Chus & Ceballos: Exclusive Interview

They've been on the road since 2000 and they're undoubtedly one of the most solid, professional pair of house & techno DJs/Producers from Spain. Chus & Ceballos, founders of Stereo Productions and creators of their Benchmark The Iberican Sound are here to share their secrets on keeping up with the exhausting but rewarding DJ life, to talk about their tour in Asia and their new single "Kokoro" on OTO music!


Chus & Ceballos, once again it’s great to have you involved with Evermix, you guys are constantly touring, traveling from one side of the planet to the other… what’s your secret to escaping exhaustion?

We take care of ourselves as much as we can by eating good, not drinking too much, exercising, and the most important fuel for us, our job, it gives us a lot of personal reward, joy and inspiration. We firmly believe in the mind-body connection.

You are currently in Asia on tour, please tell us some of the highlights and how the gigs are going?

Asia tours are always exciting, it goes beyond work and becomes a personal experience. Japan is one of our favorite countries in the world, we are amazed by their culture and their approach to life. The Tokyo and Sapporo parties were great as usual, but the highlight was to visit Hiroshima for the first time and our visit to the ruins of the atomic bomb. While it was a very sad experience full of sorrow that makes you reflect on how low and un-humane humans can get, we went back to happiness after a great show and exceptional hosting only the Japanese can do. In Thailand we played at elrow, that was absolute madness, we are from Spain so we really identify ourselves with this concept of celebration. Next stop was Korea, we were amazed by how much this country grew in the last years, we played in this amazing club called Chroma in Seoul that is an Architectural piece of art, and finishing in Bali that is a total paradise where we had time to re-fuel after such an intense three weeks.

What are the biggest tracks in your box right now?

Artist: Title: Label
1. Senzala & Jansons - Take me Away (Original Mix) [Four Thirty Two]
2. Sabb - Jeopardized (Emanuel Satie remix) [Radius]
3. Franky Rizardo - Clouding your Sky (Chus & Ceballos remix) [Stereo Productions]

We're absolutely loving the new single ‘Kokoro’ on OTO Music, have you got any other exciting new releases coming out soon?

We just finished a new remix from a Franky Rizardo track called ‘Clouding your Sky’ that is out on our label Stereo Productions, and we have a summer bomb coming out soon on Nervous Records, a remix of the classic ‘Agolele’ from Dj Flume. Keep your eyes & ears open to check them out!

Stereo Productions has come a long way since the early days of the labels forming, can you reveal any exciting developments for the label?
The most important development is that we are going to celebrate 20 years in 2020 as a label as well as Chus & Ceballos. It will be a huge year where we’ll be presenting a whole program of events: a film-documentary that will tell the story of Chus & Ceballos and Stereo over the years, parties around the world to celebrate such an important milestone, including guest DJ’s that have been an essential part of our history and of course some special music releases on our label, including remixes of the most famous Stereo tracks from 20 years of catalogue.

What’s coming up for Chus & Ceballos in the summer of 2019?
We have our calendar full of exciting dates, highlights including Ibiza dates at Pacha with Claptone, club Hi and Eden with Toolroom. We are performing at important festivals like Dreambeach in Spain, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland in Holland, Piknic Electronic in Montreal, World Pride in NYC, Toolroom in Stereo party at Sonar Off in Barcelona, elrow in Brazil as well as of many summer dates on our own Spanish turf, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, NY, Chicago, Los Angeles … Busy summer

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