1. Introduction

What is Evermix

Evermix is an exciting new end-to-end recording and publishing platform designed to easily capture and share live electronic music sets with fans around the world. Record your sets to our DJ recording app via a MixBox / analogue-to-digital interface, and easily share them online at evermix.fm

2. Getting Started

What mobile device do I need to use Evermix?

The DJ app is currently only on iOS so only works on Apple iPhones, iPads, or iPods running iOS 8 or above. In our next phase of development we will make it compatible with Android.

How do I install the Evermix DJ recording app on my device?

First, make sure you have iOS 8 or above installed. This is a minimum requirement to run the app. Download the app directly from the App Store.


How do I set up a DJ account on Evermix?

After downloading and opening the app, you will be asked to complete a short form to set up your DJ account. This is the recommended way to create your account. Alternatively, you can set up your account before downloading the app here:


I haven’t received an email with my login details, what should I do?

First, check your spam / junk folder. If you find the email here, make sure you save hello@evermix.fm as a trusted email sender If the email is not here, please email hello@evermix.fm and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

How do I complete all the information for my profile?

Go to www.evermix.fm and login with your details. A. Add a short description that gives a good flavour about you as a DJ (500 characters or less). B. Add a profile picture - either your logo or a photo of yourself (200px x 200px) C. Add a cover image - 1024px x 768px @ 72dpi

3. Your New MixBox

What’s in the post?

Every delivery contains: 1 x MixBox, 1 x Instruction leaflet, 1 x phono lead, 1 x micro USB power cable

How do I connect the MixBox?

The recording device should be connected into the Rec Out phono sockets in the back of the mixer. The recording device should then be connected to thephone via the USB to Lightening cable (MixBox, iRig HD) or USB to phonejack (iRig). The MixBox needs to be plugged in to power source via the micro USB cable.

Does the MixBox need power?

Yes it does. Option 1: Plug it in to a mains power supply Option 2: Use a portable power supply (like you’d use to charge your phone on the go) Option 3: It is possible to use your phone to power the MixBox but you'll need an "Apple camera adapter" available here in the UK: http://apple.co/1LCvC4mThis is incredibly simple, and during our tests a 60 min mix uses 20% of phone battery with the screen on constantly (considerably less with screen off).

I don’t have a MixBox :-(

Unfortunately we’ve run out of MixBoxes. The next batch will be available in November 2016. Although Evermix is optimised for use with the "Mixbox", other analogue-to-digital converters are available. We have tested and recommend the Irig HD, and if you already have an Apple camera adapter then the Behinger UCA 202 as a very cost effective alternative.

4. Recording Your Sets

What quality can I record in / how do I change it?

You can record in lossless WAV (this will soon become a premium feature), 320kbps AAC, or 192kbps. The default recording option is 320kbps, to keep your file size moderate and uploading time short. Click on the 'Settings' cog icon and select your preferred option. NB We only recommend 192kbps if your device is low on storage.

How do I know when I'm ready to record?

The Evermix icon on the MixBox will light up blue. You'll see this image on your phone screen:

Where is my set being saved?

Your recording goes straight to your mobile device via the MixBox. It doesn't leave your device until you click 'upload'.

I've plugged in my MixBox but it's not lighting up

This means there is a problem with the power connection. If you are using an external battery pack make sure it is charged. If you are using a micro usb power adapter check it is plugged in correctly. If you are using a Camera Adapter and power is coming from your phone there is a problem with your MixBox and you should contact hello@evermix.fm for further support.

I've plugged in my MixBox but it's lighting up red

This means there is a problem with the connection to your phone. Try using a different Lightning cable to connect the MixBox to your phone.

Do I need a Wi-Fi signal to record?

No - you can record without any Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G signal – you’ll need one to upload your set of course!

Will messages and phone calls interrupt my recording?

YES! Phone calls, texts & notifications WILL interrupt your recording. Do Not Disturb: Before you record the best thing to do is put your phone into ‘Do not disturb’mode, and ensure your settings will not allow phone calls. Flight Mode: Alternatively, put it in flight mode. Nothing will get through!

What happens if a cable comes loose, or I lose power whilst I’m recording?

If any of the cable connections come loose the MixBox will turn from blue to red to notify you of a problem. The app will also state ‘No Audio Detected’ - check that the cables haven't come out of the MixBox or the back of the mixer. If you lose power to the MixBox, the light will go out. Check the cables. You may need to find an alternative source of power. It’s useful to have a USB power bank on hand just in case.

5. Editing Your Set

How do I trim my set to remove the DJ before / after I played?

Once you have finished your recording, trim your set from within the app prior to uploading.

I want to edit my recording using desktop software - is this possible?

Yes it is – follow the steps below: - Connect your mobile device with your desktop - Open iTunes, click on 'Apps' - Scroll down to the very bottom and you'll find Evermix. - Import your recording from there. - Once you're finished, you can also upload the finished mix to your Evermix page by logging into the desktop site, using your DJ login details

6. Uploading Your Set

I've started an upload but it hasn't appeared on the site

Occasionally the site will encounter server issues during the upload process. Please email hello@evermix.fm for assistance

The app has frozen during upload

Force quit the app and restart. Do not delete and reinstall the app, as this will delete any saved recordings