MixBox2 Power Lead

Charge your mobile while you record with the MixBox2!



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Our new specially manufactured Evermix Din-to-Lightning cable let’s you record AND charge your mobile device at the same time (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

This means the choice is now yours. You can choose to power your MixBox2 from your phone. Or, you can connect an external power source via the micro-USB port on the MixBox2 and take power from there.

Based on the feedback from our MixBox2 owners, we know that sometimes you’re stuck in a club when disaster strikes: “LOW BATTERY”.

Problem solved.  Plug in a micro-USB cable to the MixBox2 and the other end to an external power source (like a plug), and your phone will charge away while you play.

Have full mobile battery and not a plug socket in sight?  No problem. The cable can draw power from your mobile device, which will only use around 10% of your battery per one hour of recording.


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