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A new hype is building for the London clubbing scene. Something new taking place which will transform the current TREND of damp warehouses, dark spaces and moody clubs to a hedonistic and exciting day party, which will change the way we see our weekends throughout the year. A new place of residence, abode. Set within the walls of Studio 338, this 3000 capacity terrace will see fit to host the worlds most exciting and recognisable artists, pushing the seamless boundaries of electronic music and providing a pure experience with a place for people to enjoy themselves out in THE OPEN. Abode is a Sunday party taking place once a month, stripping back the norm and creating a fun, frivolous and outrageous party, true to the spirit of daytime clubbing. With live visuals, performers and festival productions, abode promises to set a new benchmark, where both friends and strangers will gather together to collectively witness the new concept of partying.. abode sundays

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