to chat about his ‘original house’ style, Belgian chocolate, his plans for 2018 and loads more! Check out the full Spotlight interview and his Evermix sets below!

Hi Stefan K. Welcome to Evermix and congrats on being our new artist in our ‘Spotlight Series’. You’ve definitely caught the eyes of the Evermix of the team over the last few months and we couldn’t wait to sit down with you to learn more about you! Let’s start simple … for those who don’t know who Stefan K is, in one sentence, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  A genuine music-idiot with a special love for house music that combines music and studio life with a social life while trying to be a loving parent and husband. We first noticed your sets on our site a few months ago and now we can’t stop listening to them! How did you hear about Evermix and what made you start sharing your music with us? Well, I was told about Evermix by my manager to have a look at Evermix as he heard about it from another artist of his, Martijn Ten Velden. After I had a look at your website and platform. I instantly created a DJ account since I was looking for a new and better way to distribute my recordings and I also directly bought a MixBox2. Even though I had to eagerly wait a bit for the Mixbox to be delivered, it was definitely worth the wait!  For me it all came together since I was looking for a new platform and a new recorder at that time, so… a match made in heaven!   We’re glad we could help Stefan ;) You’ve rightly labelled your style as ‘original house vibes’ from Amsterdam and Rotterdam’s early clubbing scene – what was your first encounter with electronic music? When I was around 17 or 18 years old I worked at a local bar on Friday nights and some of the colleagues went clubbing in Rotterdam and Amsterdam during the weekend. Even though I definitely was not old enough they took me along a few times to legendary clubs such as Now & Wow, where, then only 1 year older than me, Benny Rodrigues played almost weekly together with guys like Roog and Erick E. I was instantly hooked to the funky house grooves they were playing all night and couldn’t wait to go back as much as possible. Not long after this experience,  I started buying my own vinyl records and started messing around ... and the rest is history! We were recently in Amsterdam for ADE, something you must be very familiar with. Can you tell us any interesting stories from ADE, and did you play anywhere this year? ADE is my yearly date with the Dutch capital. For seven years in a row I get to meet loads of international friends to talk about music and get drunk together :-) Besides loads of meetings in the daytime, I also had to show my skills twice. Thursday night you could have checked me out at the Fullhouse event, (for those who missed you can hear it below) and another one at Aquatone together with some legends of mine Marco Lys and Martijn ten Velden. I enjoyed every moment of it!  Besides those great nights I also had to experience some great events and listen to some new music. One night I ended up at De School, which is proper underground and with a vibe where everybody just loves everybody. I’ve missed that kind of vibe! Just awesome music, great people and sore feet the day after. So when you are back in Amsterdam, be sure to go there!!

We couldn’t talk about Belgium’s music scene without talking about Tomorrowland, which you’ve also played at for four consecutive years! What’s it like to play at this iconic festival?, and more importantly, will we be hearing next year’s set on Evermix!? I had the honor to perform at this amazing festival 4 times due to my residency at one of Belgium’s biggest nightclubs Versuz. For me the club simply moved to the festival for that weekend, but nevertheless, stepping on a stage in the biggest tent of the festival with around 15k people in front of you that go bananas never gets boring, and to be honest, every time I got really nervous about 10 minutes before showtime.  When you then get on stage, take over from another DJ, start playing and the crowd responds instantly it’s a feeling you can’t describe. The energy at Tomorrowland is something you just feel when you get to the festival. You feel something special is going on that weekend and with the enormous amount of people from around the world attending, playing at Tomorrowland has been an absolute highlight for me every time. For every gig I get booked I always try to be at my best of course, but when  you get invited to play at Tomorrowland you know you have to step up a notch and this always triggers me to try new things, make special edits and create a set that is as big as the festival itself. The week after the festival I always went into some sort of rehab when I came back in the club. As for next year, I will, of course, do my very best to be there again for the 5th time.   Obviously Tomorrowland is world famous, but do you know of any secret hidden gems (festivals/clubs) in Belgium that we, and our listeners, should visit?   Belgium likes to party!! We have multiple kind of different festivals, almost every community has his own event. With pride I can say that all the festivals are pretty damn good!! If I had to choose one, everybody should definitely check out 'Cirque Magique', this festival just launched a few summers ago and like every year this was so well organized. They really went all the way with the theme and the programming was of an unknown diverse quality!  They combined household Belgian names with international artists like Damian Lazarus, Andhim and Stephan Bodzin (what an absolute legend this man is). Also the oldskool names like Jaydee or Yves Deruyter where there, but the most fun for me where all the people I didn’t know, never heard off or never heard play before. I’ll be checking out this festival for sure again next summer! and hopefully I get to play there in 2018.   For clubs I would suggest you should visit the Labyrinth Club in Hasselt. They're organizing some really cool stuff, from house to techno - it never disappoints! Also the colossal club Versuz you should really go to if you are into the bit more commercial kind of house music. Unfortunately, I’m not a resident in the club anymore due to my change in musical direction and for me it was time too move on. But, top notch club for sure! The legendary Cafe D’Anvers is picking up some cool new things again, deep grooves and wicked concepts can be found in this amazing club. defo one on my list to check out some more in the near future.

You’ve obviously got a deep affinity for the Netherlands and Belgium, but we want to know which trumps the other in certain categories … let’s ask you a few questions. Beer – Belgium or Netherlands Belgium, no doubt. Even though I’m Dutch, those guys don’t know how to brew beer. DJs – Belgium or Netherlands If I’m really honest, none of the above, cause if I think off the DJ’s that really did it for me the last years they never came from either of those countries. I had some really great experiences with Steve Lawler a few years back, I never get disappointed by Sam Divine and on of the most fun night last year in Ibiza was during a set from Ivan Pica, so…  Where you prefer to play – Belgium or Netherlands That's a difficult one. Both crowds are different. The Dutch are probably a bit more openminded in terms of music where the Belgians are more the ones that never want to go home. I guess at this point I’d like playing in the Netherlands a little better since i’ve been playing mostly in Belgium over the years, so the Netherlands has that more “international” feel to a gig at this point and that always makes it a little bit more special I think. Football – Belgium or Netherlands Neither, I don’t like football, never did actually. I'm probably gonna get a lot of angry faces from about this, but I can’t help it. Never got interested in football at all, so…   Scenery – Belgium or Netherlands Both in their own way. I feel that the scenery in Belgium, especially when you go south to the Ardennes, is extraordinary. While I still have a lot more feeling with Dutch places like Amsterdam and Rotterdam as cities. But Ghent and Bruges are also exceptional cities, so I guess I can’t choose.  Is Ibiza a correct answer here? Chocolate – Belgium or Netherlands (surely Belgium?!) That's an absolute “no brainer”. The Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. My wife actually buys somewhere around 1kg every 2 weeks and my 2 year old son goes crazy when he sees the box   We know that you’ve played in clubs around the world including Ministry of Sound and Pacha in Egypt, but can you tell us which set has been most memorable for you, and why? Those 2 are the most memorable for their own reasons. Pacha in Egypt is simply enormous. I think it’s the biggest Pacha in the world and it can hold around 7k people. During my set there was firework, dancers coming from the ceiling, etc. I had to adjust a little to the general sound of the night, but it was an insane experience. Ministry was awesome because it is Ministry Of Sound. It might have lost a little of it’s glamour over the years, but to me it still is more than a club, it’s an institution and it was such an honour to be able to play there. In a place like that I can really play the music I love playing all the way, so I’m hoping to be back there sometime. With releases on labels like Freaking 909, DOJO Music, Urbana Recordings, to name just a few, we’re eager to hear new material from you! What can we expect from Stefan K in 2018? At the moment I’m working on a lot of new material, but since my sound and productions have evolved a great deal over the last year I’m gonna go for the element of surprise this time. No worries, there is a lot of new music coming next year. Thanks Stefan, it was great to catch up with you and we can't wait to hear more sets from you soon! Check out Stefan's Evermix profile in the button below!

Mix of the Week 43 : Barber

Our Mix of the Week is a mesmerising mix from Barber's 3 hour set at the famous Sisyphos, a weekly Berlin Club which puts most festivals to shame. Widely regarded as one of the clearest and tightest sound systems in Berlin, Sisyphos isn't to be taken lightly and Barber's eye-watering set fit perfectly with this world-class club. Typical to Berlin, there are no photos and no videos allowed in the club so, this is the closest you’re gonna get to the magic on the night. Check out his set in the player below!

We also sat down with the German DJ/Producer to chat about his Faceless imprint, why Berlin is so special, and loads more! Check out the full interview below! 1. So, your mammoth set was recorded at 'Sisyphos; a weekly Berlin Club which puts most festivals to shame. Can you tell anyone who hasn’t been to this club what makes it so unique and why they have to go there? It literally feels like a festival. There are four areas which open and close around the clock. From outdoor beach area (The Strand) to indoor techno haven (Hammerhalle). The line-up is as long as your arm. The music is everything from 'avant-guard' to 'have-it-hard'. Like most places it’s the people which make the event. Friendly, colourful and charismatic crowd who you like meet and engage with. This is a weekly vibe from Saturday to Monday lunchtime every weekend, (longer on special events) where you are free to come-and-go as you please (so long as you don’t wash your stamp off your arm!!) 2. You own and run the Faceless label with Silky. How’s it been going and can you tell us what is coming up in the future? It’s feel it’s been going good. My last release with James Trystan 'Black Magic' pierced the Traxsource Tech House top 10 in September. We originally created this track March ’16 so it was nice to finally see it out and do so well. The same went for a collaboration with Saytek. Our track Thief of Time' has been waiting for the right time to come out for over two years. This also charted really well. I’m pleased with how the music is being received :) ‘Faceless’ Recordings' has going from mid 2013. Our concept is simply about nice music not following the hype. This is why you’ll find releases from newcomers as well as legends! People such as Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Timo Mass, Bambook, Audifly amongst production newcomers like Mundane, The Relative Zero, Coco Cole, Blackhill, DAF, Kellam. Our last release was ‘Bambook' with 'Give It Up' This has remixes from Audiofly, Quina and Cali Lanauze. The current release is from Canada's ‘Mundane’. A two track Ep with a remix each from myself and label partner Silky. 3. Barber is based in Berlin but a frequent flyer. Is there anywhere else like Berlin or do you have equal love for any other Cities in terms of nightlife? Berlin is a very unique City, not just to Germany but to the globe. Few places have such ‘live and let live’ attitude. It’s rich in creative culture and doesn’t subscribe to material and commercial bollox. Creativity and it’s outlets flourish. Not just musical but across the arts as a whole. Of course there are many amazing city’s which do encourage arts and music, but they’re mostly uptight about the clubbing / nightlife. To put it in perspective, London has recently made Fabric fight for its life! Imposing sanctions that impede on the very reasons which made it so great. Berlin on the other hand declare Berghain / Panorama Bar a cultural treasure! 4. Where can we hear you doing you’re thing over the next few months and what are your goals for 2018? Mostly playing out of Berlin over the end of the year. as well as Chalet for NYE/NYD this will be my first NY celebration as a Berlin resident :) February will see me heading to tour South-East Asia. I’ve spent very little time in this region so I’m excited for that. One of my goals is to develop my live aspects further to playing out. I’m already using a 'Korg Wavedrum' to add a percussive performance aspect but I want evolve that too. I’ve always been a live performer, but I missed that about purely DJing. 5: Your remixes are always very special and somewhat different to the norm. You have remixes the likes of D Ramirez, Boy George to name a few. Please tell us a bit about your remix history and a little run down of your studio set up. Thank you :D My approach to remixes to is really try and keep what it is about the originals which make them so good, and just harness that in a way which I would love to hear from the dance floor. I really enjoyed those remixes for D Ramirez and Boy George, playing them out was always a pleasure having them go off so well. I think my all-time-faves have to be the Pacific State (Pacific 808) and Depeche Mode - ‘You Should Be Higher’ Remixes. Pacific state was a challenge, it’s a bit of a holy grail track, and in lack of original parts I was very meticulous about the remaking of the sounds. I’m still seeing it played out now and it seems to be turning into a classic of a classic!!! Depeche Mode remix was a full-circle moment. Where one of my very early influencers turn around and say they love what you’ve done, that’s an amazing feeling. I also made a tribute to David Bowie with Lets Dance. This is still on my Soundcloud and has been played over 105,000 times! That’s a good example of maintaining the original essence.  My studio set up is very simple, I’m mostly in-the-box. Today’s soft synths, albeit CPU hungry, are remarkable at that analogue creation, but of course way beyond that. Couple that with some super close hardware recreations of mixing consoles, compressors, pre amps even microphones… I really don’t feel like I’m lusting after much else. 6. Ableton or Logic and why? I’m totally Ableton, expect when doing large vocal recording sessions. I feel Ableton has the workflow and fluidity to get your ideas down fast and not be bogged in ‘creative admin’. It could often take a while getting your ideas down with Logic. This breaks your creative flow. There is obviously the live performing aspects which logic just doesn’t cater for either. I was fully Logic from 1996, it was almost a decade later when Ableton had the functionality to be my sole production software. At that time I worked from PC and Apple bought Logic so I was stuck at version 5.5! Soon after Ableton brought version 5 that's when I made the crossover completely.  7. Top 5 tracks smashing it for Barber right this minute: Harvey McKay – Therma (Drumcode) Ron Costa - Was It (Potobolo) Tiger Stripes - Body Trip (Truesoul) Kincaid & Sinal - Long Haul Flight Bathroom Romance Scene (ELEMENTS) Made By Pete - Rhode Trip (MadTech) 8. Anyone coming through the ranks that is catching your eye (producer or DJ)? I’ve mentioned him once already and that's 'The Relative Zero' I’m hoping to putout more of his material through Faceless soon. He’s a great example of artism not hypism. Another guy who only recently hit my radar and I’ve really enjoyed both his production and DJ sets is Beatamines from Germany. 9. We love feedback from all of the DJs that upload and feature on Evermix. Can you please tell us what you think of Evermix and if we can expect more sets in the near future from Barber?<.b> I really like it, I like the look of the site, and its functionality. I really like the related links so you can network out by the city, club / venue, promoter, artists. this should keep you constantly stocked with great music and discovering new artists. I’ll be uploading regularly so be sure to follow me on here also.

Mix of the Week 42 : Artikal

Our latest Mix of the Week was recorded at ABODE’s Halloween Party, an event that would have been in many London clubbers’ calendars al year! Although there was unexpected last minute venue change, the ABODE team found an eye-watering replacement for Studio 388 in Studio Spaces, and as expected, this was an insanely good party all night long! Evermix recorded sets from all of ABODE’s residents including Jimmy Switch, Will Taylor, Joe Wheeler, That Songbird, Ying Yang, and our Mix of the Week DJ Artikal, who closed the proceedings, and what a closing set it was! Check it out in the player below!

We also sat down with the ABODE resident to chat about how a visit to Ibiza changed his life, his residency at ABODE, and some exclusive Artikal news for 2018! Check out the full interview below! 1.Firstly, thanks for the time to chat with us. We can't get enough of your closing set from Abode's Halloween Party last week, was this your favourite Abode set to date? Thank you, I love closing sets, I get a chance to play my favourite tracks and It's a privilege to play the last tune that people hear of the party. This was up there but my favourite ABODE set was closing the Sankeys Ibiza Basement last July, it got emotional! 2. There must have been some crazy costumes at Studio Spaces that night, what did you dress up as for your set? It was amazing all the effort the ravers went to, the makeup and the outfits were so good! I came as a 70's pimp but my Afro had to go cos it was so hot when I was playing! 3. Your career has spanned over 15 years and your love for House & Techno blossomed after a trip to Ibiza in 2002, but your roots lie in Garage, DnB and MCing. Can you tell us a little bit more about this? I suppose it all started even further back, I used to MC on my pals pirate radio station Lush FM back in 1999 ( showing my age now! ). Then I travelled around the country with DJ Luck & MC Neat which was a real intro to the scene and life of a DJ. Around 2002 when the scene wasn't as friendly as it was I went to Ibiza and that was a life-changing experience! Walking through the doors of Space in 2002 and leaving about 20 hours later is a feeling I will never forget! 4. It's been a crazy few years for Abode, and you guys show no sign of stopping anytime soon! From Studio 338 in London to Sankeys in Ibiza, there's always a great vibe at your parties, what do you think makes Abode so special? The people make the place.....We have a dedicated family of ravers and supporters that are unbreakable. This support and love for the brand and being part of a raving family is what makes it so special. I have been raving for over 20 years and never seen something quite like this 5. We know you've followed and listened to Rinse FM for a long time - it must be a dream come true to have your own radio show for Abode on the station?! I have been a rinse listener since day one, I still have the tapes to prove it! I got tapes of Wiley before his balls dropped chatting bars to jungle! We have had numerous shows on Rinse FM and have and Xmas special on the 21st December. It’s a humbling experience every time I play cos I know the history and graft that goes into a station, especially RINSE. 6. If you could choose any artist in the world to come on your show to do a guest mix, who would it be? Tough one! Probably MR C, for me he is one of the best DJs out there. His sets are mesmerising journeys into house and techno. His Superfreq parties were Sunday at the end for legendary! He is a master of his craft and a proper raver to! 7. Now summer is over, many DJs/Producers will spend their winter months locked inside their studios making music, can you tell us what your plans are, any exciting new projects in the pipeline? Yes, it's now time to get lost in the studio over the winter months and I have an Artikal Presents Party coming in the new year with some massive guests lined up. That’s and exclusive by the way! 8. If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, what 3 records would you take with you? 1. Martin Buttrich - Stoned Auto Pilot (C2 Version) 2. Tony Lionni - Found a Place 3. Damage Ft Tracey Thorn - Tiefschwarz - (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) 9. Can you name us 5 tracks that you can't get enough of right now? The Golden Boy - Info (Sola Records) Samuel Dan - Never Alone (Elrow) Danism - Let's Go (DJ Le Roi remix) (Strictly Rhythm) Steffi - Yours (Ostgut Ton) Waifs & Strays - Balamba (Of Unsound Mind) 10. And finally, we always ask our MOTW artists what they think of Evermix and whether we can expect to hear more sets on the platform in the future? It's an easy to use format and the sound quality is spot on! Just waiting for mine to arrive in the post! Wink wink!

Mix of the Week 41 : Bobby & Steve

Our recent trip to ADE saw Evermix have our busiest year yet with meetings all throughout the week, and when we weren't hanging out with Doorly in a clog, or partying with Marshall Jefferson, we were in attendance masterclass sets across the whole week, including our latest Mix of the Week DJs - the legendary soul house duo Bobby & Steve. Take a listen to their set in the player below!

Their Groove Odyssey event at Sugarfactory during ADE was one of the highlights of the week, we witnessed a unique vibe on the floor all night which featured house music royalty in Kenny Dope and Terry Hunter. Bobby & Steve's set was one of the sets our team hasn't stopped playing since returning to the UK, and that's why it's our favourite set on our speakers this week! Evermix's Steve Stimpson sat down with the guys during his short trip to Amsterdam, check out the full interview below! Guys, your Groove Odyssey event at Sugarfactory during ADE was one of the highlights of the week. We witnessed a unique buzz on the floor all night thanks to you and your selected line-up which featured Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter.  I believe Groove Odyssey made it’s ADE debut last year so please tell us how this year compared and how you thought it went down this year? We launched Groove Odyssey eight years ago with our partner Michael Hughes, and in 2016 we decided it was time to hit ADE. Last year was our ADE debut at the Sugar Factory with Louie Vega headlining. It was a great event and was also well received by the 700 plus capacity crowd. This year we were very happy with the event, its not easy to produce an opening party at ADE, its Wednesday night, people are still arriving for the 5 day event, there were more events of the same genre happening on the same night, but we turned it out again with another great line up and an amazing crowd. For those who didn’t get the privilege of attending the ADE event please tell us any up and coming events you have planned. We celebrate 8 years of Groove Odyssey on Saturday 11th November at the Ministry of Sound, with our headline act Dimitri From Paris, alongside ourselves, Hallex M, Plus some of London’s finest, CJ Mackintosh, Paul Trouble Anderson, Phil Asher plus many more over 4 rooms of music. We also have PA’s in the main room by Darien,who has a few releases out on our label Groove Odyssey Records and the UKS finest OMAR performing his brand new single ‘Getty Getty” just released on Groove Odyssey Records. Straight after the event on Sunday 12th November, me and Bobby head to Gatwick for a 10:00am flight to Venice to play at our Groove Odyssey party which is in a brand new club purpose built so were looking forward to that. On Friday 17th November Groove Odyssey makes it debut in Madrid, Spain at Café Berlin, with yours truly. You are globally respected as pioneers of the soulful house sound and are definitely leaders in that field but US admiration is particularly large. Please tell us a bit about your achievements over there and how you see the sound developing over here? Our first visit to the USA was in 1987. We hit New York City and were privileged to not only visit the Paradise Garage 3 months before it finally closed its doors, but we danced to the late legend LARRY LEVAN and that’s where we were introduced to the sound we love and play today. We returned several times from 1993 – 1996 for the New York Music Conference and then produced events for 21 years at the Miami Winter Music Conference. We have also toured the west coast several times. In 2016 we were asked to play at the Chosen Few music Festival in front of 40,000 people in Chicago. It was an absolute honour to be the first international DJ’s to be asked to perform there. To top it all, after we played we were presented with a LIFE TIME ACHEIVEMENT AWARD in front of a true house crowd - words cant explain how we felt, but we know we were knighted in Chicago the home of house. That was our biggest achievement to date. Terry Hunter & Kenny Dope on the same bill, oozes class, who else can we expect on future Groove Odyssey line ups?  We always produce great line ups with house legends and also its important to also present up & coming artists home & away. Check our website www.grooveodyssey.com for all events, line ups. I hear the Ibiza event went really well, can we expect more of the same next summer?  Our 2017 GO IBIZA event was launched in May this year and was a major success for us. We planned it from 2015 and next years event has already been selling fast since we launched in August. Your Kiss FM show was the place to go to hear all things soulful and US styled. I personally remember sitting in on the show a few times and there was a distinct magic vibe flowing every week. Around that time we also had Danny Rampling flying the flag of the genre but now there doesn’t seem to be any National Radio representation of this genre. Could we possibly see Bobby & Steve come to rescue with a new radio show further down the line?  Radio has always played a big part in what we do. We do a weekly Friday night show from 10pm – 12pm on London’s leading House Station HOUSE FM.NET. This is our only exclusive weekly radio show. Please give us 5 Bobby & Steve classics you can’t leave home without Wall Of Sound - Critical Lil Louis - French Kiss (Bobby & Steve edit) Mass Order - Lift Every Voice Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get- The More I Want Marshall Jefferson - The House Music Anthem - Move Your Body We always ask the DJs what they think of Evermix and can we expect to hear some more Groove Odyssey sets in the near future. Evermix is a great platform and we are proud to be a part of it. You guys have created an outlet to keep the house mixes available to the word and we salute you for that and we are more than ready to produce more Groove Odyssey mixes.

Mix of the Week 40 : Russ Yallop

Our favourite set on our speakers this week comes from Ministry of Sound, where Fritz Kalkbrenner invited guests to play alongside him at this world-famous venue, including Camelphat, Rhythm Masters, Rob Cockerton and our Mix of the Week artist, Russ Yallop. Russ opened the illustrious Box Main Room to set the vibe before Fritz Kalkbrenner, and it was a set we're not going to forget in a long time! With tonnes of new unreleased music, Russ keeps you guessing what's next throughout the entire mix ... check it out for yourself by clicking the player below!

Firstly, we loved seeing you at Ministry of Sound a few weeks back for Fritz Kalkbrenner & Friends. What's it like to play in the world famous Box? Genuinely one of the most enjoyable gigs I've had this year. Just everything was spot on, the equipment, the space in the booth, the soundsystem and of course the crowd, mustn't forget about them. You’ve had an amazing summer season in Ibiza DJing at some of the biggest parties on the island with the likes of Abode, Elrow, Kaluki, Circoloco and more. Can you tell us any hidden gems on the island to visit next year? You're asking the wrong person I'm afraid, when it comes to partying I recently went part-time so I only party at the gigs I play now lol. As for other hidden gems on the island check out Can Bass, nothing to do with basslines, just a brand new restaurant hidden away but a gorgeous location and the prices that don't pull your pants down either. Now the Ibiza season is over, what can we expect from you and what are your plans for the Winter, a lot of studio time we're guessing? Loads of studio time though the sunshine raves don't stop, off to play Elrow in Dubai in December plus no doubt many others. Just finished remixes for Criminal Hype and Hot Creations offshoot Emerald City and got plenty of originals to come, plus will be doing my monthly Rinse FM show. Winter's a lot like summer really just with slippier roads. ADE is always an exciting time of year for people in the electronic music industry, why do you think it's so special and can you tell us any memorable experiences you've had at ADE in the past? ADE is popular as it provides another excuse for a bunch of DJs and producers to get wrecked together. As for memorable experiences myself, Richy Ahmed, wAFF and Skream all did a B2B2B2B at an after party in a crane once which was pretty surreal. What is the best piece of advice you've been given in the music industry, and who gave you this advice? I remember back in the day when online forums were the equivalent of today's social media, ie gathering places for keyboard warriors to have arguments, Gavin Herlihy told some great advice about voicing your opinions on online forums, he said, "never voice your opinions on online forums". I've applied that wisdom to social media and it's helped me live a headache free life. If you were stranded on a desert island for the the rest of your life, which five records would you want on the island with you? Oh wow. Ok off the top of my head, Nas - Illmatic, Daft Punk - Homework, Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders, Air - Moon Safari What are your Top 5 Tracks you can't stop playing at the moment? (Track - Artist - Label) SPNCR - This Moment (Russ Yallop Rmx) - Emerald City Montel - Heavy Nizzer - Viva Limited Murder He Wrote - Never You - Roska Kicks Tale Of Us, Vaal - Hanger - Afterlife Sidney Charles - On and On - Moon Harbour And finally, we always ask our MOTW artists what they think of Evermix and whether we can expect to hear more sets on the platform in the future? I think it's an exceptional product and solves a huge problem of faffing around with expensive heavy recorders. As for the next one maybe Elrow Dubai!

