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Evermix Spotlight Series : Stefan K

Our Spotlight Series is BACK! Under our Spotlight, we focus on artists that are not necessarily household names, but definitely deserve to be! Last month we sat down with one of our favourite DJs on Evermix.fm - Goos from India – and this time we go a little closer to home with another top DJ and all round nice guy - Stefan K from the Netherlands. Stefan is certainly no rookie to the scene with regular slots at Tomorrowland, Ministry of Sound and Pacha to name a few. He’s been turning heads in the Evermix office all year and his energy-filled sets have had the whole team grooving ever since we stumbled upon him on our site! We caught up with him this week to chat about his ‘original house’ style, Belgian chocolate, his plans for 2018 and loads more! Check out the full Spotlight interview and his Evermix sets below!

Hi Stefan K. Welcome to Evermix and congrats on being our new artist in our ‘Spotlight Series’. You’ve definitely caught the eyes of the Evermix of the team over the last few months and we couldn’t wait to sit down with you to learn more about you! Let’s start simple … for those who don’t know who Stefan K is, in one sentence, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  A genuine music-idiot with a special love for house music that combines music and studio life with a social life while trying to be a loving parent and husband. We first noticed your sets on our site a few months ago and now we can’t stop listening to them! How did you hear about Evermix and what made you start sharing your music with us? Well, I was told about Evermix by my manager to have a look at Evermix as he heard about it from another artist of his, Martijn Ten Velden. After I had a look at your website and platform. I instantly created a DJ account since I was looking for a new and better way to distribute my recordings and I also directly bought a MixBox2. Even though I had to eagerly wait a bit for the Mixbox to be delivered, it was definitely worth the wait!  For me it all came together since I was looking for a new platform and a new recorder at that time, so… a match made in heaven!   We’re glad we could help Stefan ;) You’ve rightly labelled your style as ‘original house vibes’ from Amsterdam and Rotterdam’s early clubbing scene – what was your first encounter with electronic music? When I was around 17 or 18 years old I worked at a local bar on Friday nights and some of the colleagues went clubbing in Rotterdam and Amsterdam during the weekend. Even though I definitely was not old enough they took me along a few times to legendary clubs such as Now & Wow, where, then only 1 year older than me, Benny Rodrigues played almost weekly together with guys like Roog and Erick E. I was instantly hooked to the funky house grooves they were playing all night and couldn’t wait to go back as much as possible. Not long after this experience,  I started buying my own vinyl records and started messing around ... and the rest is history! We were recently in Amsterdam for ADE, something you must be very familiar with. Can you tell us any interesting stories from ADE, and did you play anywhere this year? ADE is my yearly date with the Dutch capital. For seven years in a row I get to meet loads of international friends to talk about music and get drunk together :-) Besides loads of meetings in the daytime, I also had to show my skills twice. Thursday night you could have checked me out at the Fullhouse event, (for those who missed you can hear it below) and another one at Aquatone together with some legends of mine Marco Lys and Martijn ten Velden. I enjoyed every moment of it!  Besides those great nights I also had to experience some great events and listen to some new music. One night I ended up at De School, which is proper underground and with a vibe where everybody just loves everybody. I’ve missed that kind of vibe! Just awesome music, great people and sore feet the day after. So when you are back in Amsterdam, be sure to go there!!

