MIX OF THE WEEK: Josh Butler @ Halo, Bournemouth

A new Evermix Mix of the week has landed!  An hour of house recorded live from church-turned-club Halo from the mighty Josh Butler.

Our own Steve Stimpson grabs a few precious mid-tour moments with Josh to talk about his favourite clubs, ORIGINS label plans, and the tracks he couldn't be without.



STEVE: You’ve just completed an Australian tour and I saw you mention that you regard Revolver Upstairs as one of the best clubs on our planet. Please give us a little insight into that night you played and what makes it stand out for you?

JOSH: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes that place stand out but Revs is by far one of my favourite spots in my touring schedule. There are no frills and it’s all about the music, there’s a wicked sound system and good people all there for a proper party… not a phone or Instagram story in sight! I've played both rooms now and each is unique in its own way. ‘The Cage’ is like a living room, it feels like a house party. Last year I played for five hours in there and things were getting loose. This year I was in the side room which is probably a more traditional club layout with a stage and dance floor in front. But again, no big lights, lasers or smoke machines, just a wild party.

Your label ORIGINS continues to put out some of the best genuine house music across the globe each one gaining National Radio support while the gigs are phenomenal. Ben Rau’s remix of Richy Ahmeds ‘Sweat’ is set for release on the 26th April and comes complete with a remix of Jammin from you while The Hydra is now available on Joris Voorn’s Rejected. Can you tell us what else we can expect from ORIGINS in the near future?

I’m so happy with how the label has grown. After the remix EP of Richy's tracks we have two tracks from Seb Zito in his trippy, London after hours style along with a peak time remix from the Audiojack boys. I've been following both Seb and Audiojack for years so I’m delighted to have them on the label. I’m also looking at doing an extended solo EP later this year, still a work in progress but keep your eyes out!

Let’s jump back a few weeks ago to the Miami Music Conference. Evermix was there capturing set after set, tell us how it went for you and why Miami is so special to Josh Butler and what was your biggest tune of the night while playing the Defected party? 

Miami is so full on during that week, even if you visit party after party there still isn't enough time to visit them all. So many friends and DJs are over for MMW so it's a great chance to catch up with everyone! I think PAAX (Tulum) - Djorolen (THEMBA's Herd Extended Remix) was the standout track of that party for me.

Top 3 tracks in Josh Butlers box?
1. PAAX (Tulum) - Djorolen (THEMBA's Herd Extended Remix)
2. Richy Ahmed - Sweat (Ben Rau Remix)
3. Groove Armada - JB & The Drive

Josh, it’s always a pleasure catching up. Enjoy the rest of the South East Asian tour. If my calculations are correct you are about to land in Bali. We’ll sign off the Q&A with this final question..

Almost right! I’m leaving for Bali in the next couple of day and then heading to Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong on the way home.

…One thing you have learned while on this mammoth tour?

Funny you ask, I feel like I've grown a lot during this time away. My advice is trust your gut, be open minded and say yes to every opportunity that is presented to you.

Talk soon guys x


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