EVERMIX EXCLUSIVE: Phil Perry (Full Circle)

Phil Perry is one of the originators of the UK house scene. He came all the way through the soul, jazz funk scene, the early rare groove stuff, then early house music. He has DJ’d and promoted his own clubs since 1988. He is head honcho of the infamous club Full Circle, which was born in 1990 and ran every week for 7 years. Phil’s style is tribal house music with a twist. He even played a retro-soul/jazz and street funk set at the Muzik Awards, to much acclaim. Leftfield chose him as their support DJ on the first ever tour, and he also played with them at the notorious ‘Trainspotting’ party at the Cannes film festival.



  • PHIL PERRY! waking up my sunday morning and loving it! Can’t wait until 9th Jan @CunningStuntsEvents @NudgeNudgeWInkWInk @BIllinudgelHotel xoxoxo

    Laura Peck
  • Excellent mix fella 🕺🕺🕺🕺

    Andy Chamberlain
  • Loving the vipe phil Perry… tops as ever . Baleric beats coming in their … loving it

    Melissa knott

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