Evermix Spotlight Series : Goos

One of the best parts about electronic music is how our culture knows no boundaries and borders, it is a truly global community and it allows us to meet amazing people from all corners of the World, and discover artists that we would never have connected with if it wasn't for our music ... and that's what we're aiming to do with our new 'Spotlight Series'. We will be shedding light on some of the lesser known artists on Evermix, and sitting down with them to chat about their journey so far, influences, aspirations and load more. First up on our Spotlight Series, we have a DJ whose mixes have been on repeat in Evermix for a long time; Goos from Bangalore, India. Goos is already making a name for himself in his home country and has supported the likes of Eelke Klein, Theo Kottis, and Lane 8 to name just a few, and his refreshing sets, full of deep, emotive music caught our attention earlier this year, so much so, that we had to feature him as our first Spotlight DJ. We sat down with him to pick his brains on the Indian electronic music scene, his biggest influences, his plans for the future and tonnes more! Check out the full interview and his sets on Evermix below!

1. Hi Goos.  Welcome to Evermix, and congrats on being chosen for our first ever artist spotlight in our 'Spotlight Series'! We first noticed your sets appearing on Evermix a couple of months ago now, and they really stood out to us. How did you hear about Evermix and what made you start sharing your music with us? Thank you for considering me! It’s an honour to be the first. As is the case for more budding artists, we need to find a way to get our sound heard by as many people on as many platforms. A lot of the artists and labels I follow are on Evermix. Evermix particularly caught my attention since its tailored around the electronic music space and is very focused in that sense. This discovery of Evermix also happened around the time that the MixBox was launched. I happened to be researching how I could record my sets without having to lug around a laptop or too much other equipment. Safe to say, I was sold on the hardware and have been using the MixBox since it was delivered. Combine that with the fact that you have an app that records and hosts your set for you and it’s a pretty compelling proposition to look away from. 2. To kick things off, can you tell us a little bit about Goos and your musical style? Goos – If you were expecting an inspirational story behind the name, unfortunately, there isn’t one. It’s what I’ve been called for a very long time and it didn’t take much for me to extend that to being my artist name as well. Musically, I don’t like to bucket myself under a genre because I appreciate and play a lot of music that’s very varied. However, the one factor that does run common is a very strong melodic element in the tracks. 3. A meeting with Roger Sanchez in Amsterdam set you on your path to becoming a DJ. What happened there, and what on earth did he say to you that inspired you so much to get into the industry? I’ve been following Roger and have been a huge fan for a very, very long time. I’ve missed being able to see Roger live when he’d been to India earlier. It so happened that I was in Amsterdam at the time that ADE was on. Roger was throwing (I think it was) the first Under The Radr party at Escape in Amsterdam alongside Jesse Rose, Bontan, and Man Without A Clue. For a house head like me, there wasn’t much of a decision to make really. I did get to see him later that year when he was in Goa for a festival. Meeting Roger reinforced the decision to cross the fence and be a part of this industry. 4. And now that you're more established - what's next for you career-wise? What are your future plans and what's coming up in the next few months? It’s still very early days for me and there’s still a lot to learn. I have been trying to push the house sound in India and develop an audience for it. India has liked Trance and off-late the interest in Techno is growing. Having a steady stream of gigs allows me to push out this sound. Production is on the cards soon as well. The year-end always gets busy in India. The frequency of gigs, touring artists, mini-festivals towards the end of the year.

5. We read that you're a bit of an expert on the Mridangam. To be honest we had no idea what that is (it's an ancient Indian percussion instrument, right?). Do you like to bring your love of percussion into your DJing, or are they two separate beasts? We're embarrassed to say that our knowledge of the Indian music scene isn't the best, and we'd like to educate ourselves by picking your brain and getting your insider tips! Mridangam is one of the many percussion instruments that we have in India. It’s used as part of a 3 / 4/ 5 piece setup for Carnatic music which is one of the styles of Indian classical music. I studied Mridangam a long time ago. I’m no expert on it, but yes, the love for percussion stems from there. I did study a bit of the drums too. I try and bring in as much percussion as I can into my sets but that’s pretty subjective depending on where I play and the sound I present. I love the different styles of percussion since its adds an edge to my sets. Its’s a good shift from the 4 x 4 patterns that are all around us now. 6. Many people will still conjure up images of the Bollywood style when they think about Indian music - but we know that electronic music is on a rapid rise to prominence.  Can you set the scene for us over there - what's the vibe at the moment, how is it developing, what genres are most popular, and where are the big cities and 'action areas' for electronic music right now? It’s hard to ignore Bollywood. That said, there’s a nice crossover happening where Bollywood music producers are embracing the electronic styles and elements and global electronic music producers are increasingly having Indian elements in their productions. There’s no doubt that India is on the rise with regard to dance music. Our rate of growth is pretty incredible. Musically, it is very diverse right now. The audiences are moving beyond the point of first introductions to electronic music and are beginning to dig deeper to explore more complex sounds. We have pretty committed audiences to Techno (which is probably the fastest growing right now), DnB, Bass, Progressive and more. The big cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune – tend to see the most number of gigs, touring artists, etc. However, there is a huge appetite for this music in smaller cities and towns. The last 3-4 years have seen a big uptick in the number of events happening in smaller cities too. 7. And If you had to pick one thing that makes Indian dance music unique - what would it be? The energy of the crowd is quite unlike any other place. We’re very passionate about our music and artists. As an artist, you can feel it from behind the decks. We’ve consistently heard this from international artists who visit the country. They come here not knowing what to expect but are completely blown away by the end of the tour with the knowledge and passion that Indian fans show. 8. You give a shout out on your RA Bio to Eric Prydz and Roger Sanchez as two of your early influencers. Who are the names making waves on the Indian scene that we should put on our radars? This one is going to put me in trouble for not naming someone! To be honest, the talent in India right now in incredible and it is in all parts of the country so it’s going to be hard to cover it all, but I’ll try: • Nikhil Chinapa in his many roles as DJ, festival director, promoter, and so many more has been pushing this scene forward for a long time now. • Tuhin Mehta is by far one of the best DJ’s I know. Tuhin is a Pioneer brand ambassador and the expertise shows when he’s behind the decks. • Ash Roy has been killing it across India and Europe with his sets, production and label – Soupherb records. • Praveen Achary’s music and his label – Juicebox music is gaining popularity within the progressive community. He’s one to watch out for. • There is BLOT a.k.a Gaurav Malaker who’s audio visual sets have really connected with the audience. Gaurav’s productions are also top notch. • Arjun Vagale - India’s techno flagbearer - has been smashing it with his gigs, productions and record label – Odd Recordings – that he runs with Ramiro Lopez.

9. The UK scene has experienced a huge rise in day and weekend festivals over the last decade or so - to the point of saturation. Are you seeing the same thing back home, and what are your thoughts on festivals vs. clubs? The number of festivals happening across the country has definitely grown exponentially in the last few years. Most of these span a weekend or 4/5 days at most. However, because the country is so huge, the festival organizers have to really work to build a brand and keep the festival a sustainable property. The smaller festivals are attended by the residents of the city that make it scalable only to a certain point. There are very few purpose built nightclubs to speak of. I’m talking about the kind that are built to be a nightclub and not a make-shift lounge or bar. There a lot of hoops – bureaucratic and financial - to jump through to set up a club here. That makes it incredibly hard for venue owners to open new venues and if they do, keep it running for a long period. Personally, I much prefer the intimate vibes of a club to a festival. That said, there are a few festivals that stand out for me for the vibe and experience itself like Vh1 Supersonic, Go:Madras and Satellite Beachside. 10. Our readers are well versed in the clubs and parties in Ibiza, Croatia and the likes. But probably less so further afield. If you could play 'Tour Guide' for a minute and give us some inspiration for an electronic music trip to India, what would you recommend us to do? When should we visit, where should we go, what events are unmissable etc? Don’t be surprised if you find some of the biggest names of the scene in India! We’ve had everyone from Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, Joris Voorn, Adam Beyer, Roger Sanchez, the entire Awakenings bandwagon, Tiesto, SHM and more all tour India. Some of the festivals I definitely recommend are: 1. Vh1 Supersonic: They have been out doing themselves for the line-up and artists that they are programming. This happens in Feb every year in Pune which is 3 hours East from Mumbai. Supersonic has hosted Awakenings for 2 years running, Eric Prydz last year, Goldie, Netsky, Above & Beyond, Franky Rizardo, Roger Sanchez, Axwell, Zedd, and so many more. The festival is increasingly moving towards having a more diverse set of acts. They have just announced Alt-J and Major Lazer for the 2018 edition. 2. Go:Madras: Go:Madras just completed its 9th edition is a boutique festival that happens in Chennai in the south of India. Go:Madras handpicks its artists and has only organically grown itself. This has really maintained and grown the quality of the festival and its vibe. 3. Satellite Beachside that happens in magical Goa twice a year (August and December) runs from sunset to sunrise and is all about the underground music. If you’re visiting any of the big cities, I can say pretty confidently that you will be able to find a great gig to get to. 11. And finally - anything you want to give a shameless plug to before you go? Thank you for the opportunity! I had great fun doing this interview. Be nice and follow me on social: • FacebookTwitterInstagram • And of course the most important - Evermix I’d love to hear from you guys. Hit me up on any of my socials. If you like my music, help me get booked so I can play in your city! May the force be with you.

Mix of the Week 39 : Rhythm Masters Live

Our latest Mix of the Week returns to London for an exclusive live set from Rhythm Masters in the 103 Room, at the world famous Ministry of Sound. They joined Fritz Kalkbrenner for a special night where the German artist invited the likes of Camelphat, Russ Yallop, Rob Cockerton and more to play alongside him at this iconic venue. The Evermix team haven't stopped talking about the guys' Live Set since last weekend, and it's obvious why it's our favourite mix on our speakers this week! Check it out in the player below! Evermix's Steve Stimpson also sat down with the guys to chat about their live performances, their favourite tracks right now and their forthcoming releases. Read the full interview below!

1) The Rhythm Masters are back in full effect, we’re hearing you on all of the National specialist shows and with a heavy DJ schedule it must feel great to have made such a big impact on your return. In a few words, how has the industry changed for a producer over the past few years? The technology has changed the most. Back in the day, we couldn’t record audio into computers, it was all tape, samplers and midi sequencers. Just looking back and what we had to do to make the tracks was insane, technology has made things so much easier. Personally, I still use all my old gear - 909, synths etc because I love the sound. The great thing is now, you can press start on the computer, everything sync’s and you just record it in. It's a god send! 2) Your set was a part live, part DJ affair recorded at Ministry Of Sound using Evermix. Please give us an idea of what your modern day set up involves. It's quite a simple set up really. We use 3 CDJs, a standard DJ mixer then we use a keyboard which is running off of Abelton and using Ableton as the sampler so the tracks that we have also made, we get the parts so we can mess around with them Live. Plus Rob can show off and do his keys solo - he is a pretty good keyboard player! 3) We caught you rocking the Freekin 909 party at ADE last year. Any plans for this years event? Yes we are actually doing the 909 party again this year but going back to be back with the legend that is Marshall Jefferson. We have been working a lot in the studio with Marshall and he has become a really good friend, so we're looking forward to ADE this year! 4) What's your favourite piece of studio kit? (apart from Evermix haha) Haha - I would probably say my Akai MPC Drum machine. Its the new version which runs on software. It's the first software-based drum machine that actually feels like my old gear ( sp1200 etc ) - it just has vibe. I just get things going with it instantly. 5) Any forthcoming remixes. collabs or singles on the pipeline? Yes we are working with a bunch of friends on collabs, it's all under wraps at the moment apart from the EP, we have just released on Josh Butler's Label, Origins. We have just done a remix for DJ Pierre called 'Destroy the Track' and our next release is a 3 track EP coming on Steve Lawler's Viva label early this December. 6) Give us 5 tracks that are rocking your sets right now. DJ Pierre - Destroy the Track (Rhythm Masters Remix) (White Label) Rhythm Masters VS Mutiny - Playing Our (Origins Records) Rhythm Masters - Getting Me Hot (Do Not Sleep) Rhythm Masters - Freak Party (Viva) Rhythm Masters - The Chant (White Label) 7) We always ask our MOTW artists what they think of Evermix and can we expect to hear some future sets on the platform? Yes, we are really happy to now be on board with ever mix and amazing we are your mix of the week. We will be giving you guys plenty of stuff in the future. Thanks for having us on board!

Mix of the Week 38: Monki

This week we return to Donington Park at Forbidden Forest for Monki's eclectic set that mixes in and out of house and techno, with a sprinkle of acid house thrown in there too. She played alongside a line-up stacked full of huge names including Steve Lawler, Patrick Topping, Darius Syrossian, Jacky, GW Harrison and loads more, and delivered a stand-out set from the day, so much so that some of our team are still talking about it now! That's why Monki is our latest Mix of the Week Artist, check it out by clicking the button below! Evermix's Steve Stimpson sat down with Monki during her busy schedule to pick her brains on her Monki & Friends EP, her most recent tour, her rise from Rinse FM to Radio 1, and loads more! Read the full interview in our below!

Hi Monki. Your set was recorded using Evermix at the Forbidden Forest festival. Being someone who has played so many outdoor events this summer can you let us know what made this particular event stand out for you? This was my first year at Forbidden Forest so although I had heard great things, I didn't know exactly what to expect. The party was wicked; everyone was super energetic (regardless of the weather), the production was great and the festival was such a nice size. Felt big enough so you still had enough to do but small and intimate at the same time with a killer line up across genres. The Monki & Friends EP is outstanding (we love the Lauren Lo Sung & Citizenn collab); tell us a little bit about how this EP developed and can we expect more in the series? Yeah it's a concept I've been doing for a while now, I went back to my roots with this one and concentrated on club records and really enjoyed the process of putting everyone together and getting in the studio with them. All the producers had never worked together before - most never met - so that's always really exciting to be able to link people together and start friendships and create great records. Then to throw the free party at the end is always a nice touch for everyone off the EP to come together and celebrate with people who download the EP. It's kind of why we all do it, to make good music, meet good people and have fun. How did the ‘Monki & Friends’ tour go? And for those who didn't manage to attend will there be a future tour? Maybe a monthly? It went really well this year, had a great tour full of great young DJs... Billy Turner, Elliot Adamson, Pirate Copy, Lauren Lo Sung etc. We will be back next year on tour, the process of that is getting put together now so, exciting times! We'll also be back at Fabric again.. We've had William Djoko, DJ Haus and a bunch of other wicked DJs play Monki & Friends at Fabric this year and the lineups are just going to get better so I can't wait for them. From Rinse FM to Radio 1, it doesn’t get better from where we're standing. Can you give any aspiring presenters, DJs any handy words of wisdom to help guide them on a path to success? I just think you need to make sure you're always enjoying your work. The minute it starts to become a big chore, take a step back a re-assess if you're doing it right for yourself: work hard, don't be an asshole, ask questions if you're not sure and don't be afraid to ask for what you want... and everything else will fall into place, in my experience so far. Sound advice! Speaking about success.. can you give us three tunes smashing it for you at the moment? Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool (Warehouse Music) Robert Clivilles, Kimberly Davis, Louie Vega, Eric Kupper - Set Me Free (Louie Vega vs C&C Music Factory Remix) (Hysteria) Madame & Raito - Mirror Image (Melé Remix) (BNR) Anyone really catching your eye under the radar? William Djoko is smashing it at the minute for me. He played Monki & Friends at Fabric at the beginning of the summer and is a great producer as well. You can tell he's just a lover of music, all genres. He's sent me loads of great stuff, across the board and I'm excited for him. Whoever we choose as Mix of the Week gets this question.. what are your thoughts on Evermix and can we expect to hear more mixes in the near future? Yeah for sure, I played my last date in Ibiza the other day for Defected and I got the set recorded so I'll be putting that out on the web for people to listen too. I really enjoyed playing for the guys out there this summer, felt like the night gave Eden a new lease of life.

Mix of the Week 37 : PAX

Our last visit to Forbidden Forest in April saw Solardo and wAFF's special b2b set take our Mix of the Week crown and our latest visit to this incredible festival didn't disappoint either. Our Mix of the Week comes from one of the hottest talents in the scene right now, and with a recent Beatport Top 10 on Solardo's Label, Solä, there are definitely big things coming for these guys. PAX played to a packed-out crowd at the Bunker Stage and the Evermix team were there to record this crazy set, filled with the best and freshest tech-house you'll hear in a long time ... and for that reason it's our favourite set on our speakers this week. Take a listen in the player below!

After the chaos and craziness of Forbidden Forest, we caught up with the PAX guys to pick their brains on their latest releases, their favourite tracks at the moment and loads more! Check out the interview below: ---------- From club shows to an enchanted forest, that must have one amazing experience! We're absolutely loving your mix guys, we haven't stopped listening to it in the office! How was Forbidden Forest experience for you both? And what was your track of the festival? Thanks guys, it's always a buzz to hear that people are feeling your sound, and thank you for picking our mix. Yeah Forbidden Forrest was incredible. We love the whole concept of raving in the woods. It's got such a unique to feel it, and it's unreal how fast that festival is growing. Hats off to Oliver and Joe, it's impressive what they've done so quickly. ---------- Congratulations on your Beatport Top 10 with ‘Power’, we're loving this track! What was the inspiration behind this track and what is the usual process for you both in the studio? Thank you! It's been incredible to see how well 'Power' has been received, and to get to number #4 was nuts. Solardo did a wicked job pushing it as well, and everybody from Hot Since 82 to Nic Fanciulli have been supporting it since. It's definitely our signature track to date. Studio wise, we tend to start off ideas on our own, whether that be vocals or drums or a riff, and then we'll go back and forth on the project before doing the final arrangement and mix down together. ---------- With signings to Elrow, Kaluki, Toolroom, Solä, to name a few, whats the next big thing for PAX? Yeah looking back on the labels we've released on to date is still surreal, especially as we only came onto the scene in January. We've literally just had our EP 'Universe' drop on Lost Records, it’s already in the Beatport charts, and the support and response so far has been unreal, so we're really excited to see where it goes. Forthcoming, we've got our remix for Danny Howard coming out on Glasgow Underground in October, and Danny also reached out for something original for his label which we've just tied up with him. He has supported us massively on Radio One so its wicked to do some bits with him. Aside from that we’re working on some new material for some very big labels. That's all we can reveal on that for now, but suffice to say, it's our biggest and best work to date, and we can't wait for everybody to hear it. ---------- If you could collaborate with any artist in the industry, who would it be and why? Jamie Jones, Detlef and Solardo. Three acts at the top of their game. ---------- As you inspire many young upcoming DJ’s and producers, what tips could you give them as they develop their journey? Find your sound first, don't waste tracks on labels that will do nothing for your profile, and never stop hustling, because the grind is real. We spent three years in the studio before we even looked for a gig, and that was to make sure we had a very full release schedule for our first year. There's no point having a big track out and then nothing again for six months. I think in your introductory year, like as we are in now, it's important your music is constantly in front of people. ---------- What 5 tracks are you digging right now? Jamie Jones - Kooky Chords Solardo - Fall Down Mark Jenkyns - Sirens Rene Amesz - The Same Kind of House Leftwing & Kody - What You Sayin ---------- Where can we see PAX next? What sets are you most looking forward to? We’ve got loads of shows around the UK still this year, and then abroad we’ll be doing Vegas, Los Angeles, shows in South Africa, and then back on home soil for Solardo Sessions at the Warehouse project on Boxing day, which is going to be massive. There’s loads of ongoing talks for really exciting tours all over the world at the minute, so we’re just waiting for those to materialise. ---------- We always ask our MOTW winner what they think about Evermix and our MixBox, can you tell us what you think about it? We love it. It’s made it possible to easily record and share mixes in high quality. The ease of use is essential when you’re looking to record your sets live at clubs as well.

When The Elrow Carnival Rolls Into Town...

August 19th 2017: the day the legendary Elrow brought their carnival-inspired party to London in full effect. A unique blend of outrageous colour, costumed stilt walkers, and an ocean of props and inflatables topped with their trademark explosive myriad of confetti across three stages - the event was destined to be the one of the finest and most explosive parties London town had seen in a very long time.

It would take one beast of a line up to do justice to the quality and sheer effort that went on behind the scenes. With three stages to fill and 20,000 people flooding through the gates each day, they really needed to deliver - and boy did they just! Team Evermix took on the mission to capture the sets from the two day party (mission accomplished in super-fine quality!), so off we trotted and plotted up behind all three stages for the weekend with our wellies, cider tins, and most importantly a fresh batch of our new MixBox2. And so without further ado.. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, we bring you some of the finest DJ sets from this amazing one off event. Blow up those inflatables, wreck the house with confetti, crack open a few cold ones, pull on some wellies for good measure, then sit back and exclusively re-live some of the mammoth sets that were performed across that memorable weekend in the last throes of the Great British Summer. Enjoy!

Mix of the Week 34: Chus & Ceballos

Our latest Mix of the Week takes us to one of the biggest festivals on the planet, Tomorrowland in Belgium, where No strangers to Evermix, Chus & Ceballos, recorded their set from the Toolroom Records Stage, and it's been on repeat on our speakers for days! Take a listen to this high energy tech set to get you in the mood for the Bank Holiday!

Mix of the Week 33: Hott Like Detroit

Our latest Mix of the Week comes from rising UK duo, Hott Like Detroit, who recorded their tech-house set from the newly opened Trouvé Lab in Bolton. The duo are the brainds behind Trouvé Grooves and have been regulars at Audio Rehab in Eden Ibiza on the White Isle this Summer ... big things are coming for these two! Check out their exclusive mix in the player below!

Mix of the Week 32: Gorgon City

Evermix recorded Gorgon City's set from their Summer residency at Together at the global clubbing mecca that is Amnesia Ibiza. Their summer residency in Ibiza, along with their high profile live show at Coachella, has firmly cemented the duo as one of the most dominant acts around and we're excited to bring you their latest set from earlier this month as they graced the decks for a packed out Amnesia Terrace. Check it out in the player below!

Mix of the Week 31: Fast Eddie

Our latest Mix of the Week winner is the legendary creator of the original Chicago sound, Hip-House, DJ Fast Eddie. He challenged the house music genre by fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming. He has produced tracks for the likes of DJ International Records, Underground Records, Hot Mix 5 Records and collaborated with the likes of Kenny 'Jammin' Jason and Slick Master Rick. Eddie was a DJ ahead of his time, he challenged the house music genre by fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming. He set the standard for Hip-House and popularized the genre with his grooves. So waste no more time and Jack to this rare house set that breathes the essence of acid and hip-house with penetrating bass lines. Check out the interview below where Evermix's Steve Stimpson and house music icon DJ Fast Eddie chat about his thoughts on the underground dance scene, what he's working on right now, biggest hits 'Acid Thunder' & 'Yo Yo Get Funky', his top tips for aspiring DJ's and much more! Listen to his set whilst you read the interview Being someone who has been there from scratch and been a pivotal part of creating the scene as we know it today. Please tell us how you feel things have developed in the underground dance scene. I've been positive from the start as the underground dance scene has always been about music, peace, love and unity. Regardless of the way that society may have perceived you. That meant there was no skin color, no race, no right, no left, no sexual preference and no drama… just love for the music and each other, just humans you feel me...A beautiful thing. What I see has developed and is now a global phenomenon. It's much bigger than I ever thought it would be and it's still growing, spreading and leaking into parts of the world where some can't even visit, but you can still see videos through social media networks… It’s amazing! I feel that the underground dance scene still hasn't stopped its momentum. I love everything about it, I feel honored to be a part of it and to have played a small part in the making of something so life changing for a lot of people (myself included) and that's why I Jack To The Sound Of The Underground. Your set is bang on the money and still has that essence of acid and hip-house flowing through in certain sections. Do you still play the likes of Acid Thunder & Yo Yo Get Funky in your sets or flip? Yeah I still play them in my sets from time to time. I'll be out playing in a different country at a club or festival and I'll hear someone shout out loud "Acid Thunder" or "Can U Dance" or Yo Yo Get Funky! I love it and sometimes they just fit with what I'm playing at that moment, so you know what time it is...Time to drop some classics. 'Jack To the Sound’ was game changing LP back in 88. Way ahead of anything else. Can you tell us what you are working on right now and do you still find it as easy to be so forward thinking in terms of creativity? I'm working on releasing some new music in the near future, some solo and some collaborations with some top DJ's/Producers. When it comes to me creating I just let go when I record to allow my creativity to run its course. Yeah I still find it easy to be creative provided I'm in the right atmosphere, meaning the room and the people that I'm working with and so on. I try to make sure I have all of that when it's time release the creative juices so, of course I think it's absolutely the most important part of being creative for anyone. It allows you to not block your thoughts, release any stress, have fun and let your mind be free. Your top 5 tracks in the set at the moment. Nimmo - Dancing makes us brave (Columbia Sony Label) - Son of 8 - Your Love (8 House Records) - Acid Kids - Express Yourself (Trouvé Grooves) - Redux Saints - Zetta (Krafted Underground) - Grandé & Preset - Get F*cked Up (DRNCD) 3 Tips for up and coming producers/DJ's. Get representation Make solid contacts Make and play good quality music Where can we hear you playing this summer or are there any specific gigs you are looking forward to. All of my gigs are in the U.S. at the moment… I’m hoping to return to the UK soon too spread some love and bang some bass for my mates over there. We always ask our MOTW winner what they think about Evermix and will you promise to upload another set very soon? Evermix is magic and I believe in magic. I will definitely upload another set, so the Evermix fans who enjoy a good blend of good music can have a good listen… Thx Steve and all the team who help keeping Evermix pushing quality sets from the top DJ's around the globe!

5 Things Every DJ Should Always Take To A Gig

Every DJ has done it… you turn up to the club an hour before your set only to realise you’ve forgotten an essential piece of kit. Whether home is a 30 minute journey on the tube or a grueling long-haul flight away, you know you’re screwed especially when you reach a desperate attempt to convince an uber driver to pick-up & drop off anything that isn’t human! So to avoid such forgetful and embarrassing habits and making sure that it doesn’t happen again, check out our list of the Top 5 Things Every DJ Should Always Take To A Gig. You never know … this list could save one of your sets one day!

