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Evermix Spotlight Series : Valiant Kings

Evermix’s Spotlight Series is back just in time for Christmas! Our Spotlight focuses on rising DJs that have caught our eye (and ears) on Evermix.fm. After our last Spotlight Interview with Stefan K, this time we come a little closer to home to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to sit down with Valiant Kings, whose mesmerising music has gained support from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Don Diablo, EDX, to name just a few. The Evermix team have had their sets pumping on the office speakers all year since we first listened to one, so we knew we had to sit down with them for a Spotlight Interview! We caught up with them earlier this week to chat about his journey so far, their musical style and all their exciting 2018 plans! Check out the full interview below! -------------------- Hi Valiant Kings. Welcome to Evermix's Spotlight, congrats on being our latest artist in the series! So, for anyone who is not familiar with you guys, please tell us a bit about yourself? Firstly, thanks so much for giving me this amazing opportunity! I’m a Belfast-based DJ / Producer who decided, along with Lisa Williams, to create Valiant Kings, with the aim to produce & play music that will suit fans from both the underground & commercial scene, and so far, it’s working pretty well!   Your sound is quite different to a lot of DJs at the moment, and it's always nice to hear something fresh! For any new listeners, can you sum up your musical style in three words for us? Unique, dynamic and ambitious!

We first noticed you when you entered our Mix Competition with CR2 Records earlier this year, and we've loved all your sets ever since! Out of curiosity, how did you hear about Evermix? I think it was from a post shared by Steve Stimpson on Facebook – it was definitely a competition to win the MixBox1, which I ended up winning, and I’ve used it ever since!  It's an amazing piece of kit! But it's not only your sets that have caught our eye, we've also listened to your remix of Swedish House Mafia's 'Leave The World Behind', and we loved it! What made you remix such a classic? Whilst waiting on a release date (still waiting!!!) for the upcoming release, I wanted to put something out for free to keep momentum, and also as a thank-you to those who have previously supported VK!  After a brief conversation with an old friend (Sonny Vice, Switzerland) we decided to knock out Leave The World Behind – it’s simple, yet effective!  As for upcoming remixes, an upcoming artist and star in the making (Reiss Harrison, Manchester UK) asked us to remix his upcoming track which is a cover of a 2008 rock song!  From memory, it’s been signed & licensed to a few massive labels from USA and the release is January of next year (I think!). You've also gained support from the likes of Don Diablo, EDX, Paul Van Dyk and Judge Jules, how does it feel getting support from such huge artists? Never did I think Valiant Kings would gain support from the biggies in such short notice.  I kinda felt it would eventually happen, but never so quick!  It makes it all worthwhile!   Support like that must be a proud moment for you, but can you tell us your top 3 career-defining moments so far for Valiant Kings? Each time the Valiant Kings name progresses, is a career-defining moment in my eyes, though what sticks out for me, would be the release of the debut “As The Rush Comes” which was a cover from Motorcycle, secondly the release of “Mysteryland” which was a collaboration with a good friend Ramrod Rodeo (Newry, Northern Ireland) and last but not least playing at Tanztal Festival at Nurburgring, Germany alongside Alex Schulz, Plastik Funk, Niels Van Gogh and DBN to name a few!  Big thanks to Tom Franke (bigFM, Germany) for that! So what's next for you? Can you share any exciting 2018 plans for Valiant Kings with us? The Remix for Reiss Harrison is the starter for 2018, then there’s the Valiant Kings own release out on New State Music (still waiting on the release date). Also I've just finished a track with the amazing Beth Macari (Newcastle, UK) and we’re both confident that will be signed to one of the majors. In between all that, there’s a tour in the pipeline with shows in Greece, Germany, France, Norway, Dubai, Ibiza and a few others. Also, my fortnightly show starts again in May for Ibiza White FM / Tantra Ibiza alongside Tom Franke, Boogie Pimps and some others!  Oh, and a new podcast / Facebook live show starting next year with guest mixes from some of the biggest names in the world, so yeah, keeping VERY busy! We know Belfast is a city with a huge electronic music following, so if we were to visit, can you recommend any must-attend events or clubs? I tend not to go out “clubbing” and prefer to stay in my local, though if I do, the 2 main places / events would be Shine or Thompsons. If your willing to travel a bit further, theres “Lush” at Kellys, Portrush – all 3 amazing promotions & events that cater for different people. Christmas is just around the corner, so can you tell us anything that is on your list this year? As long as my family & friends are happy & healthy, that will be the best Christmas present for me! Check out Valiant Kings latest release ‘We Were Young’ on Beatport, this has had a huge support from Chicane - check it out below! www.facebook.com/ValiantKingsMusic https://www.mixcloud.com/valiantkings/ https://soundcloud.com/valiantkingsmusic