This week we have an exclusive Evermix Guest Mix for you, coming from highly respected DJ and producer from N.J / New York, Cheyne Christian. His successful career set path at the time house music really struck a global musical note. Global Radio in the UK, Cool FM in Northern Ireland, Deep South Audio in New Zealand and Radio 1 in Spain are showing massive love for Cheyne Christian and his brand new sets.

His strongest sound and style influences are Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo, Steve Angelo and David Guetta.

Find out more about the artist's journey to success, his switch to a new record label and his experience with using the Evermix Box.

Cheyne Christian, you’ve been very busy as of late, with an evolving catalogue of productions coming out with releases on highly respected labels such as So Deep Music, Selektor Music and now venturing onto your own label Bridge & Tunnel Beat Company., how’s it all going ?  

Ive been making up for lost time. After almost 12 years away, I reconnected with my passion. At first it was like waking up after being in a coma for a long time, from the studio to the business, the advancements in technology were a little overwhelming at first. I come from a time where my releases were strictly vynal, limited copies from promos to releases, no social media, the digital age was just getting started. So back then, you really had to hustle, and be extremely creative to get your music in the right peoples hands.

However, with the advancements comes an amazing opportunity, and the ability to share music on a global scale. That really inspires me to launch this brand.

Bridge and Tunnel Beat Company. is an exciting new development from yourself, is it more rewarding to be independently releasing your own music ?  

It absolutely is, I prefer to be deeply involved in all aspects of the release. The promo/release strategy, Radio/Club/and Social Media.  Now a days there are many angles to hit to ensure a successful release, and while I’m still figuring it out, it feels great knowing that it’s all on me. At the end of the day, no one will work harder than me, and no one will care as much as I do.  Besides, I’ve always been a bit of a control freak, and stubborn(according to my wife), so probably best I not put that pressure on anyone else. 

One of the other cool/rewarding parts is that I get to work with my wife, who’s the President Of Bridge and Tunnel Beat Co. We’ve always shared a passion for music, from her thoughts and ideas on some of my tracks, always on the hunt for new talent to sign, and my official booking manager, I’m blessed to share this journey with her. 

Finally, there are some labels I’ve always aspired to work with, so keep your eyes peeled for some announcements coming soon.

Who would you say are your main influences in electronic music?  

There have been so many people that have had an influence on me throughout my career, we would be here all day if I went through them all. However the short list is would be Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillio, David Guetta, Steve Angelo, Danny Teneglia And Defected Records.

Tell us about your routine when sitting down to create a new track?  

LOLim honestly like a ferret on speed. I work on something until I get stuck, and then I’ll start something new, and as I start something new, what ever was stopping me in the project I just paused usually comes to me.  Sometimes, I hammer right through with no blocks and other times there are ALOT of takes. However, some of the key elements for me are the drum patterns, and bass lines, everything else falls in place. On the arrangement side, I LOVE ENERGY, so I really spend time ensuring my builds and drops hit right.

I also carry around a pen and note book to capture ideas as they come, some of my most creative moments are outside the studio.

Stepping away from Dance Music, are there any particularly favourite genres of music and artists/bands you listen to in your own time? 

Such a hard question, I love so many different type of music, with the exception of most country western. Some of my favorites are mid-late 90s Hip Hop And R&B, LOVE Arctic Monkeys, hard rock, jazz, and ancient middle eastern/Mediterranean folk music.

What can your fanbase look forward to from yourself in the near future? 

As We continue to release 12 years of pent up projects of my own, we have a few new artists we will be releasing coming through this summer, along with some amazing colobarations, as well as a few larger artists as well.

We’ve also launched our Sneaker Dancing Radio Show and Brand. Bi weekly mixshows on All Digital Music Platforms, and guest mixes, as well as some club and festivals.

Rumor also has it that there maybe some Merch late fall/winter!

If you could summarise Cheyne Christian in a few words for a new listener ?  

High energy, Tech house, house, Tribal/Electric(Tribalectric coined by Stimpy)

What are the top three records in your box right now ?  

Dia De Aire - Joski Mix Soundos Records, Tango Wango - Solardo, Kilimanjaro - Robbie Rivera and Eduke.

Tell us about your experience with Evermix.  

I have been making mix tapes and recording my sets since the early 90s.  From giant tape decks, to DAT player/recorders to CD Burners... I would bring them all to the clubs to get those sets recorded.

What Evermix brings to the table is AMAZING. The ability to record in the palm of your hand at the most AMAZING QUALITY, upload it directly to SoundCloud/MixCloud/Any Cloud, stream live on any Social Media Platform?? Its Absolutely AMAZING. I was just in Dubrovnik on holiday and ended up picking up a last minute gig at Banje Beach with some friends. Now, because it’s so convenient, I always have the Mixbox with me, and we were able to record an amazing 4 hour B2B set!

The team is great, and I’m so excited for the future of this company.


Cheyne Christian:

Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co

Sneaker Dancing Radio


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