1. Learn from Guetta's USB mistakes It’s a story as old as time, you get to the DJ booth, and something goes immediately wrong … either your vinyl is scratched, your CD doesn’t work, your USB or Laptop is faulty and you didn’t have a plan B just incase something went wrong did you?! Sounds like you got yourself in the same situation as David Guetta; who only realised a few minutes before taking to the stage for the FIRST night of his WORLD tour, “Guetta Life” at which he then realised that he didn’t have his USB!! (Yes, Guetta also takes L’s) He then had to announce that he was cancelling the event due to having lost the USB stick which contained his entire set (OH NO RIGHT!). Therefore, always wise to carry a spare USB loaded with music so you can plug in and play, unless you think you can face the wrath of a roaring crowd who have been waiting to be fed techno!

2. You are not Tyrion Lannister, so drink more water! Are you jealous of that friend that is somehow equipped with an indestructible immune system that never seems to actually feel the effects of an epic night out? Yes… well let’s be realistic... not all of us are as lucky. When you’re consistently gigging, that can leave you feeling prone to getting sick without proper hydration. So stay at the top of your game and make sure water is a top priority, as we can’t all drink the entire night away unless you’re Tyrion Lannister. Tip: Don’t throw away the empty plastic water bottle... you can use it to empty the remains of your Grey Goose (or whatever you’re drinking) to take to the after party and have a few cheeky sips.

3. Don't be a regular borrower, unless you are a Borrower... Don’t be the guy who always needs to borrow someone else’s equipment, buy spares and attach it to your key ring so you’ll always have it wherever you go! It will eventually come in handy plus it's better than being known as the borrower! Unless of course you're a tiny, humanoid creature, about five or six inches tall and you survive by ‘borrowing’ the possessions and food of humans (if not, always have a spare… you’d be surprised how many DJs are unwilling to let you borrow their 1/4 Jack).

4. Don't be lazy, use the MixBox2 Chances are that you are going to play a set this weekend, whether it be at a club or at home, and you feel like recording your set should be a no brainer, right? Most DJs show up to their sets and, in the stress of the moment, skip the whole recording process because it feels too long and complicated (in other words, they can’t be bothered). Well, your lazy days are over thanks to our MixBox2! Our tool lets you easily record sets to your phone and share seamlessly to your fans ... it really is that simple! Don’t miss out on all of those lost sets and get a MixBox2 … you can even Live Stream WAV quality audio with it. Get your hands on one soon on the Evermix Shop.

5. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Well then get your windows tinted! We’ve all been there before: You’re at a party after finishing your set, it lasts all night long and you’re friends decide that tonight's the night to hit the epic after-hour down the road too (meaning you are not getting sleep tonight, maybe tomorrow around lunch time). We’re sure that after being in a pitch black club for 7 hours + with music thumping and flashing lights in the club; your eyes are due to be extremely sensitive especially during sunrise. So if you don't own a funky pair of shades and are on the market for some new shades you should check out these awesome DJ collaboration sunglasses on Hyde’s Spectacles.

Mix of the Week 30: Blake Baxter

Our Mix of the Week winner this week is techno music pioneer, Blake Baxter, who was perhaps the most underrated figure associated with the first wave of Detroit techno. He first began mixing records in the middle of the 1980s and had produced tracks for KMS Records, Underground Resistance, Tresor Records and Logic Records (which was later then sampled by The Chemical Brothers). Check out the steamy house set fused with thumping techno grooves and the exclusive interview below. Firstly, 'The Prince of Techno' - Blake Baxter, can you tell us how you got that name? As far as I know it was because I was making sexy techno lyrics that reminded people who were into house and techno of prince I guess. I was one of the first techno producers in Detroit so when Cliff started calling me that... I did not like it. Cliff Thomas was the founder of Buy-Rite Records music shop, it was Detroit's first music store with DJ’s mind years ahead of its time and the shop nowadays is called DMC Detroit. The Music Centre had the same owner, same vibe but it was not so visited or supported by the DJs in Detroit and later in 1991 Jeff Mills and Mike Bank titled my UR-06 EP 12 inch release to my surprise "The Prince of Techno” the rest is history. Who or what opened your eyes to electronic music and its possibilities? Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, New Order, Vince Clark, independent producers, labels and Detroit DJs. Whereas I came up on the new wave post punk D.O.R alternative side of music. Being a Detroit native & one of the pioneers of techno music in your home city, can you tell us what it was like coming up as a DJ/producer during that period? It was a fun new creative time, the 80s had the best ever dance music living in downtown Detroit and it was an adventure almost every night. I loved it and miss it! What can you tell us about the atmosphere when playing in the institute and the Majestic then vs now? First of all people then knew their music, today there are too many tracks and not enough unique music. The Majestic Theatre Club was where I was a resident for three years give or take and you’d have an audience of gothic, post punks and club kids. I would play industrial, disco, Bauhaus, cure, the smith, acid house and techno music all in one night and the dance floor stayed full! Today promoters only like to promote one style, book the same DJs and play it safe as most don’t know the music and it’s more about the numbers to them. Techno all night or House all night and so on... Clubs will have programs where like 10 new DJs play for drink tickets so you would hear less variety in music on a night compared to back in the day and it’s also likely to have the same BPM and style by 5 or more DJs. But still there are good DJs out there so you might get lucky and catch a nice one or two hour set! While touring in Germany, you released 'One More Time' on Tresor Records. How did you meet up with them & what attracted you to the club & label? I came in contact with Tresor Records through Mike, Jeff and Rob UR. Dimitri organized a UR DJ tour and after the tour Dimitri asked if I wanted to do a release on Tresor. I liked the labels minimal back then, club too and Dimitri had great concepts so it was a no brainer for me at the time. As the prince of techno of the early Detroit scene you must have seen the come up of many DJ's, do you still stay in touch with Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson & Richie Hawtin I see Juan and Kevin now and then at events, but I haven’t seen Richie in some time. I would love to see any one of them and just hang out if it was ever possible. Can you give a few tips to any aspiring DJ's on how to develop their career? Any useful lessons you can share? - Perfect your style and always get it in writing. - Don’t do anything musically that you don’t feel right about What are your top 5 tracks right now? It changes daily... So many on this list will change by tomorrow. 1. Blake Baxter - Agape 2. Thomas Barnett - Overlords 3. Blake Baxter - The World is Acid 4. Declyn - Round Midnight 5. Luigi Madonna - Le Ly Land Please tell us the funniest thing you have ever seen from the DJ booth being a well traveled producer/DJ and all? There’s so many but hey what happens in the DJ booth stays in the DJ booth... Besides I’m saving those for the book! You're releasing a new track called 'When we used to play' on Mint Condition Records - what can we expect from it? It was my first ever music release that has been out of print officially other than the bootleg copies floating around. The vinyl has a unique sample breakbeat version on it. We always ask our MOTW winner what they think about Evermix and can we expect more sets from Blake Baxter in the near future? Yes most definitely! I like House and Techno so for this mix I played 30 minute house then fused into techno. Next time I might do a full techno or a acid house set!

Mix of the Week 29: Josh Butler at Glastonbury

This week our Mix of the Week comes straight from Glastonbury Festival where Josh Butler rocked the heavyweight sound systems at Block9's 10th anniversary at the world famous festival. Josh brings a set that breathes different styles of house music ranging from bass driven deep house to ambient grooves that will have you wishing you were there! Check it out by in our player above! Josh Butler has swiftly become one of the biggest names in house music with a plethora of acclaimed releases on prestigious labels like Avotre, Cajual, Defected, Lost Records and Noir to name a few. Whilst producing ground-breaking releases, Josh has also launched his own label, Origins Records, that has cemented itself as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking labels in the scene. Our very own Steve Stimpson arranged a sit down with our Mix of the Week DJ to chat about this top tips for aspiring DJs, his upcoming sets from around the world and loads more! Check out the exclusive interview below! ------------------ Hi Josh, Congratulations on winning this week's audible trophy. The set was recorded using Evermix at this years Glastonbury Festival. Surely one for the bucket list and a crazy one to be a part of. Please spill the beans and tell us a bit about the gig and event. Thank you very much!! My Glastonbury set was definitely one of my favourite gigs on of the year and probably up there with my top ten ever. For those of you that have been to Block9 at Glasto will know what I'm talking about. ------------------ You are without a doubt in massive demand across the International circuit. Tell us how J.B deals with such a hectic/busy DJing schedule.  Well, my touring schedule has been pretty hectic for the past 4 years or so but even before then I was working really long hours every day and night. So I guess its just the way it is for me, I love working because I'm lucky enough for it to be my hobby as well. ------------------ Your label ORIGINS has been churning out some very choice releases. Please tell us how the label is going and I believe there is a legendary collab that will see release on 18th August?  Well we launched at the end of last year and by the 3rd release, we had an unexpected Beatport number 1 which stuck there for a month. That was a huge achievement for us! The next track is a collaboration I did with Kerri Chandler that we've been sitting on for a year or so now, waiting for the right time to release. I asked Nick Curly to do a remix of it too which is has topped off the package perfectly!  ------------------ What are your 3 most valuable tips for aspiring producers or DJ’s.  1. Be yourself, create your own sound by injecting your personality into the music? 2. Make your own music!!!! (No engineers)  3. Stick to your vision with no compromise  ------------------ Which One DJ would you like to hear a set from on Evermix?  MR G ------------------ Any special gigs on the horizon that we should be looking out for?  Beats for Cancer charity festival in the UK!  Nocturnal Wonderland in California, buzzing for this one!!  Warehouse Project opening My Ibiza residencies  And loads more too actually :D ------------------ We normally ask our MOTW winners to tell us what they think about Evermix. However, you have been such an amazing supporter and ambassador from day 1. So let me take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your wonderful support and backing on behalf of myself and the Evermix team. Pleasure, I think it's a great little tool for DJs and will be continuing to use it for sure!  ------------------ Follow Josh Facebook > www.facebook.com/joshbutlermusic/ Twitter > @joshbutlermusic Instagram > @joshbutlermusic RA > https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/joshbutler ------------------

Getting those post-Glastonbury blues or thinking about heading there in the next few years? Check out out the four things we learned from Glastonbury 2017 by clicking the button below!

Evermix Exclusive: 5 Festivals You'll Thank Us For Sharing With You!

The season for summer festivals is back: birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the beer is flowing. With line-up's finalised and artist announcements dominating headlines, August is the perfect time to spend some hard-earned cash on sought-after festival tickets. But it’s no good when the festivals that you’ve been ranting on about all summer sell out and leave you to miss out on an epic festival. So, instead of sitting around moping about missing out on those ‘mainstream’ festivals that sell out in seconds every year, why not explore what else is on offer? From a rave in an abandoned 13th century German castle to camping for five days in the ‘finest gardens in the north’ of the UK , these under-the-radar festivals are an excuse to explore new musical landscapes!

Percolate Open Air Party in the Park with Percolate, the party promoters who are bringing their very first festival to a never used site in East London. Where: Three Mills Island, Stratford - London When: 29th July Cost: £35 - £40 Line-up: Scuba, DJ Koze, Sonja Moonear, Objekt and more For five years the Percolate team have been creating some epic parties and this summer they’re heating things up and have revealed their newest party…  Percolate Open Air. The location is remarkable yet very unique as it’s based on a never before used circular park on Three Mills Island, hidden in between Stratford and Bow. If you’re a Londoner then you’ll have no issue travelling to the party as it’s set against a dramatic backdrop of industrial East London and where you’ll be surrounded by canals and trees on all sides.

Festival Forte Cutting-edge techno arts descend on one of Portugal’s most treasured national monuments ‘The castle in the sky’. Where: Coimbra, Portugal When: 24-27th August Cost: £50 - £100 Line-up: Blawan, DVS1, Jeff Mills, Lucy, Danny Daze and so many more. Montemor -O-Velho, is ‘the castle in the sky’ a magical site offering playful and powerful visions, making it the perfect location to experience an epic vision of electronic music and arts. Set in one of Portugal’s national monuments the Festival Forte team are determined to provide the most unique festival experience that you could ever imagine. Whilst in the heart of Portugal, you’ll find yourself immersed in beautiful ruins of an ancient castle surrounded by a tropical plantation a million miles away from the modern world - it’s never been a better time to take some time off. If you aren’t one for the commercial drama this is the perfect escape for you as it’s an intimate festival that keeps the focus on techno music and the world of generative arts and digital performance.

Voltt Loves Summer For those who spend their days in chill out area but still know how to dance all night long. Where: Netherlands When: 26th August Cost:  £29 - £42 Line-up: Alan Fitzpatrick, Bart Skills, Marcell Dettmann and more. When the weather warms up and the skies clear, the season for electronic music festivals begin in the Netherlands. Hidden away in the Docklands of northern Amsterdam, is a massive former shipyard housing the NDSM hall and the home of the Voltt Loves Summer festival. This year it will celebrate its 12th edition and you can expect an ample crowd around the stages but the festival places emphasis on the finer things in life such as Voltt’s gargantuan chill-out area, fruitful selection of cocktails, organic dining options along with a vintage market. Oh, and there’s a fair bit of fantastic music too, spread across five stages.

One Tribe Festival A unique and forward thinking event over a 5 day fusion of 24-hr music, arts and culture. Where: Cheshire, UK When: 3rd - 8th August Cost: £50 - £130 (camping options) Line-up: Juan Atkins, SLAM, DAZ, DJ Bone and many more. Prior to shifting over to the beautiful backdrop of the Cholmondeley Castle Estate in Cheshire, One Tribe Festival grew out of popular rave event Audio Farm. It’s a new late night festival designed to bring everyone together and is set to take over the grounds of the Cheshire Castle. It’s location itself is famed for having ‘the finest gardens in the north’ that stretch further than the eye can see. One Tribe has stages that run much longer than most U.K festivals, cranking out every beat, bump and bass-line from midday right through to 6am on the weekend as well as the added rarity of a 24 hour ambient stage, tribal drummers, acoustic geniuses, workshops and pop-up surprises across the 5 day event. Let’s not forget to mention it’s a family friendly festival that has a strong line-up with some big names in house and techno, psychedelic sounds, and drum n bass, plus key players on the world acoustic, funk, reggae and jazz scenes that are all lined up to play across a full five day schedule and six stages.

Farrago Festival A rave in a rural Germany in a 13th Century castle. Where: Germany When: August 18 - 19th Cost: £90 Line-up: Mano Le Tough, DJ Tennis, John Talabot, Marvin & Guy Farrago Festival is a brand new dance festival that is showcasing contemporary house and techno in its unique surroundings of a 13th century castle ruin in rural Germany. It’s a single stage event spread over two days so there will be no arguing over which stage to go to just simply walking through the crowd. On August 18th and 19th with the aim of providing an intimate space with a cutting edge line-up to create a warm and unique atmosphere within the castle walls is a festival not to be missed. It will also be a rare chance to experience international artists such as Mano Le Tough, DJ Tennis and John Talabot up close and personal as it’s only running at a limited capacity of 700 people. Don’t miss the rare chance to experience an honest atmosphere free from any pretence or commercial interest inside the grounds of a restored castle in Germany.

Mix of the Week 28: Toni Varga at Elrow

As we move into the heat of Summer, the Ibiza season is well underway and we can't shake off that Balearic feeling inside us. Our latest Mix of the Week comes from one of the White Island's most extravagant and popular parties at one of the world's best venues - Elrow at the iconic Amnesia Ibiza. Our Mix of the Week comes from Toni Varga, a man who has played a key role in the meteoric rise of 'the craziest party in the world'. A DJ/Producer that the confetti-lovers, as well as Amnesia, have had as a resident for many years, and it's no surprise why. With residencies spanning over 15 years all across the island, releases on heavyweight labels like Underground Audio, Steve Lawler's Viva Music, and Elrow Music, and a music collection that even Carl Cox would be intimidated by, Toni has become one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet. Toni Varga's eye-watering tech-filled set is our Mix of the Week, our first from Elrow, and it transports you to the Amnesia Terrace where you all sorts of debauchery and craziness takes place each week. Evermix's Steve Stimpson quickly caught up with Toni to chat about his new releases, the great DJ vs Producer debate, and his top tips for aspiring DJs. Check it out below ... ----------------------- Hi Toni. You've been an Amnesia resident since 2004 - can you tell us about your experience with the legendary club & how it shaped and impacted your career as a DJ? I look back at my first time in Amnesia very fondly! It was my first big residency, where I learned pretty much everything I know about this industry. Amnesia will always have a very special place in my heart! ----------------------- You’ve just released the new EP ‘In Time’ on Elrow Music a few days ago. What's it like being a part of the Elrow family and can you tell us what else you are up to production wise? For me it's an honour to work with one of the most amazing families in the music industry. I really do learn something new from them every day! With regards to my upcoming stuff, I have releases dropping over the next few months for labels such as Viva music, Abode and Lost Recordings, so watch this space :) ----------------------- Over the years you’ve been very busy both as a producer and Dj, which do you prefer and why? Obviously, I like both, but if I had to choose one - I prefer to DJ rather than being in the studio.. mainly for the direct contact with the people. ----------------------- On that note can you give a few tips to any aspiring producers or DJ’s on how to develop their career? 1. Believe in yourself 2. Work hard 3. Never give up: if you want bad enough, you can achieve anything. ----------------------- Top 3 tracks that are working for you at the moment? 1. Sante & Toni Varga - In Time" (he he.) 2. Ninetoes - Bonita 3. Hector Couto - Groover ----------------------- Funniest thing you saw from the DJ Booth? A boy in a spiderman costume climbing the walls of the club !!! ----------------------- Which ONE DJ would like to hear a set from on Evermix? Green velvet ----------------------- Three Ibiza tips for anyone who hasn’t been yet? 1. For me the best time to go is either June or September... July and August are very busy and the island feels like it’s at capacity. 2. Don’t leave ibiza without eating a good paella in Sa Caleta. They are amazing. 3. Be careful with you credit card when you’re out on a crazy night….. You don’t want to end up crying at dawn! ----------------------- We always ask our MOTW winner what they think about Evermix and can we expect more sets from Toni Varga in the near future? I like this platform because you can find a lot of good mixes from the world’s best djs every week! 100% recommended and for sure, you can expect more music from me here soon!!! Thanks guys!!!

Mix of the Week 27: Jacky

Our latest Mix of the Week comes from Jacky, the bearded geordie who has quickly become one of the scene's most exciting artists with releases on huge labels like Defected, Elrow, Kaluki, and Lost Records, as well as a plethora of Beatport Top 10 Tracks ... it's obvious that this guy means serious business! Jacky's tech-house infused set from Defected's weekly Sunday party at Eden Ibiza isn't one for the faint hearted and is guaranteed to get you in the party mood, and that's why it's our Mix of the Week! Evermix's Steve Stimpson sat down with the rising talent to chat about his label, Red Lunar Records, crazy DJ booth stories, and his top Ibiza tips ... check it out below! ------------------------------- Obvously, the big shift back to San Antonio was a big statement and I guess nobody really knows what the outcome was going to be like until the events started. Please can you tell us how the event is going and how the crowd are reacting to your distinctive sets? In my opinion, I think the move back to San An has been a massive success. Having been to Eden a few times since the revamp several years ago I never saw much development with regards to branded parties or even just footfall, however, every Defected party I've played this year there has been a queue right round the corner and on to the main road! Simon was absolutely right to take the risk because as far as I'm concerned, it's definitely paying off and I love the fact that they are breathing some life back into San Antonio. Being a Defected resident in Ibiza is a major deal for any DJ of any calibre, can you tell us how this residency came about and does it provide you with a clear run to showcase your new material or is there a boundary that you tend to remain in. It all kind of came off the back of my Sensation EP which came out on DFTD back in May. Simon was really digging the tracks and from that point everything just fell into place! Obviously, when I was asked to take on an ibiza residency I was absolutely buzzing. As you just mentioned, a regular spot on the island is nothing to be taken lightly, so as soon as I heard they wanted me to host a load of Jacky & Friends parties AND wanted me to play to main room shows also I was immediately onboard. Red Lunar Records is your label and an amazing label it is. Can you let us know about any 4thcoming releases this year or what the label's plans are for the future? The next release we have coming up is from a young UK based artist called ONYVA. This 2 track EP is absolutely banging and I can't wait to get this one out. After that I have a release from myself (the follow up to my 'Apache EP') and after that I have packages from 2 of the most sought after guys in the industry! Keep your eyes peeled, big tingz coming from Red Lunar! Can you give a few tips to any aspiring DJ’s on how to develop their career? Any useful lessons you can share? 1. Never take 'no' for an answer. Ever. 2. Be persistent as fuck (I know this is the same as the first answer but that's how important it is...) 3. Be sound. Just be really sound. A lot of listeners will also know you for regularly rocking the life out of the decks at the Elrow events. Can you tell us any other special gigs you are looking forward to this summer? There are a couple of shows I can't wait for actually...One show I am really buzzing about is Defected Croatia! I am playing 2 times out there in August. Firstly, I'm playing Josh Butler's 'ORIGINS' boat party then shortly after I'm hosting a 'JACKY & FRIENDS' party on the beach. That will be ace! Oh and of course, I can't wait to play The Welcome To The Warehouse Project Part 2 in September...My debut gig for them; and THE OPENING! Shit is going down. Please tell us the funniest thing you have seen from the DJ booth? I can certainly think of a few from last Saturday at Motion LOL. It's funny you mentioned last weekend at Motion actually! When I was playing, some kid from the front of the crowd was shouting 'come here mate!' and waving his arms to signal me to come see him.....Obviously, I assumed he wanted a picture so I went down to get a picture with him and his mates.... Turns out he wanted me to video the party from the stage, ha! Any Ibiza tips recommendations for the Balearic novice out there? 1. Get a dodgy taxi. They are loads quicker. (Don't really, there are crap and cost a fortune). 2. Don't buy water. Just ask the bar for a cup with ice. It soon melts and saves you buying €10 bottles of water. 3. If you want to go for a mint curry, go to Bambuddah. It's in the middle of nowhere and you will have to book in advance but it's class. We always ask our MOTW winners what they think about Evermix and can we expect more sets from Jacky in the near future? Evermix is such a great platform. Being able to record your set directly to your phone with such ease is ace, saves you carrying your laptop around with you or buying one of those little recorder things, which you then have to export the file and blah blah...basically, get an Evermix!

Four Things We Learned At Glastonbury 2017

Nearly two weeks have passed since we returned from the UK's biggest (and some may say, best) festival. The post-Glastonbury blues have subsided, the last of the glitter gone from our hair, and the dust, dirt, and constant hangover are just a distant memory. We've spent the last couple of weeks in not-so-silent reflection, searching our souls for one insightful, life changing truth to share with our readers. But unfortunately we're just not that deep... so here are four little nuggets of festival wisdom from Glasto 2017: must-know pieces of info for anyone thinking about future Glastonbury trips, or any other festival for that matter!

LESSON ONE: COACHES ARE THE WAY FORWARD! It sounds like such a good plan to take a car... a road trip with mates will be quicker, more comfortable, less faff, and you can crank up the stereo and start the party the minute you leave the house. No. Over the last few years our driving disasters have included a badger through the grill in the middle of the night (travel lodge room £89, taxi the rest of the way £120, radiator repairs £545), being too hungover to leave the site until nearly night time on the Monday, and sitting stuck in 6 hours of traffic on the way in. Not fun. But taking the coach... wow. Not only does it give an extra chance of getting a ticket, the benefits of coach travel are many. Our journey went something like this: Arrive at coach station, have a beer in the carpark. Set off, have a beer on the coach. Sleep on the coach. Breeze into the festival site without a queue in sight. Get dropped off at the special entrance for coach ticket holders, walk straight to the gate, through security, and within thirty minutes - arrive at our favoured camping spot. The way back was even better. Board the coach at 2am Monday morning. Fall instantly asleep. Wake up at Victoria Station around 6am. Solution: take the coach. It's probably better for the environment too.

LESSON TWO: THE ALCOHOL SUCCESS FORMULA We're not experts in algebra, but the success of your festival alcohol shop lives or dies by this magic formula: ABV + VOLUME + TASTE WHEN WARM = Success / Failure Don't be the guy (or girl) who shrink-wraps 96 cans of fosters onto one of those trolleys. You'll annoy everyone in the queue, and will be trying to palm off near-boiling cans of disappointing lager the whole week; missing every DJ and band because you're standing in the toilet queue after consuming 5 litres of the stuff in a vain attempt at getting your buzz on. Be smart. What you're looking for is some high strength, low volume booze with a flavour that can stand up to both hot and cold temperatures. Less weight to carry... less trips to the toilet... less drinking shit tasting drinks! *(We recommend drinking in moderation & knowing your limits) WINE: Red is good. White is bad. Rose... not sure. Grab a big box of decent red and you're onto a winner. The handy foil pouches can form to any available space in your day rucksack, and have no trouble staying fresh for five days. You'll never be more than two yards away from a paper cup to fill, or grab an eco-friendly refillable bottle and top up daily. No more queueing at the bar! BEER & CIDER: Having tasted a huge range of beers and ciders brought by friends this year, Elvis Juice by Brewdog was a personal favourite. Strong (6.5%), small (330ml), and with a touch of grapefruit that retains a fresh and enjoyable flavour even at 30 degrees. Cider just didn't work warm at all. Won't be taking that again. Ever. SPIRITS: Whatever floats your boat here really. Just make sure you pre-plan for having no ice. Our visions of enjoying a sophisticated G&T vanished into a reality of drinking warm 50:50 gin to lemonade out of plastic bottles. OTHER: Another failure was those premixed cans you get from most supermarkets. G&T, Pimms, Archers & Lemonade (you know, for the girls) were all disgustingly sweet and sickly after one or two. We'd taken 80 :-( And when the warm drinks get too warm, an ice-cold Beat Hotel lagerita or Brothers Cider is only ever a walk away. Remember to use the recycling bins and don't drop your cans / bottles / cups on the floor... somebody has to pick those up!

