This week’s Mix Of The Week comes from a true pioneer of the underground scene. He’s been turning dancefloors and festivals on their heads for many years now and his recent Evermix upload kicked off a proper storm at our Ministry Of Sound Office! His set was exclusively captured at Sankeys, where he played with Placebo`s Brian Molko on July 31st.

Listen to this exclusive set in the player below!

Evermix’s Steve Stimpson sat down with Timo to pick his brains on music he is digging at the moment and loads more … check it out below!

Timo, it’s a great pleasure to feature your latest set recorded at Sankeys. Please give us a little run through of some of the tracks featured in the set and how your relationship with Placebo`s Brian Molko came to be?

I started my set after Brian played…his music was right in ya face…electronica but played with a rock attitude… so i decided to start with one of our collabs. Later in the set there`s a good selection of tracks i love at the moment…

I met Molko ca 2001 and since we became (not just..) creative friends…i remixed the band several times, worked with him on my studio albums… and we always do something different, as this special night on Ibiza…

You’ve been on the front line for some years now championing and producing bang on cutting-edge musical ideas. Where is your head right now (Musically) and what direction do you feel the scene is edging towards?

I work a lot with Basti Grub at the moment. We got several new tracks, EP`s in progress… on a longer run, I want to face studio album no 4… again with the search for „not really standard“ sounds and songs… we`ll see. The scene is commercially edging into boredness as so much sounds the same and has no edge really, but in the underground there`s sooo much great stuff bubbling up…i don`t give a dime what its called or what style people trying to give it, as long its great music.

Can you please share 3 of your biggest tracks in your box?

Maas, Grub, Volta – We Were Riding High (alternative mix)
Adam Port – Do you still think of me
Doza – Andy Wally Ray

Please can you share 3 Artists breaking through that you predict big things for?

… breaking through from music quality or marketing concept? 😉

Who are your biggest influence/s and why?

My whole life is an influence, constantly meeting and working with extraordinary personalities and characters, seeing the best places in the world…

Can you share 1 non-dance album that everyone should listen to?

Michael Jackson THRILLER …simply the best

What’s the Funniest thing you have seen from behind the decks?

Oh man…you want me to write a book?? that really is too much… hahahaha…lets say I have seen EVERYTHING and more… 🙂

Number 1 gig for you so far this year?

Difficult to say…probably the KAPPA Festival in Torino early July…that event and also the stage is mind blowing! I had loads of fun!

We always like to get a few words/thoughts on Evermix from our Mix Of the Week Winners and can we expect another set in the near future?

Well…you can expect what u want…heheheh ….BUT, YES you can! Thanx for having me and enjoy the musical trip

Once again! Thanks for uploading your set and being our Mix Of The Week!!!!

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