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Promoter Spotlight : Su Casa

Each month, we sit down with the unsung heroes of the electronic music industry – the Club Promoter – to find out the ins and outs of club promotion and what life is like behind the scenes of some of the best events brands. This month, we venture to the Welsh valleys to sit down with the latest Promoter under our Spotlight: Su Casa – they’ve been turning heads in the industry with eye-watering line-ups at some of the most unique locations in the country. Before their festival in North Wales this weekend, we managed to grab a few minutes with them to find out more about this rapidly growing brand .. enjoy our full interview with them below! -- Hi guys! Thanks for sitting down with us, you must be really busy in the run-up to your Su Casa Festival Event on 2nd June! For anyone who may not be familiar with Su Casa, can you describe your brand in one sentence? Su Casa is a rapidly growing, exciting event concept, with the aim of bringing ‘fun’ back to dance music events. Your brand has certainly caught our eye over the last few months. Can you tell us what makes your brand different to other UK promoters? I think there a number of things that we as a brand try to promote which sets us aside from other UK brands. One of these is we put a strong emphasis on promoting talent over popularity when making bookings. This can obviously be a huge risk, but with perseverance it has lead to our following trusting us and coming back time and time again. Alongside this we have a core group of residents who have been with us for a very long time now and regardless of how big our show these guys are always promoted on an equal standing with some of the biggest names in the business right now. And can you tell us how Su Casa came to be? Was it a carefully crafted business plan or more like an idea at an after party amongst friends? Su Casa was started back in 2015. At the time I was spending the summer between Magaluf and Ibiza, Two very different places musically. What I loved about Magaluf was the really fun atmosphere at the events, but musically speaking the events for me weren’t up to the same scratch as in Ibiza. Ibiza was the complete opposite, Great music but the crowds always tended to be full of people who didn’t really look as though they were enjoying themselves. That’s when I decided to create an event that has it all, great music with an emphasis on enjoyment and having fun. I quickly built a team and back then I don’t think any of us realised just how far we would be able to take it, but it’s been a great journey from those early days to where we are today. Not only are you regarded as North Wales’ fastest growing music festival, but you also regularly welcome thousands of revellers to your club nights all across the country, welcoming some of the industry’s finest talents. Did you ever expect this little idea to become such a huge part of your lives? We really didn’t! The whole thing started out as many other nights do as just a small idea to throw some parties. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so it didn’t take me too long to start looking to grow the brand and from then its just grown and grown. Within just 2 years of the festival we have now gone from 500 guests to 3000 which is something we as a team are very proud of. Su Casa Festival is at one of the most idyllic locations we have ever seen … a 15th Century Welsh Castle, it doesn’t get much better than that! How did you come across this hidden gem? We actually came across this space very late on. I don’t actually originate from North Wales but South Wales so I’m not massively familiar with event spaces in the area, but since I have been spending more and more time here I have found that north wales is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Since starting events here we’ve found some great spaces. We did an event at Surf Snowdonia which is a man made surfing lagoon in another stunning location. Also last year we created an Apres Ski event which took place on a dry ski slope on top of the Orme in Llandudno. I have to say this latest space is by far the best. The site is stunning and we can’t be more honoured to be able to bring our show there. This is 100% one of the best locations we have ever seen an event like this take place so we are very excited.

You’re welcoming the likes of Darius Syrossian, Enrico Sngiuliano, Jonas Rathsman, Mark Jenkyns, Catz n’ Dogz, Sam Divine in the coming months, but can you share any other exciting plans you have in the works? Maybe Su Casa in Ibiza or a record label? Su Casa will again return to Ibiza this summer. We have a number of special one off events planned which we will be releasing details of over the next few months. Also in October we have one of the biggest events we have ever planned in the pipeline. This is something that we thing will grab international attention so I urge everyone to keep an eye out for this one when release it!

We have to be honest .. North Wales and Clubbing aren’t two words that we usually see in the same sentence, so it’s great to see you guys flying the flag here. Do you expect the clubbing scene in this area to get even bigger in the coming years?  Yes! This has always been our number one aim. North wales as I said earlier is such a great place and has some great spaces. We hope that bringing the calibre of acts that we are currently to the area will help other local brands do the same. In turn this will only help grow the reputation in the area. I have no doubt that over the next three to five years North Wales will once again have a great reputation for music events like it did back in the 90’s when some of the biggest names in the scene came here to play e.g. Sasha, Adam Bayer, Carl Cox to name a few.  Promoters are constantly finding new ways to try and stand out from the rest but from your experience, what do you think are the key ingredients to a successful club night? The key ingredient to a successful club night is understanding your customer base. Its so easy for promoters to get to caught up in what they want to see rather that what the attendees want to see. If you don’t know what they want, ask them!  Many UK promoters are using new technologies at their events nowadays .. there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t see a Live Stream on our Facebook feed. Do you think this is a positive thing for clubbing and where do you see this going for the clubbing landscape? I see a lot of people and promoters who are dead against the use of phones and live recording in the music scene. I am definitely not one of those people. Social media has been the launch pad for many of the biggest brands on the planet. We need to embrace it and learn to use it to our advantage. Without social media, live streaming and technology our brand wouldn’t be where it is today and that’s a fact.   Speaking of new technology, we’re looking forward to recording sets at your festival this year, and hopefully more events in the future! What do you think of Evermix and our MixBox2? Do you see recorded sets being important to club promoters? I recently recorded my first live set using the box and I was very impressed. It’s mobile, very easy to set up and records high quality audio. We will be using the box across all events now so we can then use these sets to promote the events to the people who didn’t make it on the night. I would urge all promoters to try it out as its definitely going to be a key part of what we do going forward.