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Product & Technical Specification

Product & Technical Specification

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Compatible DevicesiPhone, iPad, iPod touch (running iOS 9 or above)
InputsStereo RCA/Phono 10k ohm, that connects directly to the DJ mixer ‘Rec Out’ inputs
ConverterHigh quality 24bit AKM ADC (Analogue to Digital Convertor)
Connecting to Apple deviceApple lightning to 7 pin DIN lead
PowerPowered by the iPod, iPad, or iPod touch, or external power source
Power consumption10mA recording inactive, 40mA recording active
Micro USB SocketOptional external USB power input
ProcessorLow power, high performance digital processing using 32bit CPU operating upto 1.5DMIPS/MHz
Frequency ResponseWithin +- 0.5dB from 30Hz to 18KHz at sample rate of 44.1KHz

At a sample rate of 44.1KHz MixBox2 records from 30Hz to 20KHz

WeightMixBox2 = 80g

Fully packaged with cables and case = 230g

DimensionsMixBox2 = 95 x 42 x 22 mm
Signal / NoiseMixBox2 fixed maximum input signal level of 18dB:

This version requires that input signal level is limited to +18dBu.

A constant Blue LED indicates signal is present greater than -70dBu

A constant bright red LED indicates any peak signal clipping over +18dBu

With a no input signal, the ADC noise floor (unweighted) = -92dB, A weighted -93.5dB)

(Measured with 48dB digital gain applied)

Sine 1 KHz @ -48dB sig lvl – THD + Noise -86dB, A weighted -87.5dB

At maximum signal level with no input signal, the ADC noise floor (unweighted) = -92dB, A weighted -93.5dB)

(Measured with 48dB digital gain applied)

THD measured at maximum signal level -1dB

@ +8dB input = THD + Noise -77dB

@ +18dB THD + Noise -80dB – (typical Pro mixer minimum signal level)

@ +25dB THD + Noise = -86dB (-87.5dB A weighted) (typical Pro mixer driven hard)

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