LESSON THREE: YOU'LL BECOME AN ELITE ATHLETE* *Not scientifically proven We've often wondered just how much walking we get through at a festival, and this year Friend of Evermix @tobyagrainger (instagram) stepped up to the plate and did a little Fitbit experiment for us. The Results were staggering! Peaking on Saturday, we made 51,000 steps, covered almost 25 miles, and regularly burned through a whopping 7000-8000 calories each day. So, sorry to sound like your mum, but eat food! That crumbly breakfast bar just isn't going to hit the spot... make sure you take a break during your marathon hikes and gruelling dancing schedule to grab something tasty and nutritious from the hundreds of food stalls around the site.

LESSON FOUR: THE POLICE ARE COOL AF Our community and the Police don't always see eye to eye. But the Glastonbury police are awesome!! Their presence is highly welcome - never felt safer at a festival than at Glasto, and they're helpful, funny, and most importantly: focussed on harm prevention. As long as you're not being completely blatant about things, they're more likely to stop you for a chat and a selfie than try to mess up your fun with a trip to the local station. Well done police! :)

We did originally have ten tips, but the rest are kind of obvious and boring. So let's stop here. Everyone can work out their own thoughts on tipis vs tents, getting around the site, selecting your favourite toilets etc etc. That's all part of the fun of your first time. So until 2019 then.. we'll leave you with one last reminder of how much fun we all had at the festival this year - here's talented northerner Josh Butler with a cheeky little Deep House Evermix exclusive - recorded live from Glastonbury!

Mix of the Week 26: Black Legend

Our latest Mix of the Week comes directly from Off Sonar in the heart of Barcelona, where each year, electronic music artists descend upon the Spanish culture hub for a series of outstanding parties hosted by some of the best labels on the planet over a whole week. This year, Bewild Records marked their first birthday by hosting a label party at Generator. Joining the label was an array of talent and a line-up to die for, the likes of Black Legend, Rogue D (formerly one of the Flashmob duo), Boysinadisco and Buzy Handz played to a packed out crowd through the night; and our Mix of the Week is Black Legend’s tech-house filled set. This Italian DJ/Producer, has had a illustrious career spanning over 25 years, including a #1 in the UK’s Singles Chart in 2000 with “You See The Trouble With Me”, and who is now signed to Defected Records with spine tingling releases expected this year. Evermix’s Steve Stimpson sat down with him to chat about his Black Legend Project, the long-term debate; Producing vs DJing, and his craziest DJ booth stories. Hi Black Legend. Or "Sawasdee Krab"! (Hope we got that right) Thanks a lot for taking the time out to talk to us - we hear you're out in Thailand right now, and we're taking up valuable beach time - is this a well earned relaxing holiday, or work work work? :) Thank you! Yes I'm actually in Thailand to play at the Catch Beach Club in Phuket. So... both! I'm working, but I'll take a couple of days for myself as well. To help any of our readers who have been asleep for the last 20 years - can you tell us a little bit about you and your music: who and what have been your biggest influences for example? Well, I started djing back when house music wasn't really around, so I've been undergoing about 30 years of influences and influencers - from the 80's pop/dance icons to the house music pioneers like Todd Terry, MAW, Lil Louis - all of whom contributed to the development of the house music phenomena we have now. That said, I definitely consider myself a house music DJ. Doesn't matter if they call it funky house, jacking, tech or whatever... to me it's house music! Black Legend vs.Black Legend Project - We're confused :) A few years ago, I felt like all of my production work, year after year, was turning mainly into a more pop/crossover direction. So I've then decided to go back to my first love and started concentrating again on a more club oriented kind of sound. I've then started using the 'Black Legend Project' as a new starting point; this until the recent release on Defected Records who logically brought the two things back together. What is the funniest / most bizarre thing that you have seen happen in the DJ Booth? Well, inside the booth, I could take years writing a book on this... but the freakiest think I've seen in front of the booth was a guy thrown three meters high in the air above the crowd by his friends at the end of song build up. It was as shocking as unexpected, like a pilot being ejected out of his aircraft. My favourite thing to is: Producing or DJing? Hmmmm. I'd say 40% producing and 60% djing. DJing just takes it! What are your top three tracks right now? 1. Ten Ven - Turn It Up 2. CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Cola 3. Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside And while we are talking about tracks... you recently signed to Defected. What's the story behind this and what is it that draws you to Defected? Well for Defected I have nothing but respect. I love house music and for about 20 years they deliver the best house music has to say. About my track... it was one of my easily made projects - I was lucky enough to come up with the instrumental pretty much sounding like on the final release in only a couple of days, and even luckier to have Phylea Carley coming up with some great vocals in a few days too. It doesn't always goes like this though, maybe last time it was with You See The Trouble which was actually done overnight. ( speaking about UK number single "You See The Trouble With Me" - 2000) We have lots of young DJs & Producers reading our blog. From all your experience, can you give a few quick tips on how to develop their career? Any important lessons you have learnt? Don't believe the hype, there are no shortcuts, I see too many people now days just going mad about visibility, exposure, followers, likes etc The only important thing to take in consideration is your talent. Believe in your talent, it maybe a hard and long way, but if you don't give up, your talent will take you where you want. And finally, what is next for Black Legend? As summer means "gigs", I'm having a break on the production side, but there is a lot almost ready and just needing the final touches for next winter - not much I can tell about though right now... you'll have to wait and see haha Check out Black Legend on Facebook! CLICK HERE Check out Black Legend's latest release 'Mr DJ (Something I Can Dance To)' on Defected in the link below! CLICK HERE

Why the AFEM is saving the Electronic Music Industry

During the International Music Summit in Ibiza this year, some of the Evermix team flew out to the White Isle to attend conferences and record exclusive DJ sets from sun-kissed parties all over the island. During their time in Ibiza, the team ended up at a special event hosted by the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), the global voice of all corners of the industry, from DJs and Producers to Labels, Festival Organisers and Agencies, they’re helping to represent all of us, and at the end of the day, making sure we all get paid! They’re the glue that holds us all together!

Other than enjoying Enzo Siffredi’s special vinyl-only set on on Hard Rock Hotel’s Rooftop, Evermix’s Steve Stimpson sat down with the AFEM to chat about the ever-changing industry, and to give a little insight into what they do and how they’re helping shape the electronic music industry. 1.Please tell our listeners what the AFEM is? AFEM is the trade body for the entire ecosystem of Electronic Music, from Labels to Live, Managers to Media, Technology to Talent. We connect our worldwide membership to drive change and develop opportunities running membership meetings, conference panels & networking activities across numerous territories each year. In addition, we look to connect members who wish to engage in helping shape and drive our initiatives through a programme of issue-focused working groups. We have over 140 members across 20 countries ranging from key industry leaders like MixMag, Insomniac, Beatport and Defected through to innovative tech companies like Evermix and brand new start-ups. 2. We know that the AFEM is currently working with their members on a number of different work streams, could you tell us bit more about those? Sure, the active campaigns are: Get Played Get Paid - Lobbying the Performing Rights and Neighbouring Rights Organisations worldwide to deploy Music Recognition Technology in clubs, festivals and online so creators and rights-holders of the tracks that DJs play can receive the correct royalty payments. Safe In Sound - Raising awareness and understanding surrounding event drug and alcohol policy, whilst also raising the standards of incident prevention and care via social media and new technology. Stealing Our Own Success - Disrupting the illegal services that obtain and sell our members music without permission. Raising awareness among the DJ community of the damage caused to the scene by using illegal DJ download subscription services. Diversity and Inclusion - From festival line-ups to conference speakers and choices made by employers, we seek to raise awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our industry with a particular focus on gender balance currently. 3. The AFEM event at IMS on the rooftop of the Hard Rock Hotel was amazing and was full of industry individuals. Can we expect more of these types of events? Absolutely, we plan to run AFEM Lounge events to facilitate easy industry connections and networking at Reeperbahn, Paris Electronic Week, IMS Asia-Pacific, ADE conferences this year and we’ll be back at Brighton Music Conference and IMS Ibiza again next year.

4. If you are within the Industry, how do you go about joining the AFEM? What are the qualifications required to sign up? The basic criteria to join AFEM is that you are a legitimate business active within the electronic music industry. We arrange individual calls with anyone who is interested in joining to understand a bit about their business and make sure it is going to be of benefit to them before they sign up. A membership overview document can be found on this link here Email membership@afemorg.net if you are interested in joining up :) 5. AFEM recently announced a number of ‘Artist Ambassadors’ can you tell us who they and what they will be doing? Yes, at the International Music Summit Ibiza, we announced our first wave of Artist Ambassadors who will be giving their time and influence free of charge to support The Association For Electronic Music and its campaigns. We are honoured to be working with: Anja Schneider, Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, B.Traits, Carl Craig, Jean-Michel Jarre, Little Louie Vega, Nicole Moudaber, Nile Rodgers, Paul Van Dyk, Pete Tong and Seth Troxler

We will be working closely with each of the ambassadors to involve them in our efforts on the issues with which they resonate most. The second phase of AFEM artist ambassadors will be revealed at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this October. Thanks a lot guys, it's been a pleasure speaking with you and we look forward to seeing you more at other conferences and parties around the world!

Mix of the Week 25: Mihalis Safras

Our Mix of the Week is a set recorded live from Ibiza’s newest pool party, Cuckoo Land, at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, where Material Records boss, Mihalis Safras, delivered a body-moving set that will send rippled around the island for weeks to come. Mihalis Safras is a tech-house-head to the bone, with numerous releases on stellar labels like Relief, Hot Creations, 8bit and of course his own label Material Series that he co-founded with Mark Broom. Safras was nominated at IDMA Awards in 2016 and his rise doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon after being one of the most popular artists across Beatport’s Charts. Evermix's Steve Stimpson sat down with the Award Winning DJ, Producer and Record Label Owner to ask a few questions on the fantastical Cuckoo Land Pool Party, Vinyls vs USB, Summer Festivals and loads more! Check out the interview below. 1. Mihalis your set was recorded live with Evemix @ Do Not Sleep presents Cuckoo Land at Ibiza Rocks. Please set the scene to give our listeners an idea of what to expect when attending this unique event? Cuckoo Land is the new project from the Do Not Sleep crew, these guys really have a passion for what they do and the next step was to push the other part of Ibiza. Playa d’en Bossa is amazing but San Antonio is even more amazing but the quality of the events was bit low. This time with the Sunday events at Ibiza Rocks you have one more reason besides the amazing sunset to visit SA, and besides that, the line-up of the events is really quality. 2. You are a very proud vinyl only DJ, have you never been tempted to switch to USB? Do you have to get acetates created of tracks you love that have not been pressed to vinyl? Yes, for over 15 years I spin only vinyl’s, but lately I must admit that I swap (occasionally) to the digital way of things. Mainly because I have the urge to test my own fresh production each time. In the past, I used to cut the stuff on single copies with Ibiza based VinylCarvers, but I must admit the quality if the vinyl is not pressed on lacquer is not the same. So we go to the next step to the new Safras era. 3. Anyone who loves tech/techno will be well aware of and probably own something on the Material series Record Label. Can you tell us what to expect from the label in 2017? Indeed, it being on the top of tech house labels since its birth in 2006 (started the label with Mark Broom), Material keeps the way it started. Trying to release quality club jams without having in our head if it’s going to sell or not, 2017 will be as strong year with new releases by Mathias Kaden, Gene Farris (his new album), Matt Tolfrey, AJ Christou, Alexis Raphael and way more. 4. What are your top 5 current tracks that are rocking your sets right now? 1. Mihalis Safras - Raygun Rave - Hot Creations 2. Lee Foss & Anabel Englund - Blue is the distance (Mihalis Safras remix) - Emerald City 3. Keiner - Pow - Playmobil 4. Pirate Copy - Acid - Materialism 5. Italobros - Encoder - Material 5. Can you give a few tips to any aspiring DJ’s on how to develop their career? Any useful lessons you can share? 1. If you produce try produce in the morning hours:) 2. On technical, try duplicate some channels you like to give more power (rather than rising gain) 3. For the DJs, do not copy a top10 of another DJ, be unique. 6. Please tell us which festivals you are looking forward to playing this year? or any extra special gigs we can find you at? Have a few Ibiza dates at Cuckoo land and Sankeys. Diary is filling up nicely so visit my Social pages for more. 7. Please tell us the funniest thing you have seen from the DJ booth? A fan came once with a bottle of water telling me to sign on it. Duh! 8. Any Ibiza tips recommendations for the Balearic novice out there? 1. Definitely worth a visit or more to San Antonio for the sunset... you decide the place. 2. For the clubheads… Sankeys all the way 3. Dalt Villa walking with a cocktail in the hand to finish all off 9. We always ask our MOTW winners what they think about Evermix and can we expect more sets from Mihalis Safras in the near future? I’ve been following Evermix since the beginning, love the layout and there are definitely some fresh mixes. The future of set & mixes is already here, well done guys! Thanks Mihalis, it's been an absolute pleasure, we can't wait to hear more mixes from you on Evermix in the future! Follow Mihalis through the links below: https://www.facebook.com/mihalissafras https://twitter.com/MihalisSafras https://www.youtube.com/user/mihalissafrasvideos https://soundcloud.com/mihalissafras http://dj.beatport.com/mihalissafras

How to Rave Alfresco this Summer in London

Summer is finally here! Get those sunglasses on – London is set to shine this summer with an awesome line-up of outdoor events in parks, gardens and green spaces across the city. From hidden entrances to ultimate urban beach vibes, tasty chow to rooftop wonders; this here city has them all. See the city in a whole new light (where the vibe is just right) in no particular order with these London go-to rooftop bar suggestions…

Brixton Rooftop #TheBeachIsBack   This summer the ultimate urban beach is back in the heart of Brixton, inspired by the vibrant culture of Cuba and the gateway to South London’s booming scene. Brixton Beach will transport you to a vibrant and colourful paradise, serving up a winning combination of cocktails, street food and entertainment, creating the ultimate beach party that lasts all summer long.   Beach parties are hosted by some of London’s biggest promoters like Garage Nation, Gold Teeth, Milkshake and Spacestation. Every Saturday and Sunday, Brixton Beach welcomes some of the world’s best DJ’s to keep the hips shaking and the golden sands vibrating.   Here are some upcoming events at the Brixton Rooftop to brighten up your summer:   Saturday 17th June - Micron Summer Solstice w/ Miguel Campbell, Russ Yallop Saturday 24th June 2017 - Soundwave Festival London Launch Party w/ Contours, Cervo, Donna Leake, Russ Ryan, Some Juan, Danuka, Noah 1st July 2017 - Ben Peace, Severino & Otter & Bear

Studio 338 Officially launched in 2014, Studio 338 quickly established itself as the most talked about music and arts venue to arrive in the city for many years. Studio 338 reopened it’s garden space earlier this month, located on the Greenwich Peninsular, it has recently been subject to major development after it was devastated by a fire last August that forced it to close. Prior to the launch they announced that they will ‘dance again’ this summer with a series of more limited capacity events in the new outside area, which is the first part of the club to reopen. Studio 338 sold out instantly for its reopening party this summer due to popular demand, with a busy summer ahead with awesome line-ups.   Check out their summer-series of upcoming events below:   17.06.2017 - Cocoon in the Garden w/ Dana Ruh, Markus Fix, Carola Pisaturo & more 24.06.2017 - Mid-Summer Garden Festival w/ Secret Headliners TBA 05.08.2017 - Art Of Dark Open-Air Garden Party w/ TBA

The Magic Roundabout   Recently voted ‘Best Outdoor Space in Shoreditch’.   It’s located literally in the middle of Old Street roundabout with a 500 capacity open air joint that  can only be accessed via a secret staircase inside Old Street Station, The Magic Roundabout is London’s most unique outdoor space. Award winning street food brought to you by the award-winning burger bear and a rotation of London’s best food traders, coffee, cocktails, craft beers & more!   DJ’s playing every night of the week and hot day parties with London’s best promoters every weekend. Plus the venue offers heaters to ensure that you have fun whatever the weather. You can check out upcoming events below:   17.06.2017 - Crew Love Day & Night Party - Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and more 22.06.2017 - Egg LDN Pre-party with The Willers Brothers & Friends 23.06.2017 - La Rosa presents - Leon La Rosa 'All Night Long' 28.06.2017 - Our 2nd Birthday Bash! Also keep an eye out for these other alfresco venues below, don’t let summer slip through your fingers, go out and enjoy it!

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White Isle Sessions Embed Test

Five Unmissable Trips To Take In Ibiza This Summer (when you’re not in a club)

Whether it’s your first, second, or sixtieth time out on the island, there is ALWAYS something new to discover in Ibiza. That’s why we love it, right? With way too many pubs, clubs, and hangovers to cram into a short holiday, it’s tempting to spend the whole week partying in the main resorts of San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa, and Ibiza Town. But if you fancy a break from the eat, sleep, rave, repeat routine we’ve put together five tried and tested trip ideas from the Evermix Team to get you out and about. Before You Go First up, you’re probably gonna need some wheels. Whether you’re a lone-wolf on a scooter, or more suited to the comfort of a car - hiring a vehicle gives you the freedom you need to do your own thing.

DoYouSpain is one reputable website we’ve used before.  It pulls together offers from several different rental companies and makes it easy to find a good deal. Always check the small-print carefully and make sure you’re aware of the fuel policy before you book. Ibiza power-blogger Danny Kay recommends a company called Moto Luis, if you’d prefer to try a local company. And for something a little more in keeping with the ethos of 60′s Ibiza, grab an original 2CV from Ducks United (above) and get your driving groove on! Evermix Tip: Book early! Prices rise rapidly the nearer you get to your arrival date, and rates in resort can be steep during times of high demand. Now you’re all set… here’s where to go! 1. Lunch at ‘The Fish Shack’ This informal seafood shack has a different name depending on who you speak to: ‘Chiringuito’, ‘The Fish Shack’, ‘Maria’, ‘Chiringuito de las Sombrillas’, or ‘Chiringuito (amor’ehh!)’ to name just a few. Some even say it has no name… What it definitely does have is amazing, sizzling, fresh-from-the-fishing-rod fish. And an unrivalled vista across Talamanca bay. You’ll find it along a very dusty track just behind ‘Sa Punta’ restaurant at Cap Martinet. Parking is free. A carwash isn’t.

Don’t expect frills. Or a menu. Ask the waiter what they have available and choose grilled, fried, or baked. That’s it. It will come simply seasoned with salt and served with a salad and some delicious potatoes. Then sit back with a cold drink and smile smugly at the excellent decision you’ve just made. This place does get busy, and there’s no booking - so try to get there early. Evermix Tips:  - Do NOT put ‘El Chiringuito’ into your satnav, or instruct your taxi driver to take you there. You’ll end up at a very lovely, but much more expensive establishment several miles away at Es Cavallet. We may have accidentally done this… - Take a towel. The cliffs around the chiringuito are perfect (and relatively safe) for cliff jumping. Just make sure you’re sensible and a strong swimmer! And maybe let someone else go in first… 2. Go North The north of the island is quieter, more relaxed, and dare we say it… even more beautiful. A drive up to the northern tip takes around an hour from Ibiza town, and is well worth the journey.  Spend some time in Cala San Vincente (north east) where you’ll find a quiet, picturesque beach with a couple of very special places to relax and unwind. Hidden bar : as you head down the hill into the resort go slowly as you approach the cove and look to your right. Hidden away (hence the name) you’ll find a little oasis or calm.  With a cocktail menu designed by award winning mixologist Chris Edwardes and its very own mini-golf course; Hidden Bar is a wonderful way to while away an afternoon. You might even bump into Fatboy Slim (it’s one of his favourite bars). Better take a taxi (approx. €50 from Ibiza Town) if you’re planning to have a few cocktails!

On The Beach(above): If you’ve been hitting it hard and your body is crying out for help, this is the place to go.  Relax at the Dutch-owned beach bar and try one of their incredible fresh fruit smoothies while the DJ floats chill-out tunes straight into your ears. Evermix Tip: Stop off at the hippy market Las Dalias, near San Carlos on the way home. Check the website to see what’s on (and when it’s open) - if you’re lucky you’ll catch one of the Wax Da Jam events on certain Thursdays. 3. Visit Es Vedra Whether it’s the ‘third most magnetic place on earth’ or not, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful. Shrouded in myths and mystery, looking out over the lonely limestone rock is truly mesmerising.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike up the steep path to one of Ibiza’s best placed stone watch towers - built to defend against pirates! It’s not a leisurely stroll but the views are worth it. Apparently the gates to the tower are open at certain times and you can climb to the top, although we’ve never managed to get into it ourselves. Ibiza Spotlight have a nice feature on Es Vedra if you want to read more about the legends surrounding it. Evermix Tip: If you plan to reach the tower, don’t wear flip-flops. Just don’t. Another of our many Ibiza mistakes… :-) 4. Voyage to Atlantis (Or Walk) While you’re in the area at Es Vedra, make your way down to the hippie hangout of Atlantis. It’s an abandoned stone quarry with a charming little beach and a whole host of interesting rock carvings. Atlantis is one of Ibiza’s hidden gems, and most tourists are put off either by the walk, or fear of getting lost. So chances are you’ll have it to yourself.

To keep you on the right path, print off some instructions or take a screenshot before you set off (mobile signal is unreliable around here). Evermix Tip: If you plan to hire a boat during your stay, ask if your captain will take you to Atlantis. It will save you a tough walk, and arriving anywhere by boat is infinitely more gangsta. 5. Ocean Mania Okay, it’s not quite as amusing or dangerous as the Total Wipeout course, but you don’t have to listen to Richard Hammond commentating on your performance.   Billionaire boats aside, the huge floating playground at San Antonio Bay is just about the most fun you can have out at sea. Situated nearby Ocean Beach, a 45 minute session will set you back €15 (2017 season prices). It’s also a very competent hangover buster! Evermix Tip:While you’re feeling active, test your surf skills, or ‘flowboarding’ to give it its proper name, at Surf Lounge Ibiza. We haven’t managed to stand up yet on their impressively powerful artificial wave.

