The warmth of summer finally shone down upon us last weekend, and what great timing! We had the pleasure of attending and recording Clockstock, a festival geared around the successful re-emergence of legendary club night “Clockwork Orange”, the love child of Andy Manston and Danny Gould.



Clockwork Orange was born way back in 1994, house music was in full swing and the Essex lads had a goal of making moves in the scene they’d developed a deep passion for.

After successfully throwing parties in Londons legendary clubs, Clockwork Orange crossed the channel and became the club night at the forefront of British based promotion in Ibiza. Andy & Danny took over “Es Paradís” and worked their way to top of the pile as one of Ibiza’s highest grossing events, attracting a record attendance of 3500 people in 1998 without any advanced ticket sales!



Sets from Todd Terry , Roger Sanchez and Eric Morrilo dominated the Main Stage, with the likes of Seb Fontaine, Joey Negro and GrooveRider taking care of the rest. Classic house rang throughout the day, piercing through the warm air, keeping the crowds arms firmly raised……with hardly a phone in site.

That has to be the most refreshing take away point, nobody cared about capturing the moment on their phone to share on instagram, everyone seemed captivated and utterly in the moment, a big difference to what we’re using to seeing at modern club nights and festivals.



Clockstock’s key to success has to be their loyal following, Danny & Andy built the Orange Army community way before social media had role to play in the success of a party, everything felt a bit more authentic back then, they were driving around ibiza, handing out flyers on the beach, connecting with people and building a solid brand that has stood the test of time!

We had a great time recording the festival, after hitting over 10,000 attendee’s, Clockstock will definitely be back next year, bigger and better than before, with their loyal Orange Army (and Evermix recruits) waiting in the trenches ready to go again!

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