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Five DJ Tips from the Experts

We now live in a world where DJing has become a common choice of profession for many young music connoisseurs, and wherever you go, you'll always meet someone who is a DJ, or someone who knows a DJ in one way or another ... it's impossible to escape the army of DJs around the world today! This may be great for our scene, but this also means that the competition is tougher - the DJ market is saturated with thousands, if not millions, of music lovers, dreaming of playing infront of thousands of fans, and it's become much harder to stand-out from the crowd in today's interconnected world. Labels and tastemakers receive hundreds of promos and requests every day, so if you want to get their attention, you need to be doing something different to the rest!

So, as part of our ongoing partnership with MN2S, we sat down with Natasha Guiotto, an agent from the global booking agency, to find out her top tips for aspiring DJs to get noticed and help propel their career to the next level. Whilst there are no real rules to DJing, these tips are absolute gold dust ... ------- 1. Play As Much As You Can If you're just starting out ... play as much as you can, wherever you can! The more people you get in front of the better. 2. Online Presence is Everything You have to treat your DJ profile like a brand - so make sure all of your social media channels are on point and get those fan and follower numbers up! The best way to do this is to create as much authentic content as possible, this includes live streams of sets, behind the scenes mixing, press shots, and imagery of you on the road/playing gigs. Oh ... and don't forget to interact with people as much as you can too! 3. Your Music is your Identity .. so SHARE IT! It's so important to share your music and mixes as much as you can – this is what will keep you current and fresh with listeners. Evermix's MixBox2 can definitely help you with this by helping you easily record and share your sets online! ... thanks for the plug Natasha ;) 4. Get a Decent Booking Agent A good booking agent can make or break a DJ, and help to put you in front of audiences and promoters that you probably wouldn’t be able to do yourself. It’s always look more professional and credible to have someone working on your behalf. Currently, I look after a variety of rising DJs and live acts, including Format B, DJ Cartier, Marcus Nasty, Alex Gaudino, Artikal, Will Taylor, Ray Keith, Catchment and loads more! 5. Set Your Goals and Don't Be A Push Over This may be a little difficult when you're finding your feet in the industry, but you always need to put yourself first! Never sell yourself short, stick to the fees and billings that you want, and set goals for what you want to achieve - be realistic and it will always pay off in the end. When I signed DJ Cartier in 2015, he was pretty much playing small town Garage nights, but, when he joined MN2S, he set out his goals he wanted to achieve with us and we planned it out! Since then, he has played at Boomtown's Main Stage, Fabric Live at Motion Bristol, and FUSE Brussels to name just a few ... all of the places he mentioned on his 'gig wish list' when I signed him! What do you think is the most important tip from MN2S? Share your thoughts in the poll below!

Which Tip is most important?
1. Play As Much As You Can
2. Online Presence is Everything
3. When It Comes To Your Music ... SHARE SHARE SHARE!
4. Get A Decent Booking Agent
5. Set Your Goals and Don't Be A Push Over