6. Bonus Tip: Find the Rave in a Cave And then tell us where it is… Happy tripping!

Mix of the Week 25: Graeme Park

Our second Mix of the Week this June is a set recorded from Dance 88/89’s Opening Party, where dance music legend Graeme Park blew the roof of Sankeys in Ibiza last week. The story of Graeme Park really mirrors the story of the evolution of dance music and club culture itself; he was there before it all started, and he’s still there, rocking it, years later. Whether it’s on Kiss Radio, The Haçienda Club, Glastonbury Festival or Sankeys, wherever Graeme plays, club revellers are always in for an experience like no other. Over the past 30 years, his sets, radio shows, productions, and his jocular personality has cemented himself as a pioneer in electronic music and is one of the most well-respected DJs on the planet. In his own words, “The reason I keep doing it is simple: it’s my mission in life to let people hear good music’ Evermix’s Steve Stimpson sat down with Graeme to chat about Dance 88/89, his adventures with Bushwacka, his secret weapons in his sets right now, and loads more! 1. Dance 88/89 made a massive impact in Ibiza in 2016 and although last year was a big issue now it looks like this year is going to be the one to blow it sky high. Please tell anyone who hasn’t been what to expect when they attend this fantastic event, please set the scene… The whole concept behind Dance 88/89 is to revisit and recreate the two iconic so called "summers of love" when house music began its inexorable rise. As one of the original UK house music pioneers, I was thrilled to be asked to play nine times last year and I had an absolute ball. I spent several weeks digging deep into my archives to find some of the forgotten tunes that were big in 1988 and 1989 and had such fun reacquainting myself with them. It would have been easy to rely on the obvious tunes from the period and clearly they were all going to get several spins over the summer, so it was important to me to give some of the lesser know but equally pioneering tunes that helped to shape the 1990s an airing. It also helped keep things fresh for me, because from a personal point of view it would have been quite tedious to stick to the same or similar DJ set every time I played. There were a lot of tunes that I used to play at The Haçienda in Manchester and The Garage in Nottingham in the late 1980s that were actually released many years previously and it was important to me that they got played too. I'm talking about hip hop, soul, funk, rare groove, electro, disco and more. Music that influenced a generation and that can be heard in many of the original Chicago, Detroit, New York and UK house tracks of the period. I was also adamant that I wouldn't play anything that was released after 1989 and I stuck to that mantra religiously so that when I was DJing, the experience would be an authentic one (although this year, to keep things fresh again I may play the odd re-edit or remix of a tune from the period or even something contemporary that sounds like it could have been released in the late 1980s as long as it has an authentic feel). I'm always getting asked by younger clubbers what it was like back in the day and I flag up Wednesdays at Sankeys. Last summer Dance 88/89 was the closest you'll get to the whole experience and it was highly authentic in the extreme. If you're at all curious, or if your parents keep banging on about it, come and check out the vibe for yourself. Or hear what I played by checking out all of my Dance 88/89 sets from last year and this via my Evermix page. 2. Your partners in crime on the night are also both legends in dance ‘Alfredo & Bushwacka’ is there a natural bounce from 1 to another on the decks and being a strictly 88/89 music policy how do you all make sure you are not playing the same records? is there a lot of playlist swapping beforehand or is it a case of anything goes? What you play depends on what time your set is. For the opening party, Alfredo opened the night and was on warm up duties and, as you'd expect, did a sterling job. Sankeys filled up quickly and the up-for-it crowd were soon rocking. I was on the decks at 2am and as it was the opening party, I just went for it and over the next two hours the place was jumping and I thoroughly enjoyed playing a variety of well known and lesser known tunes from the period. Bushwacka! followed me and kept the incredible vibe going. At no point did we discuss what we were going to play, but each of us was there to hear at least an hour of the previous DJ's set which is very important as you really don't want to be playing anything that the previous DJ has played whatsoever. However, if another DJ plays something I was thinking of playing, it's never an issue as there are literally thousands of other tunes that can be played instead. To be honest, there is so much music from that period that I could easily play the entire 6 hours myself and never repeat a track once. In fact hearing certain tunes from other DJs may indeed remind me of other tracks that I may never have thought of in the first place which often leads me to spinning other tunes I never intended to. I've always found DJing to be a very fluid process and Dance 88/89 is the perfect night for going off in whatever tangent takes my fancy because the crowd let me. I often end up playing a totally different set than I intended to, but ultimately it depends on the vibe. The key is to be prepared for anything. 3. We were recording Do Not Sleep a few weeks prior and Sankeys has that special underground warehouse vibe going on. The crowd are young and from everywhere and absolutely up for it. How does it feel to play some of these classics and rare tracks to people who haven’t heard them before? I think Dance 88/89 could only truly work at Sankeys because of the way it feels and the way it is laid out. It really does have that special underground warehouse vibe that accurately reflects the period we are trying to recreate. Sankeys feels a lot like The Hacienda, The Garage, The Leadmill, The Sub Club, The Brain Club, Lakota, Fever and other legendary UK clubs that I played at regularly in the late 1980s and the 'e'-centric and 'smiley' production adds to the atmosphere beautifully. The packed opening night was pretty much made up of clubbers who were way too young to have experienced the original summers of love, but they were totally enthralled and engrossed in the whole night. As someone who was there at the start of the house music revolution, I can tell you that Dance 88/89 at Sankeys is the real deal and totally takes me back. I have five more appearances this year and I can't wait to return on 12th July for more mayhem. 4. What are your top 5 current tracks: 1. Give It To Me (Rock With You) (Classic Soulful House Mix), Kenny Dope & Neysa 2. Stomp Your Feet (Joey Negro Boogie Bump Dub), Joey Negro 3. Change My Skin (Original Mix), Angelo Ferreri 4. You, I & The Music, Junior Sanchez 5. Intoxicated (Original Mix), Eduardo Muchacho 5. Please tell us a little bit about the amazing radio show, what’s the plan for 2017? The Graeme Park Radio Show has been in existence since the early 1990s in various guises on a variety of radio stations including Kiss, Galaxy, Juice, Key 103, Radio City, Forth One and more. These days it's a two hour show which continues my DJ mantra of "big tunes, new tunes and classic tunes too". You can hear it on a variety of FM stations around the UK, Europe and beyond as well as several internet stations too. It's available to stream via my website and Evermix and it's ultimately a reflection of what I'm into and what I play at the eclectic and varied selections of gigs I play at these days. The eclecticism of the show is important to me as it truly reflects what I do in a club. If it wasn't for the variety of different gigs and genres I play I really don't think I could I could continue to DJ week in, week out after more than 30 years. Whether it's acid, disco, funk or soulful tinged house I thrive on the fact that every gig and every crowd is different. It's important to me to keep my long standing loyal followers happy, but equally it's important to appeal to new audiences and remain relevant otherwise, what's the point? There is some amazing new music out there and plenty of forgotten classics that deserve to be heard and it's my mission as a DJ to spread the love. My weekly radio show is where you can hear me do this wherever and whenever you want. 6. We all know you are one of those non stop DJ’s who plays a hell of a lot of gigs but can you highlight a few extra special ones you are looking forward to this year? Wow! Where do I start? This year I've already DJ'd at the incredible Liverpool Disco Festival, Parklife, Southport Weekender Festival and at the Royal Albert Hall with the Haçienda Classical show. I'm very excited and nervous about opening the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Friday 23rd June with the Haçienda Classical show (gulp!) as well as performing at the rest of this year's shows around the UK as well as the after parties that follow most shows. I'm also looking forward to "An Evening with Park & Pickering" at Angelica Leeds Friday 30th June where my long standing occasional DJ partner Mike Pickering and myself will be spinning tunes from across the decades right up until the present day for several hours. My annual Sheffield Tramlines Festival appearance early evening at the wonderful Viper Rooms is always massive and I'm pretty excited about returning to the Fortress at the Beat Herder Festival Sunday 16th July. Plus of course the rest of my Dance 88/89 appearances too. You can find out exactly where I'm playing by visiting my website. 7. Please tell us the funniest thing you have seen from the DJ booth? (Must be some Hacienda classics” ) I'm usually too busy concentrating on my DJ set to pay much attention to what's going on in the DJ booth. I also try and keep people out of the booth so that I can concentrate fully in the people in front of me. However, having said that I did once have to have a lie down in the DJ booth in the basement at the now defunct Mars Club in New York in 1989 due to being slightly too worse for wear. I didn't realise that the whole booth was made of clear perspex and I was visible to the whole dancefloor. I only realised when I could see Mike Pickering's face staring at me intently. I think that was the one and only time I truly thought I'd really lost it. 8. Any Ibiza tips recommendations for the Balearic novice out there?  1. Don't start drinking at your departure airport. You'll be in Ibiza in a couple of hours and you'll take more in when you arrive if you have a clear head. 2. You have to experience an Ibizan sunset with great food and music somewhere. Mambo in San Antonio is still one of the best places to hear a great DJ set with stunning Mediterranean views. 3. Don't spend your entire time on the white isle in nightclubs or bars. Take some time out to explore this beautiful Balearic island. There's so much to see and lots of chilled out and tranquil places to relax, recharge and restore yourself. You won't be disappointed if you make the effort to explore. Trust me. Thanks for your time Graeme, we look forward to hearing more sets on Evermix from yourself in the future! Upcoming Gigs - http://thisisgraemepark.com/gigs  Website - http://thisisgraemepark.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/graemepark Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thisisgraemepark/  Mixcloud - http://www.mixcloud.com/graemepark/ Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/artist/7986-Graeme-Park Now you're thinking about what else is there to do on white isle other than eat, sleep, rave and repeat? Well you should check out our blogpost on Ibiza below, so the next time you're next in Ibiza you can make the most out it!

White Isle Sessions with Ibiza Ice - Gorgon City at Together

Summer has finally arrived and each week we’ll be sharing the freshest mixes from Ibiza as part of our White Isle Sessions with Ibiza Ice. During the sun-soaked Summer months, you can expect to hear exclusive mixes from some of the biggest DJs and most popular parties directly from the White Isle, only on Evermix. Don't worry, this Summer, we’ve got you covered … Our second White Isle Sessions in June comes directly from one of the biggest brands on the island, which regularly attracts thousands of club revellers to Amnesia every Tuesday - Together.

Together is one of the most iconic brands on the island, and has now become a ritual for many clubbers seeking a fresh clubbing experience, offering an eclectic and now trademark blend of music not found elsewhere in Ibiza. Every Tuesday evening, Together welcomes the freshest labels and most influential club brands to Amnesia, with some of the most talented artists across the broad for a festival experience at one of the best venues on the planet, Amnesia. Both trend-setting brands share a common ethos for inspiration and innovation, defining dance floor moments are guaranteed when Together and Amnesia join forces.

Together returns to Ibiza for their seventh stint on the island, with their biggest summer-to-date, marked by a mammoth 16-week programme. They promise to bring headline acts, usually reserved for flagship festivals around the world, all under one roof at Amnesia. You can expect to see the likes of Rudimental, Hannah Wants, MK, Chase & Status, Gorgon City, Claptone, Andy C, Pendulum and loads more in Amnesia’s Main Room and Terrace this Summer … not bad for a Tuesday evening!

Evermix and our MixBox were in Ibiza last week for Together’s Opening Party where we recorded Together Residents, Gorgon City. They kicked off their Ibiza season in style in Amnesia's world-famous Terrace and this was not a set to miss! The guys had the crowd in the palm of their hands and there is nothing quite like that Terrace at 4am where you're stood side-by-side with complete strangers. The guys played a blinder of a set and It's full of new exclusive music including their new single with Duke Dumont, 'Real Life', which you can buy from iTunes by clicking the button below.

Mix of the week 24: Enzo Siffredi

Creator and main man of Minimal Kids & Wired, inspired and driven by the piano of Paolo Conte, Brasens’s guitar and Berlin’s underground, Enzo regards himself as an outsider. His aim is not to adapt musically to a stereotype label or style but to remain innovative and experimental, precisely maintaining the distinctive sound that makes Enzo Siffredi so recognisable. After hearing Enzo dig those classic and rare gems out of the crate for the AFEM lounge at IMS Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel Rooftop, we met with him and asked him a few questions about his passion for vinyl's and more. 1) Firstly, I want to congratulate you on what was the dj set of the night. Hearing quality grooves on vinyl is a treat these days. It was a an old school rare groove set, please tell us a bit about your passion for this sound and where you source your vinyl from? Well, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the music. Disco, Funk & Soul have always been in my heart, I just love old black American music. I have been buying vinyl's since early 2000s so I have built a decent collection of those sounds. At the moment I shop mostly on deejay.de and discogs when it's necessary. 2) You are well known for your underground house/ techno sets - Do you still get the same buzz playing from a USB as you do vinyl? I think it's two completely different things. Playing vinyl is indeed very pleasant and it's something that I will never stop doing, but I have to admit that you are limited with vinyl's when it comes to the amount of music you can bring to a gig as well as other technical aspects. On USB's I can play tracks that I have just finished the same day or demos from friends etc.... To answer your question - yes I get the same buzz, I just love playing music.  3) The sun was shining bright in Ibiza that day and the drinks were flowing for the Association For Electronic Music Event it really showed Ibiza in a beautiful light. Have you got any more gigs forthcoming on the White Isle? If not can you tell us where we can hear you spin over the summer? I will be back in Ibiza for "La Sol" at The BayBar Beach Club on the 8th of September, however if you are a promoter in Ibiza and like what I do, please get in touch! I love the Island and I have a few lovers to please ;) 4) Your top 3 current tracks: 1.Karizma - Work it Out (Original Mix) 2. Nick Holder - Unity (Remix) 3. Re-Tide - Disco Bus (Original Mix) 5) Enzo Siffredi artists to look out for in 2017 1. Sav 2. Little by Little 3. White Label Many thanks Enzo, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. Thank you for the interview and the recording!

Mix of the Week 23: Sinden

After a decade of experience in the industry as a DJ, Producer, Remixer and Label Boss, Graeme Sinden has seen it all, and has established himself as on the leading artists of UK dance music. We sat down with him to pick his brains on his favourite tracks, his new EP ‘House Line’ and more. 1. Firstly, we’re loving the mix, can you tell us about the set at Planet Rock, how was it? Thankyou! Planet Rock was cool. The same line up travelled to San Francisco the night before and then we hit Los Angeles for Lot 613. For those that aren’t familiar Lot 613 is a warehouse space in the Arts District and one of my favourite spaces in the city. LA parties are always particularly special as I live out here so I'm pickier about which shows i select. This set is very typical for me - the bass-ier end of house, some jacking stuff, UK garage, some tech-ier stuff, some heavy drum tracks and a lot of my productions. Also for this party, I dug out some older bits too. 2. You have constant releases, remixes, tours, and label duties, so you must be a busy guy, but what do you enjoy most working on? I love the feeling of playing in the club, it's an unparalleled feeling. It's where you get to be with the fans and see the music really connecting and also hearing your music in its most natural environment. Insomniac did a great job of making the music centre stage, some subtle lighting and great sound. These warehouse spots are my fav club spaces, big but still intimate with no stage.   3. Your new compilation release ‘House Line’ on Insomniac Records is pure fire! Can you tell us about how you selected the tracks and artists for this? This was a comp that I curated for Insomniac Records. It's out now as a free download so you can go a grab that. It features predominately music that I've had a hand in and some of my older work with The Count remixed for today's dancefloors. It's slightly retro, looking back. The aim was to make the connection between the past and the present, to give a nod to the old sound and loop it around again.  4. You regularly play all across the world in some of the most exotic location and clubs, but which is your favourite place you’ve ever played? Tough one! In recent memory, I would have to say Sound in Los Angeles for Night Bass. The dedication and energy is really extra special. It reminds me of going out clubbing when I first got the bug for nightlife. People come and dance their arses off, they love the music so much I always have a fondness for Japan, particularly the club called Air (now Sankeys) in Tokyo. They’ve always been so good to me!  5. We know your DJing style and equipment has evolved over the years, but what did you start with? What was the first piece of DJ equipment you bought? Ha, I'm gonna show my age now but the first DJ equipment i bought was 2 belt drive Soundlab vinyl turntables and a 2 channel Vestax mixer for £50. They would drift in and out of time so drastically that it really kept me on my toes. I would be mixing +4 and then they would suddenly warp to a slower speed. I remember travelling across London with steel record boxes. You really earned your keep as a DJ back then haha.  6. You’ve remixed for some of the biggest DJs in the world including Diplo and A-Trak, what was it like working with these guys? Yeah it's a trip, both of these guys are producers that I’ve always looked up to. Also, both are incredibly successful and tastemakers so to get a co-sign off of them meant a lot back then, it still does!  7. Funniest thing that’s happened in the DJ Booth? The booth in Room 1 Fabric was always a laugh. We would get so excited in there, my friends would give me dead arms or wheel up my tunes. Also eating a pizza on stage in Toronto. I hadn’t eaten at all and went straight to the show. The guy came out with the huge pizza box. I felt so self-conscious eating a slice with hundreds of people watching me, trying not to get sauce all over the CDJ’s haha.  8. What special gigs are you looking forward to this year? EDC is no doubt the biggest show in the calendar this year, I can’t wait for that. Also, Night Bass will be holding a stage at Electric Forest in Michigan. I heard that one is magical! Then Night Bass’s Summer Phases is kicking off again this Summer and I'll be in Seattle, Portland, Vegas, Edmonton and Vancouver for those.  9. Finally, we always ask the DJ’s to tell us what they think of Evermix and if we can expect another set soon? I love Evermix. It's a completely hassle free way to record your DJ set. When you’re in the booth ready to go the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by options especially when you’re focused on the job at hand. This totally takes the stress away and then you have a document of your set already recorded on your phone. I was re-playing my set in the car home that night! I mean how easy is that! I’ll be posting more sets up soon too.  Thanks Sinden, we can't wait to hear new sets on Evermix!

Mix of the Week 22: Mark Knight

He’s at the top of his game and dominating global dancefloors week in week out . His Toolroom label keeps going from strength to strength and it seems that the sky is definitely not the limit to the Toolroom empire. Recorded live during Miami Music Week, we present Mark Knight live from the Toolroom In Stereo Pool Party. 1. The set is bang on and I seem to find myself having trouble getting passed that ‘Aint Nobody’ booty around 17 minutes in. You can almost hear the strawberry daiquiris going over everyone when the cheers kick in. Please give us your take on the event and how it compared to the previous Sold Out Toolroom Miami events you have put on? I can honestly say this party gets better and better every year . It is always one of the first shows to sell out at WMC which is an indication of how good it is. The guys at Stereo are really good friends of ours so there are no ego’s involved it just runs like clockwork and I think the friendship and passion we have resonates into the atmosphere of the show and makes it that special.

2. Bit of a personal question from me to you with this one ‘How many promos does Mark Knight get on a weekly basis? I’m not sure exactly but I would say about 500: it’s definitely a lot. I download them and I spend a virtually every plane journey listening through them. Which is what I am doing right now whilst flying back from Dubai doing this interview. The best thing I have been sent this week is the new Mike City album on BBE WOW! It’s Amazing. 3. Can you tip us off as to what Mark Knight is currently up to in the studio? Any new tracks around the corner? Any special remixes or edits we can look forward to? I’ve been working so hard getting my Black Zeus project finished off, so now that’s finally in the can, I'll start turning my attention to other projects. I have just finished a vocal record and two 3-track EPS so loads of new music coming. 4. It’s no secret you are right up there in terms of being a global grafter. Always hopping on and off planes to make sure make those gigs. How do you deal with that ultra heavy schedule of planes, trains and automobiles?  It can be tough, but I’ve adapted to be able to function on very little sleep if any which definitely helps, I usually miss at least two nights sleep a week. I love what I do, so that makes it all worthwhile. If you’re a DJ that primarily got into it because you loved music and loved playing records to people, you’re always going to be able to find the joy in what you do, and find the energy to keep it up. The toughest challenge I continually face is balancing a global touring schedule, a business, various recording projects and my family that’s tricky…! Although this year I have stripped touring back to just two weekends a month. For all the money and shows in the world I don’t want to miss my son growing up that means the most to me. 5. The Toolroom Ibiza Comp has just landed https://lnk.to/Ibiza2017TW and it's in my opinion, the best yet. I know a lot of teamwork goes into creating these amazing and well-crafted comps. Please tell us what Toolroom have planned in terms of comps throughout the year? Anything extra special? We start working on the albums 2-3 months in advance so that we ensure all the music on there is current. There’s input from everyone in the team with track selection. But props must go to Lou & George who smash it every time. We always stay up-to- date with what tracks are hot from radio, charts, promos and online hype. We also sign a fair few exclusives on these albums and anyone wishing to submit tracks for these can do so via label-worx here: https://www.label-worx.com/demo/toolroom  6. Is it right you have turned the office into a club or is this a cheeky rumour? Ha, yeah pretty much! We’re in the latter stages of building it in our office it's looking great and the sound system literally blows your head off.! Many thanks to Gareth and the guys at Harman. We intend to start doing live broadcasts of the show, and inviting people down for some of the shows, so I’m excited to get that off the ground. The show will remain weekly online, but we’ll do half a dozen live shows that will be a little bit special. The biggest challenge we now face is keeping the staff from having after parties in there every weekend! 7. Funniest thing that’s happened in the DJ Booth? I once did a gig at Shine in Belfast and a guy came up and let's just say he had probably had a wee bit too much fun. He was just taking a time out from his festivities by leaning on the monitoring speaker stack and managed to knock it over and it turn off the decks and small LED wall and the front of the booth which put a rather large gap in the musical flow of the evening! 8. What special gigs are you looking forward to this year? (we should reference, Cream Closing,Veld Festival, the 3 Croatia shows, Shipsomnia cruise, Basing House AKL & Manchester AKL shows, Tomorrowland Stage, New York Boat party) I honestly look forward to every show I play – I wouldn’t be in this game if I didn’t enjoy it and this year by only working two weekends I have just stripped it back to just the shows I absolute love. If I had to pick a few I would say Cream Closing, All Knight Long at Sound in LA & Manchester, Veld Festival and most of all All Knight Long in London at Basing House which is sold out and on my birthday. I am going to play a special set of just Disco, Funk and House classics all night I can't wait. 9. Finally, we always ask the DJ’s to tell us what they think of Evermix and if we can expect another set soon? The guys at Evermix are like family we have been mates for years. It’s always a pleasure working with you A Massive thanks Mark, see you on the Isle of Sin ; ) Stimpy

Mix of the Week 21: Solardo b2b wAFF

Hi guys,   Your b2b set with wAFF from Forbidden Forest is our Mix of the Week, so a huge congrats from the whole team on this! We've been seeing a huge buzz around this set since the festival and we just had to sit you down to talk about it!   ———————- Q.1. Firstly, please give us an insight into this mix, you went b2b with wAFF for this set at Forbidden Forest, we've seen a tonne of videos of the set all over social media since that weekend, how was it for you guys? ———————- It was wicked! We love Waff, his tune selection and especially how he plays so we had a great time playing with him (not literally haha).  I think we bounced off each other and took the mix in all sorts of different directions. The crowd was mad as well so we made sure we kept the energy high and the tunes rolling. 

———————- Q 2. You guys have seen a meteoric rise over the last few years and you are being hotly tipped as one of the most exciting acts in the scene. How did Solardo come about?  ———————- Mark - We were broke and were on the brink of getting a job at the local garden centre in the tropical fish mating department so we thought we better focus on doing something creative.  I had worked in music for over 15 years starting out in dubstep in 2000. I had a really good run in that scene for 12 years then I sort of fell out of love with the music and the direction that it has gone.  I did my first album on Aphex Twins label Replex Records back in 2004, and went on to do a few more and had over 200 releases. So having released that that much music in one genre it was really difficult to come up with new ideas and sounds that hadn't been done before.  I then dabbled in other genres and spent a bit of time in the states working with Hank Shocklee from Public Enemy. He was a big inspiration into making new sounds and trying out different ideas. Which really opened my mind to making anything that felt right to me.  James and I had known each other for over 10 years and we reconnected about 3 years ago. James was really into the house and techno scene and suggested us making some music together. I didn't know too much about the scene so started to study it and listen to the music. James showed me the likes of Jamie Jones and Richy Ahmed and I was blown away by it all. It was so fresh and the audience is so open to new sounds and ideas which I loved. The scene is also so passionate ranging from the ravers, dj's, promoters, everyone. Which was amazing to see.  So we locked ourselves away in the studio for pretty much a year until we had a sound and vibe going in the tracks. We made 35 tracks which we were happy with and then started sending them out to dj's and labels.  Our birth names are pretty boring and shit (ideal for tropical fish breeders in garden centres) so we thought we better come up with something cool, and that's when Solardo was born.    ———————-   Q 3. You've been releasing banger after banger on such labels as Hot Creations, Kaluki, Viva Music and MadTech Records to name a few. Can you tell us about any summer releases you're looking forward to?  ———————- Our next release is called "On the corner" (most people will know it as "that tune which says cocaine") which is coming out on our label Sola in June.  We've got a few remixes coming out over the summer. We've also got another EP on Skream's label "Of Unsound Mind".  Another EP on Hot Creations at the end of the summer with remixes from MK and Carlo Leo.  And some other stuff here and there.       ———————- Q 4. We’re loving the music that your label, Solä Music, is releasing, especially the recent track 'RA' by Mant. Can you tell us a bit more about the label and what releases can we expect to see in the future?    ———————- We've just really started focusing on the label and we've signed some massive tunes. Our sets are made out of most of the tunes on the label.  We've had Sola for around 2 years but when we started it we weren't really in a position to push the tunes too far but we think we're in a good place now to really make sure we get the tracks out there and make sure people hear them.     ———————-   Q 5. Can you tell us 5 Tracks that are rocking your sets at the moment? (Feel free to add links to buy if they are available)     ———————-  1 Mant - Ra  2 Will Clarke and Bott - techno (Solardo Remix) 3 wAFF - Hanzz Up 4 Pax - Power  5 Solardo - On the corner      ———————- Q 6. What is the funniest thing to have happened to you or you've seen while DJ’ing?    ———————- Mark - James has fallen off the stage a couple of times which I find very funny. I don't think he does tho haha     ———————- Q 7. We know that May is looking like a busy month for you, with sets all over the world in places like Australia and Argentina. Can you name some of your favourite sets you've ever played?    ———————- Without doubt our Solardo Sessions Manchester show at the Albert Hall. It was amazing to sell out almost 3000 tickets in our home town in one of the best venues in the UK. The crowd was amazing, the atmosphere was electric and something we'll never forget.        ———————- Q 8. Where can we find you throughout summer 2017? Which sets are you most looking forward to?    ———————- We're all over the show. We're playing in Ibiza a fair bit for Ants, Hi Ibiza, Abode, and we going the opening party for Do Not Sleep later this month.  We're really looking forward to play EDC Las Vegas also Kaluki at Elrow Off Sonar.  We're looking forward to pretty much all shows to be honest. There's so many to mention. I think we're playing around 20 festivals as well which are always great fun.  We're in Australia at the moment and really looking forward to make our debut here this weekend. The shows are sold out so can't wait to see how they have it out here.    Guys, it's been a pleasure, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us, we can't wait to hear more sets from you very soon!  

