Speakerboxx is a brand new YouTube show, powered by Evermix and hosted by DJ & producer Alex Seda. Broken up into different segments, the show combines interviews with the biggest names in the electronic music industry followed by tutorials and reviews about the latest and greatest studio gear as well as tips and tricks in the studio. We also have a segment where we go over classic tracks that are still rocking and working in dance floors today.
The Speakerboxx idea was born after Alex spent 25 years producing dance music, collecting and learning about different hardware and software, from watching and listening to a bunch of podcasts, tutorials and reviews, and always wishing he could join in on those amazing and super fascinating conversations. After DJing and performing on all corners of the globe he learned insights on the business, how it functions and where it’s headed. With all these years of experience and knowledge, he felt like he had something to say, so he got in touch with some of the top producers around in dance music and knew that if they were to record a conversation between them, what they would come out with would be pure gold. Speakerboxx was created by a real fan as well as a musician and DJ to make sure everything talked on the show is the real deal and always the best. Speakerboxx is here!




Today on 🔊 Speakerboxx 🔊we have a very special show. Iberican 🇪🇸duo Chus & Ceballos! Pablo Ceballos joins us to have one of the best discussions we’ve had on this show. 🌴🌴 We follow the discussion by going over the absolute best, easiest and reliable 🎧DJ set recorder on the market, Evermix. Then we talk a must have plugin you need your arsenal, The Legend by Synapse Audio Software. We end the show with a classic by our guests on 💣💣 Defected Records, DJ Chus pres. The Groove Foundation - That Feeling. 😋🙂Enjoy this very special and awesome show!