London based dub house and techno duo ‘Because of Art’ is the combination of two musical veterans who have pooled their sonic influences and backgrounds.

Individually they’ve been cutting their teeth in the music industry for over a decade, gaining a wealth of experience that has showed dividends in their combined project as ‘Because of Art’.

Michael Frost has worked his way from bedroom DJ to raver to respected Promoter, working with some of the countries leading nightlife entities such as Lock N Load and Motion Bristol.

Michael has teamed up with hometown pal Alex Grover, a DJ that has more aliases than you and I hot dinners! Grover began DJ’ing and producing at the tender age of 14 and for the past 18 years has worked his way through this winding industry, with releases on Simma Black, Country Club Disco and Dusty grooves.

When interviewing the dub techno duo I soon realised the name “Because of Art” ran deeper than the two’s admiration for “London legend” Artwork’s sound. They are the combination of Artworks mischievous nature, music knowledge, hard work and love for the scene, drawing from their own independent journeys within the industry, coming together to make the perfect partnership.

The duo are the perfect example of branching out and being resourceful. They’ve managed to produce a three track EP, had 250 vinyl copy’s pressed, opened up for Dusky at Motion and have loads more in the pipeline. This why we’ve chosen Because of Art to kick start our spotlight sessions.

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