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Mix of the Week 76 : Fatboy Slim

This weeks musical masterpiece comes from a man with many faces (Pizzaman, Mighty Dub Katz, Double Trouble, Urban All Stars, Beats International, Freak Power to name a small few) He’s the ultimate professional when it comes to rocking stadiums, warehouses and global nightclubs (not forgetting the time when pulled in quarter of a million people onto Brighton Seafront!) His Summer sessions at Pacha (Ibiza) are out of this world! and just a few days ago he sent the crowd out of space with this magical journey. Exclusively recorded for Evermix and now ripe and ready for you to re-live the experience! Evermix’s Steve Stimpy caught up with Norman Cook for a quick chat…

Hi Norman, what can we say but a Massive Thank you for the set. It's another milestone for the Evermix team to have you on the front page alongside the likes of Carl Cox.  The set was recorded live from Pacha this week and is sounding XXXL in every sense. You are our without a doubt our VIP Mix Of The Week! How are you finding Pacha's new layout, the crowd must literally be in the palm of your hand? I am loving everything about Pacha this year. Like many others I found the layout of the club frustrating for both the dancer and the DJ but everything is now exactly where we want it. Big dance-floor a and DJ booth open to full and open communication with the crowd. I am in my element there and we have been taking things to new levels of stupid abandon. The set twists and turns like Spaghetti Junction, please take us through some of the tunes that really caused some serious damage on that Pacha floor.  It’s always a journey, I never know exactly where it’s going next (nor do I always remember afterwards how we got there, only where we ended up!) Tracks that remember hitting a particular g spot were... Purple Disco Machine’s take on Shakedown’s 'At Night’ Mark Knight ‘Just Come’ Tough Love and GUZ ‘Dancin Kinda Close’ into a loop of Childish Gambino. But tune of the night for me was ‘Dished’ by Purple Disco Machine. Biggest musical influence? Tapes of Grandmaster Flash chopping up bits of hot hits to make a party dancefloor soup.

Fatboy Slim & Ninetoes - Finder (Hope) Remix gets a play everyday at our office ;) Anything you can you tell us about any fourthcoming tracks?  Collabs? Remixes?  Not much on the horizon I’m afraid. My time has been taken up working on the soundtrack for Julien Temple’s new film,  ”Ibiza, the silent movie” What's the craziest club you have ever played?  The big beat boutique in it’s heyday was mayhem, anything went, both musically and behaviour wise. What's the funniest thing you have ever seen from behind the booth? Moby’s arse wearing y fronts with toilet paper hanging out of the back. (it was haloween..) Of all the tracks that you have made is there a particular favourite and why?  I still get goosebumps when ‘Right Here, Right Now’ crops up at big events (just before the penalties at the England/Columbia game was my most recent thrill)

Please can you share three non-dance albums that everyone should listen to? 1. Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On 2. The Clash - Give ‘em Enough Rope 3. Malcolm Mclaren - Duck Rock This year I will mostly be......... Swanning around like I own the place... We always ask our Mix Of the Week winners for their thoughts on Evermix and will you please upload another set to us in the future? Lovely idea to actually document a snapshot of what goes on. I very rarely record my sets, don’t know why, but every now to have some kind of reminder that I can inflict on my grandchildren one day… If you're in Ibiza, you can grab tickets to Fatboy Slims Tuesdays on Mars residency at Pacha here: Tuesdays on Mars at Pacha Follow Fatboy Slim on Socials: Fatboy Slim Facebook Fatboy Slim Twitter Fatboy Slim Instagram