Mix of the Week 20: Gel Abril

Hi Gel, A huge congrats on winning our Mix of the Week and a massive thanks from me and the whole team for this awesome set. Thank you very much guys, it was my Absolute pleasure! ———————- Q.1. Firstly, please give us an insight into this mix, which you recorded especially for us. How do you find so much new and exciting music to consistently include in your sets? AgainI'm really happy you liked it. Usually, when I do mixes I always try to make it minimum 2 hours opposite from the 1 hour I’m usually asked. This way I believe I can take the listeners on a real journey like I always try to do in my sets and 1 hour is just not enough to tell a story and make a proper build up. I am basically a digger always in search of finding new music that will touch and excite me. I’ve always thought that this is one of the main parts of DJing, to search for the right music that will allow him to stand out. Q 2. We know that Israel's electronic music scene is bursting with new artists all the time and the electronic music scene out there is huge! Can you tell us how you started DJing in Israel and where your first set was? You’re indeed right, Tel Aviv is quite burning at the moment, people here appreciate the music and like to party, it’s part of our warm climate I guess. I started Djing at a very young age, 13, listening to radio shows here that played that electronic music, I worked one summer as an assistant painter that my mom fixed me to do. I then bought my first turntable, and started training myself how to mix with old Gemini mixer with 2 channels with only headphones and no speakers yet. I started playing at my classmates’ birthdays at their homes and some clubs in my home town Holon. Eventually at age 16 I was playing for 1500 people every Friday in a club in Tel Aviv and the rest is history Q 3. We’re loving your recent track ‘They Groovers' on your new label Closed Circuits Records. Tell us a bit more about the label and what we can expect throughout 2017? Thank you again for your kind words.I was playing with the idea to open my label for a long time, I wanted a label that will reflect my vision about music. I’m really happy I‘ve finally done it, the first release is going very well, we’ve got some nice feedback from loads of DJs. We’ve just signed 2 EPs from a very talented producer from Berlin, and one of the EPs will include a remix from myself. More artist that I like will appear on the label soon, we’ll be sharing more info soon! Q 4. 5 Tracks rocking your sets at the moment (Feel free to add links to buy if they are available). 1. Oskar Szafraniec feat. Very Addictive - Borderline (drummer was a cokehead) (Closed Circuits) 2. Halo Varga - Future (Janeret Remix) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9alxb9v2jHs 3. Oskar Szafraniec - Kitoa (Closed Circuits) 4. Yotam Avni - Midas Touch 5. Unknown Artist - OdeOrange - B1: #FF0266 B –ODE / ODEORANGEW Q 5. What is the funniest thing to have happened to you or you've seen while DJ’ing? Half way through my set a guy came to me with only a top on and asked for a toilet paper … Q 6. Where was the strangest place you have ever played? I guess the strangest place was in Breda in Holland, the specific place I played the crowed was like zombies just looking at me, they almost didn’t move, it was a strange situation, really cool promoters though Q 7. Where can we find you throughout summer 2017? Which sets are you most looking forward to? I’ll be in Berlin, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Ibiza for a couple of dates with the Unusual Suspects team at Sankeys. I guess I’m really looking forward to that! Also I’ll be going to the USA and also be going on my South America tour! It’ll also first time in Australia, looks like it will be a very cool summer! Q 8. How can promoters book you for their events? Well easy, just talk to my agent You can find info here https://www.facebook.com/gelabril/ Q 8. Finally can you tell us what your thoughts are on Evermix? And can our listeners expect to hear another set from you in the near future? I believe Evermix is a great platform for artists to showcase their sets live to the world. It seems you guys are ever evolving and taking things to the next level, great job! And 100% you can expect new mixes from me any time soon! Gel Abril, it’s been an absolute pleasure, we look forward to hearing some more sets from you very soon! My pleasure, take care! Don't forget to follow Gel Abril https://www.facebook.com/gelabril/ https://twitter.com/gelabril?lang=en https://www.instagram.com/gelabril/

Mix of the Week 19: Kraak and Smaak

Hi Kraak & Smaak, Once again a massive thanks from me and the whole team for supplying this mix. In a time when techno and underground house seem to be the sound of choice you come along and turn us upside down with this concoction of jazz funk, disco,breaks, house and soulful vibes. A momentous set all round that we absolutely adore! Massive congrats on winning our Mix Of The Week! 1. First up please give us an insight into the mix. We know you recorded it especially for us (big-thanks). Is this what listeners can expect to hear when they go to check out Kraak And Smaak? Or do your sets really chop and change across multi genres? Above all, these are all current faves and work well together in this mix, but our recorded sets like this one may sometimes somewhat differ from what we play out. The former situation enables us to drop tracks that we like but not necessarily work in our sets as some of them are too subtle for a number of place we play. And we like all facets of dance music, so for us it is quite natural to look across genres and try to deliver a diverse set. However, we are also autonomous dj’s enough to know that you need to be flexible, and one crowd and one club or festival is not the same as another one. At the same time though, in practice it also very important to put our own stuff in as much as possible, as people who will drop by our performances, either as Djs or with the band, wil expect that. Of course it is always great fun to notice who our own material goes down on the floor. 2. I had the pleasure of promoting a lot of you're early stuff on the amazing Jalapeno Records. ’Never Too Late’ & ‘One of these days’ still get constant rotation in the Stimpy household. Over the past 5 years we have seen a huge percentage of artists literately jump ship into the current trend of musical style. You guys have absolutely stood your ground and remained loyal to your passion and style of sound. Is this something that was agreed from the start or was their a time when you felt like looking for a bandwagon to jump on at all or shift musical style completely? There have never been conscious choices for jumping musical styles in our productions, but we have a history, and to keep things fresh, you need to evolve as an act. At the same time, our music has always moved between quite broad boundaries, touching funk, disco, breakbeat, electronic and pop music. Even soundtrack music. But one way or the other, whether the result is a house track or a downtempo electronic popsong, they always seem to have that K&S mark on them. People often recognize our sound immediately. I think for us it is really important that we continue to have an original sound. 3. Please tell us some golden highlights from the past few years? Phew, a lot! I mean, being able to play everywhere in the world is such a great thing, it never tires. And the feeling that you can still contribute creatively to the scene after quite some years… It’s very special when you come to think of it. It has always been great to tour the US, but als our UK dj gigs are always a treat. 4. Your 5th Album ‘Juicy Fruit’ was released last year and featured some heavyweight collaborations including Mayer Hawthorne and Eric Biddines, and Australians Parcels and Cleopold.How did the album perform now the majority of releases are digital only? Are you feeling the digital pinch or is it working for you? Yeah, great names to have on board :) The album market has changed quite dramatically but streaming has served as well, especially as our albums are generally more song-based.Fun thing too is that with the vinyl hausse of the last couple of years, those album versions have done great too. But overall, most indie acts need to perform to attain a certain level of income, selling records just ain’t enough anymore. Well, at least in our case that is. More and more often we now use releases, for K&S but also for our Boogie Angst label, as pr instruments. 5. We can’t wait for June to hear the brand new Juicy Fruit Remix Album. I hear it's had some additional input from some big faces. Please tell us how that come around and what to expect from this exciting new set of releases? We are producers, DJ and live act that produces both albums with songs but also single club tracks, so it makes sense to have other and new versions available as well. It also functions as a full circle moment for the album of course. We did already have a number of mixes for past singles in but also looked around in our immediate network of K&S and our label Boogie Angst, plus asking a number of acts we just like and could be a great fit to existing tracks. Thinking this way we managed to haul in Purple Disco Machine, Kon and Eli Escobar and Dutch faves Moods and Fouk for example, but also upcoming acts such as Snacks, Feiertag and I Gemin. All good stuff to listen to or to drop in our sets! 6. 5 Tracks rocking your sets at the moment? Omar - Vicky's Tune (Kraak & Smaak remix) Moullinex - Open House feat Tee Flowers (Discotexas) Kraak & Smaak - Prescription feat. Eric Biddines (Moods remix) (Jalapeno) Ponty Mython - Groof Machine 2017 Edit (Quintessentials) Kraak & Smaak - Hendo (Exploited) (upcoming) 7. Funniest thing to have happened or seen while DJ’ing? To be honest too many things to recall immediately at this moment, haha. But is always cool to see how people react to our own tracks when we play them out. In the strangest and most far away places there are big fans out there who know, and go wild on every tune we made. 8. Where can we find Kraak And Smaak rolling out their beats throughout summer 2017? Any special ones to look out for? Besides the usual dj sets in Europe, for the second half of May we have a live and dj tour planned for the USA, extremely proud that we’re visiting Glastonbury again and we may have a first timer @ Sonar Barcelona this Summer. We have also started up vinyl dj sets again, throwing our first Amsterdam and Rotterdam parties in the next two months; they’re cool to do as we grew up with vinyl and bought loads of it when it was still the standard, but due to the whole digitalization of dance music we didn’t get round to spin those anymore. It’s big fun to crate dig again for club music. 9. Finally can you tell us what your thoughts are on Evermix? and can our listeners expect to hear another set from you in the near future? Sure, would be great to do another one in the future – had a lot of fun to record it. Liking the concept much, it’s just very important to have an online dj and dj mix presence nowadays, and Evermix certainly adds to that.Good names there too! Guys, it’s been a real pleasure. We can’t wait to check out Kraak And Smaak very soon. Stimpy Don't Forget to follow Kraak and Smaak: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KraakAndSmaak/ Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/kraaksmaak

Out-Of-The-Ordinary Festivals You've Probably Never Heard Of

This week we've spent a few happy hours walking the festival road less travelled, to uncover a few mouth-watering music festivals that you've probably never heard of, but will definitely want to put on your summer social wish list. From an oldschool rave in a barn on a farm, to an abandoned prison on a lake; these are not your run-of-the-mill weekenders! We've tried to cover a range of styles and budgets - so read on, get inspired, and please give us some of your suggestions to check out for a followup post :-)

Into The Valley, Rummu Quarry, Estonia: Jun 29 - Jul 1 2017 It took us a while to track this one down. Because this year sees event organisers 'Music Goes Further' move the festival from its original home in Sweden, to a new abandoned quarry site in Estonia where the 'summery beach with crystal blue water stands in stark contrast to the derelict prison on the grounds' (http://musicgoesfurther.com/). With a range of camping options, a roster ranging from local talent to huge global names, and a unique 'Estonian concept' food and beverage offering, it's probably time you start checking Skyscanner for flights. Into The Valley lives by seven 'key principles', all of which suggest this year's event is going to be a belter: Unique locations, advanced electronic music, pioneering technology, innovative art, food and bar architecture, social equality, and holistic awareness. We're not 100% sure what the last one means, but we'd be very happy to find out. Tickets Weekend Tickets €150 Day Tickets from €49 Camping extra €40 Lineup: The Black Madonna - Dixon - Rødhåd - Axel Bowman - Craig Richards - George Fitzgerald - Kerri Chandler - Nina Kraviz - Ricardo Villalobos + many more Out-of-the-ordinariness It's in an abandoned quarry... with a derelict prison... and its own lakeside beach... in Estonia.

HOME 2017, Fernhill Farm, Somerset: Jun 9 - Jun 11 2017 A brand new festival for 2017. The first ever instalment of what promoter Terry Bird hopes will become a stalwart of the Somerset festival scene is set on Fernhill eco-farm amidst the beautiful backdrop of the rolling Mendip Hills - a 15mile drive from Bristol and Bath, and around an hour away from Exeter and Cardiff. Out of the ordinary as much for what's not involved as what is... you won't find any big corporate sponsorship, giant confetti cannons, wacky fancy dress themes, over-priced bars, or any of that stuff at HOME 2017. What you will find is a stripped-back, back-to-basics, old fashioned House & Techno rave in a barn; a warehouse vibe, a top quality sound system and an expansive line-up of over 30 DJs from the the UK scene. Food is locally sourced (mostly from the farm), with drinks provided by local suppliers Thatchers Cider & Cheddar Ales. Camping is free with a festival ticket. No-frills, high quality House + Techno in a beautiful rural setting. Tickets Weekend Tickets £50 + BF (includes two nights camping) Friday Tickets £25 + BF (includes one night camping) Saturday Tickets £35 + BF (includes one night camping) Lineup: Kydus - Phutek - Anti-slam & W.E.A.P.O.N - Ben Remember - Medhat & Dekkstrum - Spektre - Bakkos - Tommy Vercetti + many more Out-of-the-ordinariness A refreshingly simple approach to a music festival that takes us back to when music and ravers were the focal point

Secret Solstice, Reykjavik, Iceland: Jun 15 - Jun 18 2017 Staying up all night and sharing a beery-eyed sunrise with a stranger is an annual highlight for every seasoned Festival-goer. But what if the sun never rises. Or sets. Enter Secret Solstice, perhaps the brightest jewel in Iceland's festival crown. Taking place during the surreal summer solstice means that the sun never actually sets. Making round the clock raving a strange experience indeed. Think you lose track of time in Fabric? This will take it to a whole new level. There are a whole host of side-parties - glacier raves, midnight sun boat parties, lava tunnels, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a few hours off dancing and take an island excursion, helicopter ride.. or a relaxing plunge into the geothermal blue lagoon, one of the most ethereal landscapes on the planet. For the brave of stomach, Iceland provides the opportunity to sample local delicacies toward the more unusual end of the culinary spectrum: puffin, whale, horse, fermented shark and a vast variety of boiled sheep parts. It certainly won't be cheap, but it's a once in a lifetime trip to tick off your bucket list. Tickets There are a variety of ticket options including flight and accommodation packages. Some ranging up to extreme high-roller territory. Standard Festival Ticket €185 Camping extra €89 Lineup: Prodigy - Seth Troxler - Kerri Chandler - Dubfire - Artwork - Dusky - Foreign Beggars - Novelist + a very eclectic mix of rap, hip-hop and local talent Out-of-the-ordinariness It's in Iceland. Nothing here is ordinary.

Noisily Festival 2017, Noseley Hall, Leicestershire: Jul 6 - Jul 9 2017 Finishing up back in rural England at the Grade II listed 18th century estate in the rural heart of Leicestershire - Noisily Festival of Music & Arts wraps up our mini roundup of out of the ordinary events. With a fiercely alternative ethos, a focus on sustainability, and a slant towards spirituality & self expression of mind, body and soul, you might even come away from this one feeling... well, kind of good! At Noisily, hedonism and self awareness go hand in hand for event ticket holders - or 'The Tribe' as the festival organiser calls them - and inner and outer equilibrium is the order of the day. Music is well covered too, with Techno, Psytrance, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop and House providing the soundtrack in the woods. Bring your yoga pants and your facepaint - just make sure it's biodegradable and eco-friendly! Oh, and try to take public transport if at all possible. Tickets Weekend Tickets from £145 + BF Three boutique camping options available, from bell tents and yurts to retro airstream caravans Lineup: Michel Mayer - Congo Natty - Zen Mechanics - Dominik Eulberg - Beardyman - Gabriel Ananda - AJJA - The Prototypes + a packed programme of installation and performance art Out-of-the-ordinariness Brings the original hippy festival ethos into 2017

ROGER SANCHEZ DJ MASTERCLASS COMPETITION In association with Toolroom Academy, Faderpro, Pioneer & Evermix

Learn from a DJ legend. Submit your mix. Play for Toolroom Live In this unique DJ competition, we are looking for up and coming DJs who have both technical ability AND musical knowledge. OPEN FOR ENTRIES WEDS 26th April 2017

Please ensure you have created and logged into your Evermix DJ account before proceeding to ensure your entry is received If you have any issues, email hello@evermix.fm for support. This competition is only available to participants in the Toolroom Academy DJ Master Class with Roger Sanchez. If you're already signed up to this course, go ahead and click 'Enter Now' to submit your mix. - You'll be prompted to upload your audio file (Recommended maximum file size 500Mb mp3/m4a.) - Fill in a description and tag genres - If it is a mix recorded at home, you can leave the 'Venue' field blank - This information will automatically be added to your mix - Please allow approx. 30minutes for your mix to upload and process (larger files will take longer) - Make sure you toggle the mix to 'Live' so that it appears on the site If you haven't signed up yet, you'll need to do this by clicking 'Sign Up To The Course'

We're looking for DJs who can learn from the best – the House music legend that is Roger Sanchez – and use this inspiration to push their own creativity. When you watch Roger’s course, you’ll see how he creates unique moments in his set through creative mixing. And you’ll see how he builds his sets through deep knowledge of his music. The winner of this contest will be chosen by Roger himself – and among other prizes, get to warm up for a Toolroom Live event in London. How To Enter - Watch the Roger Sanchez DJ Masterclass course - Create a 60 minute warm-up DJ mix - Include at least 1 track from the course pack - Submit your mix by clicking the 'Enter Now' button Deadline All mixes must be submitted by Friday 9 June First Prize - Gets to warm up at Toolroom Live, London - Mix premiered on Roger Sanchez Radio Show - Skype mentoring session with Roger Sanchez - 1 year on the Toolroom & Stealth mailing list - 3 free courses from Faderpro - Pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 - Pioneer rekordbox dj licence key - Pioneer DJ USB key - Mix Of The Week Homepage & Newsletter Feature on Evermix Runner Up Prizes - Free course from Faderpo - Toolroom merchandise - Pioneer DJ USB key

Mix of the Week 18: Mar-T b2b Hector Couto

Each week, Evermix's Steve Stimpson, sits down with some of the biggest DJs in the world to talk music, crazy stories and forthcoming plans, and this week, he sat down with Hector Couto to chat about his special back-to-back set with Mar-T at Amnesia Ibiza's London takeover of Electric Brixton. Enjoy! Hi Hector Congratulations on winning the Evermix Mix Of The Week crown. This set has been on rotation for the best part of a month and we simply love it. It’s also our very 1st b2b Mix Of The Week. A big thanks for taking time out on your South America tour to talk to us. 1. Your Mix Of The Week was recorded in London for Amnesia Ibiza. Please tell us how the tour is going and where you have played so far? The tour has been absolutely great, we're touring around Argentina in cities like Buenos Aires / Cordoba / Rosario and Resistencia and for the first time I visited Lima (Peru), and it's amazing! Argentina is one of my favourite places to play and this tour was brilliant from the beginning to the very end !! 2. You are both experienced solo DJ’s so playing back to back must be a refreshing change. Please tell us and our listeners what to expect when Mar T and Hector go 1 on 1 together? We really understand each other very well in the DJ booth and above all we always have fun, we played together last week all over Argentina and the gigs were a blast !! 3. We can’t NOT mention Ibiza & Together, the season is nearly upon us. Can we expect this exciting back-to-back session to carry on at Amnesia or will it be a case of you both going solo again? I think a bit of both for sure, we will share the booth again this summer !! 4. Please tell us what makes the Amnesia brand and tours so successful in terms of atmosphere? What is the essence? Amnesia Ibiza have a huge following and loads of supporters all around the globe, I really feel all the passion and love from the people in the gigs and this is so important to us while touring. 5. Please name us 5 tracks that you are seeing massive responses with? Luuk van Dijk – Destruido (Roush Label) Hector Couto – Climax (Viva Music) M.F.S Observatory - H5 (Observatory Music) Klangkuenstler – Heat it up (Roush Label) Tennan – Rich Out (Sanity) 6. Can you tell us what you are predicting for 2017, do you have any exctitng plans to share with us? 2017 is looking like a great year for me, I have several gigs around the globe and I have signed two new EPs, which will be released this Summer, the first EP “ Mr Magic” will be released via Roush the on 10th July! 7. Can you tell us the funniest thing to have happened to you while DJing? I saw a couple in Ibiza having sex while in playing, that was pretty intense! 8. Finally Can you tell us what your thoughts are on Evermix and will you promise to upload another set soon? I really like the platform and its a really good way to promote new music and artists, we'll definitely be uploading more sets soon! Hector, it’s been a real pleasure. We look forward to seeing and hearing you again very soon. Thanks for all guys!!

Mix of the Week 17: Joe Wheeler

Joe Wheeler entered the dance music scene early in 2014, with a very diverse selection of House & Techno which got people talking. Joe Wheeler delves into a number of sub-genres under the house & techno umbrella, this gives his set a real low-end bassy groove with a skippy percussion element to give his sets energy to keep you moving. Another element to Joe’s DJ’ing arsenal is his layered vocal edits to create a real after-hour atmosphere off the cuff which are tailored to each of his sets. This started to get Joe noticed & made him a familiar face in the London underground music scene, he was made resident at London's leading after-hours party called 'DAWN' late 2014 and has since gone on to play for the likes of Unusual Suspects in Ibiza in the summer of 2016 with dates lined up with Mulletover this spring. The summer of 2016 Joe was named as one of the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ & with support from DC10 legend Alex Arnout claiming it’s his "time to shine" the future looks promising from Joe. Joe A Big Congrats on winning our Mix Of The Week! Your set was recorded live with Evermix at Mulletover’s event alongside Steve Bug, Djebali, Geddes & Adam Curtain. It’s a wonderful heads down journey, we normally get taken in by the peak-time sets but with the change of weather and this steady pace set it had us all nodding like lost turkeys. 1) A lot has happened for you since our last Ibiza encounter in 2016. Things look like they are really taking off and how about that endorsement from ‘Alex Arnout’ ’Time to shine’. Please tell us what you have lined up this summer? Lots has changed since last Summer, I learnt a lot out there last year, so I’ve spent the winter focusing on parts that I could maybe squeeze myself into and push myself as a DJ. A few dates are still being worked on but you can expect to see me at Sankeys Ibiza a fair amount this Summer in The Basement & The Lab. 2) The Mulletover nights have always been a very cool specialist affair. Please set the scene and what made/makes their events stand out? What a party, hats off to them guys, was one of the coolest events I've been too, everyone is on the same level, no egos, just music & wicked production. It stands out for me because it’s all about the music & sound, no ego’s or people creating a hostile atmosphere, just stripped back, quality from start to finish. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next! 3) Tell us 5 tracks that are smashing it for you right now? 1. Jamahr - Final Orbit (Fractal Patterns) 2. Max Jacobson, Sakro - 7am feelings (Hand Out, Chapter Five) 3. Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow (Remixers) - Lost in Time (The Moment EP) 4. Anton Baje - Lakmus (Fear of a Rose Planet) 5. Deaf Pillow - Words (Fresh Juice) 4) We always ask our MOTW winners who is exciting them right now / who you predict big things for in 2017? Hard question, so many decent up & coming artists. If I have to pick two, it would be Moonlit Vision & Miffy & Miller. Get sent their stuff regularly and it never disappoints! Wish they’d sent it with a download link though! ;) 5) Funniest thing to have happened while spinning? Won’t mention any names here but you can always expect laughs when you’re going back to back with someone. I was playing once turned to give my headphones to the person I was playing with, nowhere to be seen, looked down & spotted him on the floor. doesn’t seem as funny now but when you’ve had a drink it was, more of a be there moment ha! 6) Please tell us what you think of Evermix and can we expect some more Joe Wheeler sets up on the platform very soon? Great tool, so easy to use, look to use it every set I can! So you should see a fair few from me up on the Evermix page! Thanks Joe, looking forward to seeing/hearing you soon Steve

Mix of the Week 16: Tube & Berger

Each week Steve Stimpson sits down with some of the biggest DJs in the world to talk music, it's one of the highlights of our week to delve into the world of our favourite artists and find out new exclusive tunes they're listening to. This week is no exception, Steve sat down with one of the biggest acts in the world after one of the Evermix team's favourite sets on evermix.fm - Tube & Berger This German duo are right up there in terms of production and DJing, they been gracing the global decks for many years now and are a firm favourite at Evermix. They have just completed their ‘Little Asia Tour’ in addition to a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, so we’re absolutely over the moon to have this monster set on the Evermix platform. They are our Evermix Mix of the Week winners ’Tube & Berger’. Tube & Berger, a massive thanks for uploading the DJ set. We love it and it was a no brainer to award it Mix Of The Week. 1. Your set was recorded at Circus Weekender at Electric Brixton and consists of a combination of styles that all gel together beautifully. Especially loving that G.O.D limited sample track at 1.19. It’s a real beast of a mix. Can you tell us a bit about the night and set the vibe? The vibe at Electric Brixton is always amazing. It's more like a concert atmosphere and the old school theatre touch of the venue. It was a wild night and we hope we remember enough to answer this question properly ... We absolutely enjoy mashing tracks that don't really fit together and sometimes the result is surprisingly cool. A bit risky when we do it live but it's more fun and sometimes those little mistakes make a set more special. ;-)

2. You have just completed your ‘Little Asia Tour’, can you tell us how that went and how does the audience compare with a European club night? We haven't been playing in Asia a lot and it was our first time in Hong Kong in a cool dark club called Volar. We met a fan there that told us that she and her crew waited for 3 years to see us and they even brought a present (which already found its place in our studio). It was great to see that people saved their energy to give us a warm welcome in Asia. In Singapore and Bangkok we played 2 nice little festivals and we loved it. 36 degrees, very humid, people in a good mood. Comparing the audiences is difficult. Every night is a new adventure, isn't it? 3. Please tell us 5 tracks rocking your sets at the moment. 1. Bedouin - No Trace 2. Tube & Berger - International Corporate Motherfuckers 3. Weiss - You Better Run 4. Sooney - Back To The Music 5. Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix) 4. Can you tell us who is really hitting the spot for you right now/Who you predict big things for in 2017? There are so many good new acts out there. Too hard to predict who will be the next big thing. But... There's a man called Kean Sanders who is our latest signing on Kittball and his tune "The Beat" is an absolute smash. Watch out for this one! 5. We’re all massive fans of both Set Free, RUCKUS & The Only Thing remix you done, what else can we expect production wise in the not to distant future? Well, we have just finished our second studio album by the name of "We Are All Stars" so there will be a lot of stuff to listen to. Our next single with the funny name "International Corporate Motherfuckers" and will be out in April and yes ... it's a protest song. Resistance House & Revolution Tech. It feels pretty good to shout International Corporate Motherfuckers on the dance floor. Out on the 7th of April. 6. Usually with DJ duos, we see each partner bringing different things to the partnership. Is there a notable difference in who brings what into the DJ booth? And who's the last one standing at the party!? We know each other for more than 20 years now and we are totally different. After all these years the surprising result is 50/50. In every discipline. From party hard to work hard, from being lazy to being busy. We realised it's 50/50 7. Where can we find Tube & Berger playing this Summer? Any special highlights? Without a doubt it's this years Tomorrowland Festival where we'll be playing for the ANTS colony. Another Highlight is definitely the new Hi Ibiza club which some of us remember as Space. Will be fun! Summer is coming... 8. Any thoughts on Evermix? Nice platform. We found a few interesting mixes on first sight and we are happy to be a part of it. Also a great way for newcomers to promote their stuff.

Mix of the Week 15: Martijn ten Velden

He's been rocking the global scene for some years now and is a highly respected producer. He is none other than the awesome Martijn ten Velden and we're chuffed to award him the Mix of the Week Trophy. Evermix's Steve Stimpy sat down with Martijn to chat music and loads more! 1. Big Congrats Martijn !!!! The set had us hooked in a flash. Please tell us a bit about your current musical direction at present and a bit about this specific set? Thank you very much :-) I like it deep and dirty with a solid groove and a touch of techno and progressive (real progressive, not the EDM kind) In this set I just tried to keep switching it up and building it up and keep it interesting and surprising. That's what I usually try to do depending on the crowd and where they lead me. 2. You live in Ibiza now. As a DJ some would think it maybe it a bit over powering music wise, no escape from the constant carnage. How do you find it and tell us a little bit about your nightlife routine on Temptation Island? I pick my battles and dip in and out :-) I've lived in Ibiza for 5 years all year around now, so I've learned to control myself. I have a 5 year old son as well and he helps keeping me grounded. I go out to get inspiration and keep an ear out for fresh sounds and if I don't like a party i'm out of there in a flash to save my energy for something more worthwhile. It's too easy to get lost in it all. 3. Please tell is 5 tracks rocking your sets at the moment 1. Dousk -Sometimes Shugga 2. Cari Golden - Things we might have said 3. Tim Engelhardt - Trabant 4. Mari Kvien Brunvoll & Ricardo Villalobos - Everywhere you go (Villalobos mix) 5. Oliver Koletzki - My Vision 4. Can you tell us who is really hitting the spot for you right now/Who you predict big things for in 2017? I love Solomun on a good night, Nicole Moudaber, Damien Lazarus, Âme, Cassy, I think Hot Since 82 will make a big impact this year with his new night at Pacha. 5. Where can we find you playing this year? Any special highlights? I am on the train now on my way to a gig in Favela Club-Münster Germany for their 8th birthday. Just check my Facebook for updates on gigs:-) 6. We are all highly fond of all your previous and recent productions can you tell us whats coming up? Remixes? Tracks? I have 10 brand new productions finished that I worked on this winter. I just started shopping them around to labels and am getting some nice feedback so watch this space. I also just finished remixing the classic Superfunk 'Lucky Star' for Great Stuff Recordings. I replayed all the instruments as the original is based on a sample. I kept it very true to the original but with a current sounding twist. End of the night kind of track. 7. Funniest thing to happen while spinning in the booth? Getting kicked out for refusing to play a David Guetta track. One of my biggest achievements :-) 8. We always ask our winners to give us a few words about Evermix and can we expect more sets in the near future? I love the Evermix concept, its one step ahead of the curve. I will post more mixes for sure!

