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Mix of the Week 64: Nhan Solo

Our latest Mix of the Week, No.64 in the series comes from Berlin based DJ/Producer and label owner of Mother Recordings - Nhan Solo, who recorded an exclusive set for Evermix's Listeners. After a number of label successes, tours all over the world and brushing shoulders with some of the industry's finest, Nhan has been turning a lot of industry heads recently. Evermix's Steve Stimpson's sat down with him to chat about his top tips for success for new label owners, life in Berlin and loads more! Check out his set and read our full interview below!

Nhan, congratulations on being our latest Mix Of The Week DJ. Please describe your sound for the newcomers and run us through some of the tracks in your exclusive set. Hello Evermix, thanks for choosing me as Mix Of The Week. This is a very special one as it features 100% exclusive tracks from my imprint Mother Recordings and brand-new sister label Superfett Records. House, House and more fucking House. I always aim to transport a sparkling energetic vibe on the dance floor. My sound never really becomes too dark or introverted, as I'm quite a positive thinking guy. I would describe my sound as feel good House! Berlin is without a doubt at the epicentre of specialist dance music. What would be a typical plan of action, if you weren't DJing, and out on a full on social weekend? Any hot tips for the Berlin virgin welcome. Oh yes, Berlin is beautiful especially in spring/summer. As the flowers are popping up so do feelings and the vibe of the people and city. I am a foodie! I like food - no I LOVE FOOD, and I'm always up to try new spots and restaurants. My fav is Big Stuff Smoked BBQ by my dear friend Tobi who started the famous Streetfood Thursdays at MarkhalleNeun in Kreuzberg. No joke, I come around but I do not know any another place in the world where you can find so many specific and authentic world cuisines in one place as Berlin. I also love fashion, and we have twice a year the Fashion Week in town, you find everything here from Haut Couture, Urban, Street to fine tailoring etc. If you like shopping, you better leave your girl and wallet at home, hahahaha… Fashion, music goes hand in hand with art. You cannot imagine how many museums and exhibition we weekly have, I went recently to Art Of Bansky and Helmut Newton. But the thing I most love about Berlin is that Berlin is the capital with the most green, and we also have a lot of lakes. The best is to share time with family and friends. Nothing better than chilling and grilling with your friends in the park with a boombox, right? Mother Recordings is on fire as we speak. Mat.Joe - Sunshine EP, your collab with the legendary Robert Owens ‘Everything’ right through to the awesome Joy EP from Supernova. You're certainly ticking all the boxes when it comes to consistency and quality. Please tell us what else Mother has up its sleeve for this summer. Thank you so much for your attention and words, it is warmly appreciate. I need to give a huge shout out to my lovely team, who are always happy to work on Mother Recordings. I’m very lucky to have an amazing team around me! We are all trying to release only quality music; quality over quantity. We don’t want to put out a flood of music, we don’t focus on the obvious, and we don’t jump from one bandwagon to the next. This is our philosophy, and this philosophy guides the way we run Mother Recordings. Mother Recordings stands for a certain type of savor and quality. This year is very important for us as we turn five years old and we're celebrating with our Y-5, Mother Five Years Anniversary Compilation, which will released in three parts. PART III includes amazing collaboration tracks of our core team. Definitely the release we are all excited for is Leon & Shaf Huse. What a win! We cannot tell you how happy we are! After five months, we received the official master & publishing clearance for Wildstyle’s 90’s classic, ‘Renegade Master’. Please give all of those fresh label start-ups 3 tips to help them build their labels. 1. Don´t do it for money 2. Never be afraid to ask for an advice 3. Press vinyl, the world needs more vinyl! Can you share 3 of your biggest tracks in your collection right now 1. Leon & Shaf Huse - Power To The People, Mother Recordings 2. Wankelmut - Work Of Art (Nhan Solo Remix), Four Music 3. Nhan Solo - Love Makes You, Superfett Records Where can we hear Nhan Solo spinning throughout the summer? Any extra special gigs you are looking forward to? I am heading to Columbia, Panama and Ecuador in couple of weeks. I'm very much looking forward to DJing there at the biggest music, cultural festival Rotofest with 20000 people. And def one of my year annual highlight is at Lost Beach Club in Montanita, for me one of the best clubs, ranking DJ MAG #44. A huge Y-5 Mother Tour in Mexico with my brother Superlover and closing show with Claptone at Martina Beach Club, Playa delCarmen. And super happy to announce our Y-5 Mother Tour with our core artists David Keno, Dilby, Mat.Joe, Superlover, Simion and me, we are kicking off this summer at OFF WEEK, Barcelona. Just confirmed a wonderful Rooftop Daytime Party at Hotel Barcelona in the heart of the center. Make sure to be there, guest list and drinks on me, cheers. :) We have been getting some very funny stories from our MOTW winners about what they have spotted from behind the booth. Please tell us the funniest thing you have seen from behind the decks. OMG, there are tons of funny and unforgettable moments, let me tell you this story… No, better keep for me, what happens behind the decks stay at the decks. ;) We love to get feedback from DJ’s on our platform. What are your thoughts on Evermix and can we expect to hear another Nhan Solo set in the not to distant future? I love Evermix, it´s an amazing and informative platform for electronic music fans. I'm more than happy to contribute my MOTW for you guys and losing my Evermix virginity. Happy to be part and of course, always up for it, just give me a shout, I am down for another mix.