We couldn’t talk about Belgium’s music scene without talking about Tomorrowland, which you’ve also played at for four consecutive years! What’s it like to play at this iconic festival?, and more importantly, will we be hearing next year’s set on Evermix!? I had the honor to perform at this amazing festival 4 times due to my residency at one of Belgium’s biggest nightclubs Versuz. For me the club simply moved to the festival for that weekend, but nevertheless, stepping on a stage in the biggest tent of the festival with around 15k people in front of you that go bananas never gets boring, and to be honest, every time I got really nervous about 10 minutes before showtime.  When you then get on stage, take over from another DJ, start playing and the crowd responds instantly it’s a feeling you can’t describe. The energy at Tomorrowland is something you just feel when you get to the festival. You feel something special is going on that weekend and with the enormous amount of people from around the world attending, playing at Tomorrowland has been an absolute highlight for me every time. For every gig I get booked I always try to be at my best of course, but when  you get invited to play at Tomorrowland you know you have to step up a notch and this always triggers me to try new things, make special edits and create a set that is as big as the festival itself. The week after the festival I always went into some sort of rehab when I came back in the club. As for next year, I will, of course, do my very best to be there again for the 5th time.   Obviously Tomorrowland is world famous, but do you know of any secret hidden gems (festivals/clubs) in Belgium that we, and our listeners, should visit?   Belgium likes to party!! We have multiple kind of different festivals, almost every community has his own event. With pride I can say that all the festivals are pretty damn good!! If I had to choose one, everybody should definitely check out 'Cirque Magique', this festival just launched a few summers ago and like every year this was so well organized. They really went all the way with the theme and the programming was of an unknown diverse quality!  They combined household Belgian names with international artists like Damian Lazarus, Andhim and Stephan Bodzin (what an absolute legend this man is). Also the oldskool names like Jaydee or Yves Deruyter where there, but the most fun for me where all the people I didn’t know, never heard off or never heard play before. I’ll be checking out this festival for sure again next summer! and hopefully I get to play there in 2018.   For clubs I would suggest you should visit the Labyrinth Club in Hasselt. They're organizing some really cool stuff, from house to techno - it never disappoints! Also the colossal club Versuz you should really go to if you are into the bit more commercial kind of house music. Unfortunately, I’m not a resident in the club anymore due to my change in musical direction and for me it was time too move on. But, top notch club for sure! The legendary Cafe D’Anvers is picking up some cool new things again, deep grooves and wicked concepts can be found in this amazing club. defo one on my list to check out some more in the near future.

You’ve obviously got a deep affinity for the Netherlands and Belgium, but we want to know which trumps the other in certain categories … let’s ask you a few questions. Beer – Belgium or Netherlands Belgium, no doubt. Even though I’m Dutch, those guys don’t know how to brew beer. DJs – Belgium or Netherlands If I’m really honest, none of the above, cause if I think off the DJ’s that really did it for me the last years they never came from either of those countries. I had some really great experiences with Steve Lawler a few years back, I never get disappointed by Sam Divine and on of the most fun night last year in Ibiza was during a set from Ivan Pica, so…  Where you prefer to play – Belgium or Netherlands That's a difficult one. Both crowds are different. The Dutch are probably a bit more openminded in terms of music where the Belgians are more the ones that never want to go home. I guess at this point I’d like playing in the Netherlands a little better since i’ve been playing mostly in Belgium over the years, so the Netherlands has that more “international” feel to a gig at this point and that always makes it a little bit more special I think. Football – Belgium or Netherlands Neither, I don’t like football, never did actually. I'm probably gonna get a lot of angry faces from about this, but I can’t help it. Never got interested in football at all, so…   Scenery – Belgium or Netherlands Both in their own way. I feel that the scenery in Belgium, especially when you go south to the Ardennes, is extraordinary. While I still have a lot more feeling with Dutch places like Amsterdam and Rotterdam as cities. But Ghent and Bruges are also exceptional cities, so I guess I can’t choose.  Is Ibiza a correct answer here? Chocolate – Belgium or Netherlands (surely Belgium?!) That's an absolute “no brainer”. The Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. My wife actually buys somewhere around 1kg every 2 weeks and my 2 year old son goes crazy when he sees the box   We know that you’ve played in clubs around the world including Ministry of Sound and Pacha in Egypt, but can you tell us which set has been most memorable for you, and why? Those 2 are the most memorable for their own reasons. Pacha in Egypt is simply enormous. I think it’s the biggest Pacha in the world and it can hold around 7k people. During my set there was firework, dancers coming from the ceiling, etc. I had to adjust a little to the general sound of the night, but it was an insane experience. Ministry was awesome because it is Ministry Of Sound. It might have lost a little of it’s glamour over the years, but to me it still is more than a club, it’s an institution and it was such an honour to be able to play there. In a place like that I can really play the music I love playing all the way, so I’m hoping to be back there sometime. With releases on labels like Freaking 909, DOJO Music, Urbana Recordings, to name just a few, we’re eager to hear new material from you! What can we expect from Stefan K in 2018? At the moment I’m working on a lot of new material, but since my sound and productions have evolved a great deal over the last year I’m gonna go for the element of surprise this time. No worries, there is a lot of new music coming next year. Thanks Stefan, it was great to catch up with you and we can't wait to hear more sets from you soon! Check out Stefan's Evermix profile in the button below!