Mix of the Week 14: Weiss

He’s hot property on the global underground scene and runs his own night at The Egg, producer, remixer, global plane hopper, we’re chuffed to award this weeks Mix Of The Week to none other than ‘Weiss’. Steve Stimpy caught up with the man himself to talk music and madness. Weiss, thanks for uploading the set using Evermix. It’s a proper stomper of a set and has been wearing our Doctor Martin soles a bit thin over the past week or so. 1. Lets start with ‘ Weiss City’, it’s a big thing to have and dictate your own night. Please set the scene and give the listeners an understanding of the atmosphere. I’m really lucky to have my night at the legendary club Egg in London. Before Weiss City started I played there a few times and thought to myself this club would be perfect for my night. Not only because the staff work really hard in making a good night but I just love playing in the Terrace room. It’s perfect, dark; old school clubbing vibe and the system is great.

We’ve been there for two years now this being the second and the nights just go off every time. We’ve had guest DJ’s grace our night such as Oliver Dollar, Dennis Cruz, Riva Starr, S-Man & Mat.Joe. This year looks really good but can’t say much right now. 2. As you know I went bananas about the 1st track in the Evermix set. It’s 4th-coming on the very highly anticipated final Jesse Rose album titled ‘Alright Mate’ How did it come about and who’s idea was it to use the Madness sample. Jesse Rose is a good friend now and we’ve always enjoyed working together so when he decided to make his last album I just had to be part of it. Jesse started off with that idea then we came in together to finish it off. I really wanted to go down the old school Switch route and my style and I feel we’ve done the sample proud. 3. You seem to be on most International flyers nowadays, how do you find the constant travelling? I find it hard being away from the family but I also love playing in different places sharing my music with other people. It’s a shame really because the schedules are so tight you hardly get to see much of the places you’re visiting but I try my best to sample the local culture. 4. Please tell us 5 tracks that are absolutely smashing it in your sets at the moment: Feel free to include Beatport links if they are available. 1. 12 Stories “Bright Lights” ft Digitaria (Walker & Royce Remix) Variety Music https://www.beatport.com/track/bright-lights-feat-digitaria-walker-and-royce-remix/9086525 2. Kyle Watson “Road Trips”(Original Mix) This Ain’t Bristol https://www.beatport.com/track/road-trips-original-mix/9005341 3. Jesse Rose & Weiss “Street Feet”(Original Mix) Play It Down https://www.beatport.com/track/street-feet-original-mix/8971670 4. Left/Right & Jacq “Lies”(Billy Kenny Remix) Punks https://www.beatport.com/track/lies-billy-kenny-remix/9044963 5. Weiss “You Better Run”(Dub Mix) Toolroom https://www.beatport.com/track/you-better-run-dub-mix/9064511 5. Can you tell us who is exciting you right now / who you predict big things for in 2017? I predict big things for Walker & Royce. There production is amazing and think they will do very well. We’re actually working together right now on a track so hopefully you guys will get to hear that at some point this summer. 6. Please tell us where we can hear you playing over the next few months. Any extra special gigs 4th-coming? I’m just about to head off to the states for a 12 date tour including gigs with Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol, LA Exchange, Spy Bar and Flash in Washington so I’m really excited about that. I’m dong the Dirtybird BBQ in May, Ibiza this summer plus my residency at London Egg. I’m also off to Australia In June for a tour. 7. Funniest thing to have happened while DJing? I once saw a couple having sex in the back room at Ministry of sound. I wont go into too much detail but during the antics another girl decided to join in halfway through 8. Finally, we always ask our winners what they think about Evermix and if we can be expecting to hear more sets in the very near future? Definitely!! It’s a great gadget to have and so easy to set up. Thanks Weiss, it’s been a pleasure! Stimpy

Project Vinyl - London's Newest Vinyl Emporium

After shooting our crowdfunding pitch video here earlier in the year, Evermix were lucky enough to be invited back on location for the official opening party of South London's newest record shop: 'Project Vinyl'. In between many hours of drinking and dancing, we managed to drag owner & all-round music guru Jason Bacon to one side for a quick Q+A about the store, records, and ridiculous parties. And here it is. Hi Jason, thanks for having us along to the party. Loving the store - it's come on even more since we shot our video here! Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the venture? Yeah sure. In a nutshell: giving people the opportunity to experience music in a more pleasurable way - from purchasing, through to listening in their own homes/studios and of course on the dancefloor. Fantastic music and making it sound great is my life long passion. Opening our vinyl emporium alongside our mothership 'Project Audio' has come as a natural progression and feels like the right thing to do. And for everyone who hasn't had the pleasure of visiting yet, can you set the scene and give some tips on making the most of a future visit? Well we're a Vinyl Record and Pro-Audio/DJ/Audiophile equipment store. The store is warm and welcoming, in a rustic yet classic style; a space to get cosy in. Think Persian rugs, soft lighting, bespoke sound system, four listening stations with proper headphones... basically our aim is to ensure that you never want to leave! We provide a more relaxed and personable buying experience than the typical record store. We have a wide range of DJ/listening equipment and accessories, stock hot new vinyl releases, a handpicked selection of re-issues and an extensive back catalogue of House, Techno, Nu Disco, Balearics and other musical gems. We’re set off the main road, down an old cobbled alley called Carberry Works in Crystal Palace. It’s a destination. We run on an appointment basis, this way we can give each customer individual attention and really get to know what they want. It’s good to set aside at least an hour or so when visiting. Contact us prior to coming, and if you have a look through our huge discogs library beforehand we can get a music selection ready for you in advance. Speaking of records (obviously) we heard that you stock a whopping 30,000 records - which is a phenomenal amount. How did this collection get so huge, how was it put together, and what's your background? My partner and I at PV have been collecting records since we were boys, breakdancing in the early 80’s. Hip Hop, Electro, Funk and Soul have been my backbone, and Acid House and Balearic have been an equally massive part of my musical journey. I’m a Sound Designer/Engineer by profession (founder of Project Audio). I’ve worked on providing sound systems for many artists over the years... tours with Leftfield, Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Groove Armada, Massive Attack - from Space in Ibiza to Fashion shows in London. Lots of festivals like Homelands, Glastonbury, Creamfields etc, providing big systems to big stages and including underground dance music events. I’ve always been connected to the scene either through the music, or the production of live shows. Music has always been pivotal, so collecting music along the journey just became part of my life. There was a period when many DJs no longer wanted to keep their record collections. We purchased thousands of records and started selling them on Discogs, as a labour of love amongst record collectors. It’s this status in the Discogs world that has helped establish us as bona fide Dance music traders. The Discogs store closed up for a while whilst Chris went travelling and all the records were in my basement at home. Three years passed and I decided that it was time that the vaults of yesteryear were again made available to the world. I had the space next to my warehouse which would make a perfect record shop. A lot of work was needed to bring it to where it is now; six months of non-stop creativity and work. We have a strong team of knowledgable and passionate music specialists with us. It hasn’t been without its struggles and we feel very fortunate that it has come together relatively naturally. I guess it was meant to happen.

This is a major statement in terms of vinyl revival in a time where digital still seems to have the edge. Do you predict a full blown vinyl revolution like the good old days? Obviously a lot of clubs still only present CDJ’s, so do you think we’ll be seeing mass turn table purchases off the back of this surge in record buying? Absolutely! It’s back - there’s no denying that. Where it goes from here, who knows? Lets hope it’s a desire for quality. Digital does have its place; in high quality formats Digital is amazing and works well in very loud nightclubs where they have big bass. A lot of nightclubs are not set up correctly with isolation for feedback etc. for turntables. What we love about vinyl is that it’s romantic in that it has a process to it, and it’s more personable - the process of acquiring vinyl. Playing at home or at parties, There’s a finesse and quality about vinyl that you just don’t get from digital. It is a beautiful format. I love vinyl - it’s that simple. It doesn’t mean it always sounds better though. Good production and mastering is key, whether pressed to vinyl or digital. It’s the whole experience I think people are loving with buying records, especially the younger guys who have never had the buzz of going to a record shop to get some blinding tunes every week! Connecting with a culture by meeting up in a place that cares about what you hear - these places are needed. Vinyl is just a part of it, and the world still has a lot to learn about good sound, good music and how we make it, record it and listen to it. I think the vinyl resurgence is a positive thing, and it appears to be harnessing some of the quality elements involved in achieving a sonic experience that is bringing a deeper connection with music. It’s my pleasure, honour and duty to facilitate that.. I guess that’s what we are all about. Quality sound and quality music! Get your decks out, sort your sound system out, buy loads of quality records and enjoy! A big ask I know - but can you give us five of your top shelf tracks for sale? Any extra special rare gems? Label/Artist/Track name 1. STARKEditions ‎– SE.ONE - Paul Mitchell - a. Heven Sent b. Going Back- Limited addition 10” clear vinyl 2. Ron Trent - Spaces and Places 3 a. Berlin Nights b. Mississippi Mud 3. Originals a. Babe Ruth -The Mexican (Mrfantastic edit) b. Organised Konfusion - Prisoners of War 7” 4. Mushrooms Project on Leng 5. Any of the Psychemagik compilations. They seem to be flying out the door! And finally, though it might get us into trouble... you've known our CEO Macky for many years and we've heard you worked on some fairly insane events together. Please dish the dirt - what's the most ridiculous thing you've seen him do? Really!? Errrr... hahaha … Macky is unlike anyone I know! We worked together on some pretty epic projects back in the golden era of events. MTV At The Movies in Cannes, the MTV Europe Music Awards in various countries, and loads of other MTV related tours. One time in Barcelona we were doing an MTV Campari gig in some swanky space on the beach front called 'Shôko'. We had a big production in the space, a big system installed, and Groove Armada playing - not to mention girls on white horses! It was mad. Macky was our boss at the time - in charge of everyone. Back then we used to work and party very hard. There was a fine line, but we'd always pride ourselves on not breaking, with an ethos of 'excellence' at all times. Not quite sure what happened to that ethos this night. Macky started way too early and was being an absolute pest in the DJ booth, which meant I had to ban him from the booth. But anyway that’s not the point. The night was epic and we partied hard and tried our best to keep an eye on Macky. But it soon became apparent that nobody had seen him for a while. So much much for keeping and eye on him. The gig had ended and we were de-rigging the production. It was early morning by now and the sun was coming up. It was actually getting quite hot in fact. I decided to go out to look for him - combing the beach and surrounding restaurants. I eventually found him sitting on his own, save for a bottle of rosé on ice, and slurring mad mumblings to himself from behind a dodgy pair of sunglasses. A proper trooper. The only thing was, one of the lenses was missing from the frame. When I asked him about it, he was quite taken aback by this news of the missing lens - he hadn't even noticed and had been wearing them like this all through the night and well into the morning. Now that’s nowhere near the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen him do, but I figured there may be people of a sensitive disposition reading. So let’s leave it here for another day haha. He’s still alive that's all that matters. Cheers Guys! x

Editors Note / Shameless Plug If you have a burgeoning record collection like Jason, our new MixBox2 is the perfect tool for digitising your music - just plug the MixBox2 into your phone and mixer, hit record, and export to iTunes. Job done.

Mix of the Week 13 - Bushwacka!

Matthew has held many guises in his journey through electronic music. Launching his career as Matthew B in the midst of the UK acid house explosion, his identity and sound has undertaken many a metamorphosis, through Bushwacka!, The End Soundsystem, Layo and Bushwacka! to settle for the meantime on JUST BE. His set from the launch of 'Project Vinyl' last week, a Record Shop based in South London is our Mix of the Week.

Congrats on winning our Mix Of The Week. It’s been gaining heavy office rotation and we absolutely love it!
1. The set was recorded using Evermix at the brand new Project Vinyl launch party. In terms of playing all vinyl sets nowadays is this something that you doing more of or did you never stop? Any thoughts on how big the vinyl revival will become?
Well like anything the variable depends on the perspective from which it is viewed. I just found my invoicing files from 1998 and there was an invoice for July vinyl sales for £16,000. There was another month before for £6000 from vinyl sales of another release with a different company. This is’t by any means big money, but we needed to be shifting a fair amount of units to get this return. Now, pressing and mastering is more expensive, and for the kind of music I play getting a vinyl only release that has a limited run of 100 is very exciting and makes if feel special, but there is no money in it for the producer on those numbers. But as a medium, figures aside, the culture of vinyl and its revival is a wonderful thing. Hanging out in record shops was and is a huge part of the culture, not just ordering online and waiting for your package to turn up. I have heard that you can buy a repress of a Dire Straights album in Tescos these days. In this more mainstream respect - vinyl is having a massive resurgence. Those buyers haven’t bought records since the start of the 80s.
2. Can you tell us a little bit about Project Vinyl apart from the huge collection they have in-store?
Well Jason is a close friend of mine, and a connoisseur of all things quality when it comes to sound, whether it be cables, speakers, amps, needles, or the music itself, and his wife Claire is also very much the same. Its their and our guilty pleasure - vinyl, music, records. When CJDs came out Jason would persistently freak out at DJs for playing MP3s - he would go mad. These guys ooze quality. I refuse to work with anyone else when it comes to installations of sound. I know they will apply the same care to their vinyl emporium
3. Can you tell us how you source your music to play out?
Well I get about 2000 promos a week, but I rarely listen to any of them.I buy vinyl online from a couple of stores in Berlin once every few months, and once a year, maybe twice I do a road trip to Germany for the record shops. I make a lot of the music I play out too. Last but not least, my son is buying vinyl and ripping it and sending me the wavs - so I am getting the new get ear on whats around too.
4. We always ask our MOTW winners to tip us off about anyone who you predict big things for this year, someone you are excited about?
Sorry for the plug, but my boy Oliver Moon. He is making killer music and really coming of age. He just needs to get signed and backed up to a proper label and team to take him up a gear.
6. We hardly missed any of the Dance 88/89 Ibiza events. every single one was a breath of fresh air on the Island. Please tell us if the series will run again this summer and if it will be the same format?
Honestly I have no idea at the moment. The politics behind the scenes on the island are the hottest topic in years here now.
7. Where can we find you throughout the summer gig wise? Any special ones we should look out for?
Layo and Bushwacka! headlining the Experimental Sound Field (Tony Andrews sound system - also connected with Jason) at the Glade festival. Maybe the Secret Garden Party too. And every Saturday in May at Pikes in Ibiza.
8. Finally, can you tell us what you like about Evermix and can we expect to hear some more sets in the future?
I like the simplicity of the interface, the quality of the website and the helpfulness and kindness of the staff. Top company. For sure, more sets.

Mix of the Week 12 - Denney

Denney is without a doubt one of the hottest names on the global circuit and his blend of electronic house fills clubs such as Motion in Bristol, Hideout Festival and countless US and global dance-floors.

He’s a regular Evermix user and we’re very proud to present a consistent flow of brand new sets from the man himself. Our very own Steve Stimpy chats all things music and more.

Hi Denney

Thanks for recording your set with Evermix and posting it, we’ve been hammering it non stop, we love it!!!!

1. Your set was recorded at the one and only Back to Basics. The night is pure gold and for anyone home or abroad who hasn’t been to this iconic event, can you you please set the scene for them and tell us why you like it so much and what makes it unique.

Basics is probably one of the friendliest and most up for it dance floors in the world, it is built on Acid House and has been going for 25 years now. It is a straight up party and I guarantee, you can't help but get loose when you get in there.

2. So many killer tracks from start to finish in your set, please tell us how you source your new promos? i.e. promo company, mates sending you stuff?

Thanks! I get around 100 - 150 tracks sent a week and I spend 1 day a week (usually friday) going through them, I also spend a lot of time shopping for new music as well as crate digging through my old stuff. The Basics set has a pretty even mix of new and old in there.

3. Anyone up and coming on your radar who you predict big things for this year?

My good mate Detlef is smashing it and I'm so buzzing for him, he has worked so hard for years!

4. 5 tracks smashing it for you now.

Leftwing & Kody "Redemption" (Wow Recordings)
Davina Moss feat. Matt Tolfrey "Mixie" (Do Not Sleep)
Stefano Noferini & Leonardo Gonnelli "Dirty Work" (VIVa Music)
Cuartero "Up To The Roof" (Repopulate Mars)
Sante "Never Enough" Denney Remix (Avotre)

5. I’m still playing your Oscar G remix from a few years ago can you tell us what you are up to production and remix wise at the moment?

I have a lot of new music dropping this year as well as a host of remixes, I'm also working on a collaboration ep which will feature collabs with the likes of Groove Armada and Skream...exciting times, watch this space!

6. Where can we find you spinning over the next few months? I believe a special gig with Claude Von Stroke is on the cards at the Miami Winter Music Conference?

Next week I'm off on a 3 week tour of North and South America which finishes at Miami WMC. As you mentioned I'll be playing Claude Vonstrokes party there as well as 5 others which should be great. Then I have gigs at the likes of Ants in Bristol and Kater Blau in Berlin when I get back.

7. Can you tell us what you like about Evermix and can we expect to hear more sets in the near future?

I think its just the ease of using it and the fact theres no hassle setting it up, clubs can be quite full on and having something that makes your life easier and works well is great. I think you guys have nailed it!

8. Finally please let the promoters know how they can book you for their clubs?

Through my agents: North/South America: john.barry@thebullittagency.com
Rest of World: kane@codaagency.com

Thanks Denney it’s been a pleasure and thanks for keeping it Evermix X

Mix of the Week 11 - Andy Daniell

He’s not only one of the finest DJ’s on the circuit but also A&R manager for the mighty Defected Records. This week we have the pleasure of introducing the one and only, Andy Daniell, onto the Evermix Mix Of The Week with his very tasty set from XOYO in London. Steve from the Evermix team sat down with Andy to pick his brains on what's going on in the world of Defected.

Hi Andy Thanks for sitting down with us, and congrats on being our Mix Of The Week. It’s highly deserved and has had us pulling some serious moves across the Evermix office floor. Your set was recorded at XOYO using Evermix. For those who haven’t experienced the club can you tell us why it stands out for you?

XOYO is one of my favourite clubbing spaces in the country if not beyond. It’s a perfectly sized dark room with fantastic sound & lighting and a DJ booth that doesn’t have to be the focus of attention at all. You won’t find an LED backing screen here, just a neon sign saying “I Feel Love”, that just works for me.

I had the personal pleasure of joining you at Motion late last year and you had a full room absolutely bouncing. The one thing I noticed is you have that ability to almost start from scratch when you go on and (warm up for yourself) which separates the vibe from the previous DJ. It was a proper journey which is kind of rare these days with a lot of jocks banging out the same records in the same order each week. Is this something you often do?

I guess so, I just try to play what I think are great records. I’m happy to play something more obvious, something you might never have heard before whatever really. Hopefully there is some coherency to it, but I try not to really worry about what other people are doing & just play great records that hopefully make people dance.

Please tell us 5 tracks that blowing your mind right now and guarantee animal reactions from the crowd?

1. Denis Sulta – Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP)
2. Aeroplane feat Tawatha Agee – Love On Hold
3. Charles Ramirez, Luca M & JUST2 – Up & Down (Franky Rizardo Remix)
4. Mr Jack & Oliver Gosseries - Give It Up! (Original Mix)
5. Crookers feat Mike City - Get My Mind Right

Can you tell us where we can find you playing next and over the Summer? Will you be spinning at the Defected Croatia 6 day event?

Yes I will indeed be playing at this years Defected Croatia festival. Last year was so much fun, every single person that attended had made a real effort to be there so the crowd was amazing, super knowledgeable & incredibly up for it so I can’t wait to see what 2017’s version will bring.

What are your thoughts about Evermix - Can we expect to be hearing more of your sets in the coming months?

Evermix is such a useful tool. I try to record all sets I play as I find my live mixes in front of an audience are often far more interesting & creative than studio/ableton mixes & if I have a set I’m super happy with it was generally the one where I forgot a recorder, but I always remember my phone so having a set up that records straight to my iPhone was perfect for me. It takes seconds to set up & as an added bonus charges your phone while you are playing haha.

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About The MixBox2

#1 - MixBox2 Works With Facebook Live That's right - no more awful audio hurting your fans' ears! For those times when you don't want to record the full set and upload to Evermix, you can use your MixBox2 to connect your mixer to your Facebook app and broadcast clean audio for your Facebook Live video broadcasts.

#2 - You Can Digitise Your Vinyl Collection If you're the proud owner of an enviable record collection, the MixBox2 is the perfect tool to immortalise the music in digital, via the Evermix DJ App. Taking the recordings off your phone and onto a laptop is extremely easy.. just plug in and export to iTunes!

#3 - You Can Share Your Mixes To Soundcloud & Mixcloud As well as sharing your set straight to your Evermix profile, you can now share directly to your Soundcloud & Mixcloud accounts too. The Evermix Techies are putting the finishing touches on the latest version of the Evermix DJ App and website DJ Admin; by the time you receive your MixBox, you'll have a new and improved Evermix experience!

#4 Your MixBox2 Doesn't Need A Plug MixBox1 needed to have an external power supply to work. But MixBox2 allows you to power it up using your mobile phone, iPad, or iPod. Tests in our lab showed just a 10% drain on phone battery over a one hour mix.

#5 MixBox2 Will Get You More Sex* *Disclaimer: we can't scientifically prove this Just like our bioluminescent friend the firefly, the opposite sex are insatiably attracted to little flashing lights. Use your MixBox2 as a shining beacon of your superior sexual prowess, and interested girls and/or boys will flock to your side wherever you go. The MixBox2's colour changing LED will alert your intended date and let them know what sort of DJ you are: Blue = I'm a legendary individual who likes recording mixes in flawless audio quality Red = I'm a risk-taking level-pushing badass MOFO who likes to live dangerously (NB: we don't recommend living dangerously when it comes to recording mixes)

Mix of the Week 10 - Competition Winner Jo Poole

This week, we're excited to share with you our DJ Mix Competition Winner, Jo Poole, as our third Mix of the Week for February. Jo has been turning heads in the London clubbing scene in recent months with her energetic tech-house filled sets and her mix was chosen by Cr2 Record Label Boss, Mark Brown, as the winner amongst almost 100 DJ mixes! We sat down with Jo to ask her a few questions about her plans for 2017, her influences and loads more! Enjoy! 1. Firstly, congrats on winning the competition, we loved your mix - and what an achievement going up against 88 other DJs! Where did you hear about Evermix and the competition, and how does it feel to win? Thank you! I’m so happy to have won! I first heard about Evermix a few months ago when playing at a His & Hers event, our sets were being recorded using the Evermix box. One of your brand ambassadors, Reuben, told me about the competition and suggested I enter. I’m glad I did! 2. How would you describe your style and what / who are your influences/favourite artists? Energetic in terms of my track selection, but certainly focused when it comes to my sets. I always get nervous before a gig but luckily my legs don’t shake anymore haha I am a resident for His & Hers, it’s great to be part of such a fun and genuine team, we have a lot of exciting parties coming up this year. I have a fab group of mates who are DJs and l have met some very good up and coming DJs and promoters, we’re always pushing each other to do better and reach our goals. A special mention must go to Buster Bennett, he has been a fantastic mentor since day one. My no. 1 favourite is Nina Kraviz, l could watch her DJ for hours. Other favourites are Carl Cox, wAFF, Hannah Wants, Erick Morillo, Dubfire, Nic Fanciulli, Solomun, CamelPhat, Cera Alba, Dusky, Ellie Cocks, Artikal, Ejeca, Dennis Cruz, Solardo, Raffa FL, Prok & Fitch, Pete Dorling, PAWSA, Skream, Jamie XX, Loco Dice, High Contrast, Wade, Sven Väth, Marco Faraone, Worakls and Alan Fitzpatrick. I could go on! 3. When you're not DJing, where would we find you on the dance floor? Most likely to be EGG. I went to the opening of Printworks, what a venue and a day l won’t forget in a hurry! I’m really looking forward to Elrow at Tobacco Dock next month, Junction 2 Festival in June and Social Festival again in September. 4. Any good tips to get through the day after the night before? Sleep, shower, carbs, fresh air, carbs, more carbs and mates. 5. What are you up to this Summer? Any plans to join the Ibiza migration? I love Ibiza, I have two trips booked this Summer but no plans to move there at the moment, for now l am focusing on doing as many UK gigs as possible. 6. What are your top 5 tracks you're playing out at the moment? Take It Easy - Wade Triple Fwet - PAWSA Heavy Body - Nico Cabeza Bad Behaviour - Dennis Cruz Mental Help - Goncalo (Dub Mix) - l probably play this too much! 7. And finally - how should anyone interested in booking you get in touch? Please email: bookings@jopoole.com

