EVERMIX EXCLUSIVE: Brotech Live in Berlin

This week's Evermix Exclusive feature homes in on Berlin-based DJ/Producer Brotech. We caught up with him for a quick-fire five-question session.

STEVE STIMPSON: One of the most determined producers in the game at the moment with consistent new material released under your own label Syncope, what else can our listeners expect from you soon?

BROTECH: I’m really happy to see, that my last tracks got so much attention and huge support from big names! My listeners can expect consistent new releases every 1-2 months.

Tell us a bit more about your label Syncope.

Well, I created my first label Syncope Recordz in 2010 and decided in 2018 to launch my new label SYNCOPE with a new logo and new strategy. SYNCOPE stands for quality Techno and House music and welcomes all international artists who need a place for their tracks. So don’t hesitate to send us demos.

How would you describe the Brotech sound, what are your key influences?

I would describe my sound like seductive party tunes that's got a killer groove, sun-drenched flow and all things a Tech House lover needs. In a playful game of drums, a bit of vocals and a grooved bass, my sound makes up for the perfect festival or beachclub highlight, but rest assured, it'll hit in just as hard, loud and ferocious in a 2AM nightclub. My key influences are David Penn, Mark Knight, Patrick Topping, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Green Velvet and some more.

What was the track that inspired you to fully pursue music?

Well, I think I don’t have a special track that inspired me to fully pursue music. I started music when I was 15 years old. At the beginning I produced Hip Hop beats. With 21 I was the first time at a Techno party and fell in love with the music and scene. So I started to DJ and produce electronic dance music.

How important do you think it is to easily record DJ sets?

It is really important, because you can promote your own tracks and also tracks from other DJs. And also people and promoter love to listen dj sets to get a feeling of what kind of music you play.

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