Our new Evermix Exclusive comes all the way from Germany! Milk & Sugar led the charge of vocal house more than two decades ago and became deeply influential on the house music scene ever since. With the arrival of 2019, Mike K and Steven Harding celebrate 22 years of creating some of the world’s most innovative house music tracks, a catalog that includes popular global hits.

As DJs, producers and label owners, Milk & Sugar have won several accolades, such as the German and Italian DJ Award, and
numerous golden records. Their tour calendar is often jam-packed with gigs on every continent. With their unique house sound, they have heated up dancefloors of the best clubs and festivals around the world, including Pacha, Space and Amnesia in Ibiza or Green Valley and Anzu in Brazil.

Over the past several years, Milk & Sugar have continued to supply dance floors with a steady stream of powerful hits, serving both as sought after remixers and as creators of uniquely original productions. They include “Hey (Nah Neh Nah)” - Vaya
Con Dios, “Stay Around”, “Canto Del Pilon”, and “Riding High”.

In the tremendously competitive, fast-moving and ever-changing world of contemporary dance music, Milk & Sugar celebrate 22 years at the top. That’s no small accomplishment in this industry. Their unique brand of energetic and irresistible music not only has a proud and distinguished history — it has a highly anticipated future. Look for Mike and Steven to keep the beats fresh and exciting for another 22 years!

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