Mix of the Week 09 - Chus & Ceballos

This week we have Iberian Kings, Chus & Ceballos, for our Mix of the Week. We recorded their special New Year's Eve mix from Heart in Miami, with tracks from Adrian Hour, Andrea Oliva, Raffa FL and loads more, we had to share make this our Mix of the Week, we haven't stopped listening to it all week! They have also been kind enough to answer a few questions for us! Check out their Mix of the Week in the link below! 1. You are the genuine pioneers of the Iberican/Tribal sound and we are hearing a lot more techno inspired cuts in your sets. Can you tell us where your mind is right now in terms of musical direction? Hello guys, thanks for having us! We are living a great moment right now, playing between House and Techno has been always the core of our DJ sets, steady over the years, two genres you can't go wrong with. Techno has been the most groundbreaking style in the last few years, much more melodic than before, thats why we’ve added those techno cuts on our sets, House and Tech-House are always bringing those funky, organic grooves that we love. At the end of the day, we just take what ever we find interesting from many genres and blend it together, making our audiences dancing on a musical journey, music for your feet and soul! ;) 2. Your set was recorded at club Heart in Miami for New Year’s Eve celebration, how do you compare the American scene in comparison with the rest of the world? America is a vast territory so every single city, venue or party is different, so it's difficult to generalize - we can say that here in America, people feel the electronic music in a very different way because the scene is relatively new. Clubbers and fans are a bit more open minded in terms of genres, they follow so many different styles at the same time. Electronic music in Europe has been rolling for so many years so is not a new or trendy thing, it's not that exciting like in the US right now. In Europe trends follow different ways, they are more purist, they have its own dress-code according to their ‘tribe’, people follow a certain type of genre and they don't melt. Here in the US, the fans are very loyal, traveling often to support their favourite DJ’s all over the country, they are very passionate, as they say, 'we work hard and play harder'. In terms of music tendencies, Europe is the continent that still leads in what is up and coming! 3. Please tell us how the label Stereo Productions is going and what we can expect from it in 2017. We are more than happy with how things are going on with the label, over 17 years and still fresh and motivated, we have a large group of talented artists, DJs and producers who are very loyal to us and it feels like a family, you can see that spirit of unity whenever we have a label showcase like BPM Festival or Miami Music Week. 2017 seems that is going to be another great year, in term of music we’ve just released the 'Playa Del Carmen 2017’ a various artist compilation and in a few weeks will be ‘Miami 2017’, both albums compiled by us including music from Dennis Cruz, David Herrero, Rafa Barrios, Supernova, Oscar L, Fronter and DJ Dep to name a few. We are presenting the first album of Rafa Barrios in a few months, right before the summer and we have scheduled amazing single releases from all the artists mentioned till the end of the year. We are also focusing on the Label Showcases and in-house Parties expanding our presence into new cities so watch out, you will probably see us very soon close to your hometown! 4. Please tell us 5 tracks that blowing your mind right now and guarantee animal reactions from the crowd? 1. Betoko - The Propeth [Smiley Fingers] 2. Carl Cox, John Rundell - Your Light Shines On (Chus & Ceballos Remix) [Intec] 3. DJ Vibe - Bang Da Clock [Stereo Productions] 4. Nicole Moudaber - Your Love picks me up [Truesoul] 5. Green Velvet, Detlef - Issues [Relief Records] 6. Whats next for you, gig wise? Any special ones that we should be looking out for? Any UK gigs planned? We just finished a great tour in Venezuela, we're going to Scandinavia next week, Helsinki and Stockholm, then Miami Music Week with 3 legendary events, 'The Stereo Sunset Yacht Party’ on Thursday March 23rd, the annual 'Toolroom in Stereo Pool Party’ on Friday March 24th along with our homie Mark Knight at The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, and the Official Stereo Showcase at Heart Night Club in Miami downtown with an amazing line up. We just signed a worldwide booking contract with United Talent Agency, so we are expecting to visit UK very soon, so stay tuned! 7. Please tell us what you think of the Evermix platform and can the listeners expect any more sets in the near future? The first great thing that you can feel when you're using Evermix, is that the platform is specialized in electronic music DJ Sets, comparing it with other platforms, there is no confusion of genres and there is not single tracks or remixes, its just Mixes, Live Sets and DJ sessions. It has a friendly interface, it looks and feels great, with easy access and intuitive menus. Also, there are always useful recommendations at the home page. Evermix is easy to use, fast and beautiful, and with great content, what else would you want!> Thank You Guys C&C

Mix of the Week 08 - Doorly

We have a very special Mix Of The Week winner for you guys this week, featuring the King of Ibiza, Doorly. He has recorded an extra special mix for us from his Australia Tour in late 2016 and he has been kind enough to answer a few questions! Check out his Mix of the Week in the link below! 1. Your set was recorded on tour in Australia. For someone who hasn’t experienced the Australian scene can you tell us what they are doing really well and why you visit so often? It's my favourite country to play in the world, every year it gets better and better. It's a relatively small scene because the population isn't huge considering the size of the country and it's all concentrated in just a few cities which is why it's hard for DJs to tour there more than once or twice a year. But because it's so far away the crowds aren't spoiled so the vibe is always through the roof and everyone is super excited to see you play. Every time I go there I almost decide to move to Melbourne as its such an amazing cultural 24 hour city, and one of my favourite clubs on earth is there called Revolver which is a really special place. 2. Style wise you are very hard to pin down, which is one of the reasons that your sets and mixes are so exciting. Can you tell us what inspires you to keep evolving and being so creative? I've definitely had a bit of an interesting journey on my career so far for sure! I started with hip hop and I've kind of been everywhere along the way at some point! I've always been really open minded with music and as a fan I listen to everything, it took me a very long time to listen to peoples advice and stop trying to be everything to everyone, especially when I started producing music, I've confused a lot of people along the way including myself! My first release was in 2009 on vinyl for Wax:On and the A Side was Minimal techno and the B side was Dubstep for example haha! But I always come back to House & Disco as both a DJ & Producer and aside of the occasional one off fun set here and there that's where I'll always stay from now on. But i still like to have a bit of fun with it as well so my sets will never be Linear i'm just not that kind of DJ, its all about those special moments for me that stand out and grab your attention. 3. Do you go into another musical zone when playing in different countries, i.e.. Australia sets would be completely different to US sets? It's not really country specific to be honest, it's all about the venue, the crowd and even the time of day/night. These days i'm lucky enough to play to mostly busy rooms of people who mostly seem to know what I'm about so I have a bit of a license to go wherever I like with it and see where the wind takes me which is a really lovely feeling. 4. Please tell us 5 tracks that blowing your mind right now and guarantee animal reactions from the crowd? 1. Digwah - Something Else 2. Doorly & Tan Dem Feat Mike Skinner - Tonga Peak Times 3. Boris Pupul - Teknow 4. Artwork / Grain - Acid Test 5. Dude Energy - Renee Running 5. The word is out that your label is now live. Can you tell us a bit more about it and what we can expect? Yep the label is called Reptile Dysfunction, it's a weird and wonky label for afterhours weirdos and everyone is welcome! I've been really happy being able to release between the 3 labels I consider family, Cajual, Dirtybird and Hot Creations but every now and then I make something a bit strange that doesnt quite fit any of those three vibes but still goes mental in the club and I was starting to build a bit of a pile of these secret weapons. Rather than giving them to a random label and them not being understood or heard properly I decided to just set up my own label and build my own sound with it and my own crew consisting of some ridiculously talented people I have met on my travels round and round the world. We just launched with a collab with myself and my first signing "Tan Dem". The brother of Dave Switch Taylor, who is my main focus for this year, he's amazing. The track also featured a very rare outing from the voice of Mike Skinner of the streets. The next EP comes out the first week in March which is another new Los Angeles signing of mine that im very excited about called Trooko. And the EP that follows that will feature Idris Elba on vocals so lots of fun stuff lined up there and lots of Reptile Dys-"Function" parties to come all over the world! 6. Whats next for you, gig wise? Any special ones that we should be looking out for? I've just got home from a 3 month tour which Included a USA support tour for Booka Shade Live, followed by my Austalian tour as well as shows in Fiji, bali, Dubai, New Zealand and the Carribean for Holy Ship so I've given myself a few weeks off at home in Ibiza. I set off in March for a 3 week Doorly & Friends tour across America hitting all the major cities and I have VERY special guest line ups at SXSW and Miami WMC. Then back to Europe for Snowbombing and then off to Asia for the rest of April and then its nearly Ibiza time again!!

DJ Mix Competition with Cr2 Records & Pump Audio

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES We’ve teamed up with industry heavyweight Cr2 Records & UK headphone brand Pump Audio in our search for the hottest House, TechHouse, and Techno talent. The winning mix will be featured on Mark Brown's 'Live & Direct' show - syndicated across 70 stations from 50 countries across the globe - to 17 MILLION LISTENERS. Included in the prize is an annual subscription to Cr2's Sample Tools Platinum Producer membership (worth £60), and a pair of amazing Pump Audio Zeus Headphones (worth £169). And what's more... the winner will become the proud new owner of the not-yet-released limited edition MixBox2! We've been blown away by the response and have received 89 entries from DJs all over the world! Show them some support by listening, liking and sharing their sets.

HOW THE MIXES WILL BE JUDGED The competition is formed of two rounds. Round one of the competition will be judged by the Evermix team on a number of factors including track selection, technical ability, number of plays and number of shares. Up to ten mixes will be shortlisted to go through to the next and final round. In Round Two, the mixes will go before a panel of judges from the Cr2 Records team, including Mark Brown. Mark and the team will choose the overall winner + two runners up. Good luck to everyone who entered! KEY DATES: - January 6th 2017 - Competition open for entries - January 22nd 2017 - Closed for entries at midnight - February 6th 2017 - Up to TEN mixes shortlisted and sent to Cr2 for judging - Feb 13th 2017 - Winners announced

PRIZES: OVERALL WINNER: - Limited Edition MixBox2 for winner - Mix featured on Mark Brown's Live & Direct Radio show, syndicated globally (over 70 different stations and 17million listeners!) - Pair of Pump Audio Zeus Headphones - Cr2 Sample Tools Platinum Producer Membership - Nude Audio Super M Bluetooth Speaker - Interview with Evermix, featured on the Evermix Blog & social media RUNNERS UP: - CDs and other small items from Cr2 *Evermix DJ App & MixBox are currently only compatible with Apple devices running iOS 8 or above (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) WHAT'S IN THE SAMPLE TOOLS PLATINUM PRODUCER MEMBERSHIP? - Access to every single Sample Tools by Cr2 Prod-Cast Video Tutorial. 100 + videos! - 10% discount on ALL sample pack items in the store - Exclusive branded USB Stick from Sample Tools by Cr2 with 3GB of high quality sample packs, presets and MIDI. Choose from EDM/Mainroom or Underground packages. - Opportunity to be included on Sample Tools by Cr2 ‘Platinum’ compilations. - A free Mastering and Feedback (worth £85!) - Free Pre-release monthly samples (get your samples before non-members)

RULES / TERMS & CONDITIONS - Entry is Free - Mixes must be uploaded and live on Evermix by 11:59pm BST on 22/01/2017 - Mix must be put together by the entrant (one mix per entrant) - The Promoter of the competition is ‘No2Nights Ltd’ T/A Evermix - No cash alternative will be offered and this prize is not transferable to any other person - In the event of unforeseen circumstances the promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value - The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify competition participants if they feel the participant is engaging in fraudulent, suspicious or unfair behaviour or behaviour that is not in accordance with Evermix terms and conditions. - By entering the competition you agree to competition partners Cr2 Records &/or Pump Audio contacting you

Mix Of The Week 07 - under_score

Evermix: Please tell us a bit about under_score as I believe you are a bit of a mysterious character? under_score: Thanks so much. For now it is not about my personality or who I am, but about my music. I want people to discover the music in the first place, without any limitations and devoid of context, which makes me feel very comfortable. It gives me the ability to move freely and enter the world just by doing what I think is cool. I started the project over a year ago and it's developing quite nice and shaping up nicely. It's all about trying out a different path. EM: Your set was recorded on Evermix at Elrow. Obviously one of the most talked about Events out there, how did you start you playing for this iconic night and what is it like to spin at one of these events. us: Fire In The Disco, my booker, arranged that gig for me. It was the most awesome event to play and perfect for me. It's not an ordinary event, which makes it special. The decoration is amazing, people dress up and the crowd was just epic. Elrow is everything you want as a DJ. I enjoyed every minute of my set. EM: One thing that instantly stands out in your set is those little familiar samples for exapmple that Run DMC Peter Piper (Bob James) bells track. Absolutely naughty. Please fill us in a bit about how you go about picking your tracks for Elrow and other gigs. us: What I need in a mix is a good groove, that really takes an audience to the next level. Where one track flows into another. At the same time, it needs to be punchy and I love some great vocals in tracks. I don't like a static mix, that is going nowhere. My sets need to have energy and most of all enthusiasm. And all those tunes I played at Elrow represented that vibe and I love some good samples. EM: Whats next for you, gig wise? Any special ones that we should be looking out for? us: To be real honest with you guys, gig wise I'm just getting started. As the project needed to grow the last year, which worked out great, people now are getting to know it. That gives me the possibility to get into the clubs. We're working on a few new things right now, so will see you guys around pretty soon again. EM: Please tell us 5 tracks that blowing your mind right now and guarantee animal reactions from the crowd? us: 1. Sidney Charles – Many Ways (8Bit) 2. Dennis Cruz – Everybody (Suara) 3. Made By Pete – Sign Of The Times (Simma Black) 4. Majesty - Things You Do (Elrow Music) 5. Dj Deeon - Freak Like Me (under_score Epic Rave Mix) (unreleased) EM: What are your thoughts about Evermix - Can we expect to be hearing more of your sets in the coming months? us: I think it is an awesome platform, that really can make people relive an event or a club night. With all the artists you guys are having, the supply is outstanding and it's a pleasure listening to all those live sets. The live thing makes it unique as well. You can definitely expect more sets in the future. I'll promise I'll record some more for you!

Mix Of The Week 06 - Paolo Francesco

Congratulations Paolo Francesco, this week's 'chosen one' showing THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT how it's done @ the Paradise Takeover show in Manchester! This isn't Paolo's first rodeo at the Store Street venue, and judging by this set it certainly won't be his last! Mr. Francesco explores many different areas of house music in this diverse mix that kept us engrossed to the very end! Evermix's own Steve 'Stimpy' Stimpson caught up with Paolo for a trip down memory lane, learned the importance of staying awake at parties, and plenty more! Read the interview, and then dive right into this week's winning set! WINNING SET:

Q + A WITH PAOLO FRANCESCO: Evermix: Hi Paolo. Congrats, lovely stuff mate! Can you give us all a little insight into your musical inspiration and influences? I’m hearing a lot of pirate station vibes here… Paolo Francesco: Thanks Steve, appreciate the love! My brother first got Technics when I was 8. He was into Jungle and Hardcore and naturally, him being my big brother, I really looked up to him so I wanted to DJ too. I got my first set of belt drives when I was 12 after saving up from my market job - they were awful... just like everyone's first set of belt drives I think! It's a shame that right of passage is kind of lost on the new generation of DJ’s coming up - that wobbly platter was a nightmare. I was always a garage/grime kid from the beginning. I used to hang out with the older boys in my area that did the local pirate radio station, and I had my fair share of police chases with my mates Manic and Playboy... seems they didn’t like us climbing on top of the tallest building we could find to put our aerials up! Around the time I turned 19 I kind of lost my way with garage a bit. It was really violent as I’m sure many people know - it really took the fun out of it. So from then on I started playing Electro and House, then moved on to Techno and Tech House, and so my influences are quite broad. I listen to all kinds of music in the daytime: I’m an open book really when it comes to my tastes. EM: Your set was recorded live at the Paradise takeover show @ Warehouse Project Manchester - set the scene and describe the vibe?! PF: Warehouse Project - and Manchester for that matter - hold a big place in my heart. I’ve been going up there since 2009, back when I did my first season in Ibiza and we had our reunion at the cocoon party there and I was hooked instantly. Sacha, Sam and Damian really know how to run a tight ship! I think with Fabric being closed (not for much longer fingers crossed) WHP is definitely the best club in the UK - perfect for Paradise. We always sell out there just like most of the parties they program, so was really nice that it was packed from the start. EM: Is it true you that you were Jamie Jones tour manager for a few years? How did that come about and can you share any memories of those years, or are they still rather hazy? The wilder the better please haha. PF: I’ve been best mates with Jamie for 6 or 7 years and up until January this year I was also his tour manager. I kind of fell into the role just by doing little bits here and there for him. Then after being sacked from my city job for taking 2 days off work when my girlfriend passed away, Jamie stepped in and gave me a full time job. It’s been an amazing 5 years... the first one is a massive blur, we used to drink every last drop of the rider, but as time went by we calmed down a bit. I think one of the most memorable stories is going back to a big mansion in Vegas for an afterparty where there were about 10-12 girls walking around completely naked... and I managed to fall asleep on a sofa! I think there are about 40 photos of me asleep with loads of naked girls all around me.. slept through the best after party ever! EM: Gutted haha. Back to music! Can you give us 5 tracks that are blowing your mind right now and guarantee animal reactions from the crowd? PF: 1. Solardo - Tribesman (Hot Creations) 2. Max Chapman - Buzzing (Do Not Sleep) 3. Robyn - Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Konichiwa) 4. M.A.X - Run (D-vine Sounds) 5. Jax Jones - House Work ft. Mike Dunn, MNEK (Darius Syrossian Remix) (Polydor) EM: Finally, what are your thoughts about Evermix - can we expect to be hearing more of your sets in the coming months? PF: I was really impressed by its performance when I used one at WHP a few weeks back, the volume levels were good even though on the night I was having a few problems with the system and adjusting the EQ to counter it - I’m looking forward to seeing it grow as a product and using it more to record my sets :) EM: Thanks, Paolo. It was great chatting to you! DJs - think you've got a better story that you're brave enough to share? Get in touch to set up your own Q+A. Email hello@evermix.fm - we look forward to hearing them ;) RE-LIVE PAOLO'S WINNING SET BELOW:

Mix Of The Week 05 - Doorly

We have a very special Mix Of The Week winner for you guys this week, featuring the famous Doorly with his intoxicating mix of disco-funk, chunky grooves and classic house cuts. His Cafe Mambo set in Ibiza is one of many countless gigs he's played at, the diverse DJ has made people stomp their feet and throw their hands in the air all over the globe. Doorly’s gig schedule took on a life of its own, with DJing in Time Square New York and touring regularly alongside Fatboy Slim which are just some of the highlights. The talented DJ has been a regular at the Cafe Mambo booth across the summer of 2016, soundtracking those infamous sunsets and taking us through the magical Balearic twilight into party mode under his 'Doorly & Friends' banner. We managed to get a quick Q + A with him about his upcoming plans, top advice on becoming a global phenomenon and plenty more! CHECK OUT THE WINNING SET BELOW

Evermix: Congratulations Doorly! Thanks for sending in a proper groovy set at 'Cafe Mambo' in Ibiza. Got us all feeling nostalgic about the summer here at the office :) Tell us about the night? Doorly: It was part of my series of Doorly & Friends parties that I did at Mambos which were very special at the legendary venue. Running through the sunset then getting more crazy as the night went on. I can't wait to do more of these next season! EM: You're probably the most diverse DJ on Evermix at the moment - we've seen some amazing sets from you covering everything from Reggae & Hip-Hop to Nu Disco & Tech House. Don't you find it difficult switching from genre to genre so frequently? D: It's much easier than it used to be! I used to play every genre and in the days of vinyl that would mean carrying around a big box of each genre, one for disco, one hip hop, one House, one Jungle etc it was back breaking. These days and for the last few years i mainly only play House & Disco but I do enjoy wheeling out a specialist concept set for a special occasion. I come from a turntablist hip hop background so I do enjoy mixing things up when I have a crowd in front of me that understands it. EM: You're doing a US mini-tour with Booka Shade later this month, very exciting! Your styles are quite different aren't they - how do you fit with them musically? Is this set to be yet another genre-defying show? D: We're definitely fairly different as a whole but some of my productions definitely fall into their territory and I'm putting together some nice edits and set moments to fit the show perfectly. I really do enjoy conceptualising special bespoke one-off sets so this will be a lot of fun. I will be playing semi-live for these shows breaking down my tracks on the new Pioneer Toraiz so it will be a lot of fun and I look forward to sending over a nice recording exclusively for Evermix. EM: Doorly and Friends were quite a hit this summer at Pikes Hotel! It's got a long standing reputation for its hedonistic parties...what's was the wildest thing you heard of there? D: It's my favourite party on the planet, Pikes is insane all the time so running a party there gives me unparalleled freedom! The list of stories from Pikes debauchery archives is legendary of course lots of which I can't really mention on here... haha. It has to be seen to be understood and believed so you just have to go and check it out for yourself! EM: Can we pick your brains about your career 'journey' from Huddersfield to LA... what would be your top advice for up-and-coming British DJ's trying to make it over in America? D: I think the most important thing for any DJ these days is to learn to make music, that's the only way you're going to get from Huddersfield DJing in a bar to a huge stage at a festival in America. Secondly I think putting the effort into being a skilled Performer of a DJ is what will give you longevity and separate you from the laptop DJ generation and thirdly, be nice to everyone you meet, you'd be surprised how far that gets you and how many great friends for life you will make along the way! EM: You've got several successful Ibiza seasons under your belt, toured the world, and were recently described as 'one of the nicest guys to work with' in DMC World Magazine. What should we expect from you next, and is there any burning ambition you've yet to accomplish? D: Ah that's great : ) To be honest I'm really happy where I am, I've kind of hit all of my dream goals, I work regularly alongside my heroes and I've been around the world more times than I can count playing my music to full dancefloors of people who like what I do. it never gets old and my only ambition now is to keep that going as long as possible :) EM: Finally, what are your top 5 ultimate tracks that are guaranteed to get the crowd going?! D: Right now: Dino Lenny & I's Collab - Magic room (Luke Solomun) (Forthcoming on Seth Troxler's Play It Say It label) Artwork - Acid Test Mood Hut - better Tom Trago - Being Broke Doorly & Tan Dem feat Mike Skinner - Confuse Dem EM: Thank you so much for your time mate. If you didn't get a chance to hear the winning set check out the link below!

Mix Of The Week 04 - Ralph Falcon

Last week we welcomed Miami-based DJ and Murk Co-Founder, Ralph Falcon to the Evermix fold. And he's off to quite a start, coming straight in with a Mix Of The Week winning set bringing the chilled grooves of his Floridian summer. We caught up with Ralph in the wake of his victory. Read the Q+A below, and make sure you check out his winning set: http://bit.ly/RalphFalcon Q+A WITH RALPH FALCON Evermix: Hi Ralph, congratulations on winning Mix Of The Week, your set really makes us miss summer! What was your favourite track in the mix? Ralph Falcon: I really love 'Kabhoo - Danny Rivadeneira mix' EM: You called the mix 'Ralph's end of summer grooves 2016' - what's been your highlight of the summer season this year? RF: I did some serious travelling this summer and made sure I found time to do some awesome outdoor stuff: camping, fishing, that kind of thing. Very relaxing! EM: Miami's famous its beaches, beautiful Art Deco, and the insane nightlife! Is it a summer-only kind of city or is it worth a visit in winter too? RF: For sure, definitely. Winter is actually the peak season for vacationers here and we have loads of interesting events like Winter Music Conference, Art Basel etc to keep you busy. EM: What are you up to this weekend then? Any big Halloween plans? RF: Well this year we will be having our Murk Mondays event on Halloween - should be a scream! (Pun intended) EM: So tell us a bit more about 'MURK Mondays' - you've been running this in Miami for a little while now! What does your night bring to the Miami party scene? RF: Murk Mondays is a weekly audio exploration based on real beat technology! EM: We'd love a place on the guest list next time we're out there?! As a local, what makes the Miami scene unique among the world's great party cities? RF: In Miami, you have to come with bass or you're out of gas. Period. EM: Ralph, thanks so much for your time. Pleasure talking to you. We'll leave you with an easy one: what are the five tracks you wouldn't leave home without? RF: Ha, there are lots! But these five stand out for me... Eyes Without a Face - Billy Idol Paid in Full - Eric B and Rakim Don't Come Around Here - Tom Petty Funky Drummer - James Brown Uncertain Smile - The The EM: Cheers Ralph. If you're heading over to Miami this winter, make sure to check out Ralph & Co. for a Murk Mondays party Miami-style! Mix Of The Week 04 - Ralph Falcon. Link below :)

Top 5 Un-missable Halloween Events!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Its about to go OFF this weekend..but as you know, Halloween can be quite overwhelming as there are so many events to think about and so many decisions to make... Well if you're still struggling to decide what to do..look no further. We have put together the Top 5 recommended events around the UK where BIG things are happening! Londoners if you feel like joining a party this Halloween that will make your bones chill, dont miss out on the Krafted x Evermix party @ Egg London! BUY TICKETS HERE: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/London/Egg-London/Krafted-x-Evermix-Halloween-Party/12839563/?sktag=14254

FRIGHT FESTIVAL BRIGHTON https://www.facebook.com/events/1628773297447687/

ELROW HALLOWEEN PARTY MANCHESTER https://www.facebook.com/events/821943334605738/

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Mix Of The Week 02 - Franky Rizardo

CHECK OUT THE WINNING SET ABOVE. It's been a BUSY summer for the Dutch House maestro. Franky Rizardo is definitely not one to shy away from the studio as he continues to develop his trademark sound. With a gig diary nearly hitting triple digits this year his versatility and refreshing sound has toured him across the planet. His commitment and passion to the music he plays has amounted to a packed out summer diary, which sees him play across Europe at the likes of We Are FSTVL, Defected Croatia, Tomorrowland, and Mysteryland as well as returning to Ibiza to play a summer-long residency at Sankeys’ Redlight parties. We caught up with Franky after the set to get his thoughts on Ibiza's closing parties, big new tracks, and what we should be doing out at ADE this year. Q&A WITH FRANKY Evermix: Great set Franky - it's been on our speakers all week! Tell us, which track caused that 'hands in the air' moment? Frankie Rizardo: Easy one... Cassius - Go Up (Butch Remix) EM: The Ibiza closing parties are a big deal (obvious statement)! What makes them so special? FR: After the closing party, it's all over for the season. It's the final chance to experience the Ibiza party vibe and everybody is going for it. This creates a unique atmosphere in the room. EM: And do you feel the pressure more at these big events or is every night pretty much the same? FR: Every night is different, I try to see every night as a standalone night. I always want to do my best, regardless the size of the event. Some events do have some more pressure than the other and I like this feeling, keeps you sharp and pushes you to the best of your abilities. EM: You've played at Sankeys all summer with your residency with The Red Light and some recent events with Abode. How would you say the vibe is different between these 2 nights? FR: It's hard to say, musically I tend to play a little more bassline heavy and tougher at Redlight, and more tech house/groovy at Abode. I absolutely loved playing for both events, they had an incredible amount of people in each night. I think they both have a strong future on the island. EM: Apart from attending your event of course, what else should we be doing out at ADE this year... any local tips? FR: Try a real dutch snack called the Kroket at Van Dobben Krokets near Rembrandt Square. Perfect after a night out :) EM: Sounds tasty (and necessary!). And just to round things off we ask this every week: what are your top five tracks at the current moment? FR: Five big favourites of mine at the moment... Andrea Oliva - Vermona Josh Butler - Need Me Cassius - Go Up (Butch Remix) Franky Rizardo - Every Night Groove Armada - Superstylin (Riva Starr Edit) Thanks, Franky! If you're lucky enough to be going to ADE on the 22nd October, be sure to catch Franky in his element at the FLOW event on the 22nd October. Exciting stuff! You can also buy tickets here: