EVERMIX EXCLUSIVE: Ken Fan @ Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

Our latest Evermix Exclusive comes from Ken Fan, who is a DJ, promoter, director and manager at the world's best venues, including Fabrik Madrid, Space Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza, Privilege, Ibiza Underground and Café Del Mar Ibiza where he now works as resident DJ as well as event and music manager.

Tune in to his set and read our exclusive interview if you're interested in finding out where he's playing this summer.


STEVE STIMPSON: Ken Fan, great to have you come and chat with us in the midst of the Cafe Del Mar summer season, where else can our listeners find you playing this summer? 

KEN FAN: Hello guys and girls! Well as for Ibiza this summer, I am only concentrating on Cafe del Mar as i am there near enough everyday, so anytime I have to myself, I would actually like it to myself.

I am doing a few events in and around Europe and beyond this summer, we got Bodrum in Turkey next month at The Edition hotel there. Dayzz Summer Festival in Lago di Scanno, Italy at the end of the summer, as well Mill Bank Tower in London. Also, Hong Kong & Bali then will be off on my annual South East Asia tour.

As well as headlining many events around the globe, you’re also a regular sunset slot DJ too, what is the art behind playing a sunset performance?

Sunset sessions are totally different to club sessions, it is well and truly an art. Timing and track selection is everything, you’re creating a unique vibe, atmosphere, emotion and reaction from the critical moments of the sun dropping. The Sun set is undoubtedly the BIGGEST fire show in the universe, so I think it’s only right that we celebrate it in the way that it deserves!

Resident of the party island that is Ibiza, what makes the island so unique for DJ’s and Party-Goers?

The energy here is obviously unique and that is due to things like the ley lines which our island is situated on in the world. Only places like Mexico/Tulum match our energy here and Ibiza obviously attracts a wide range of international tourists who mostly have similar things in common “The Love of the Music"!

What are your three biggest tracks in your box at the moment?

1. Sunset Track: Jennifer Hudson - You’re Gonna Love me

2. Club Track: NTFO - DOBR

3. Downtempo / Chillout track: The 5th Galaxy Orchestra - Ocean Lost Wave

For aspiring DJ’s dreaming of playing in Ibiza, what are your top tips to playing on the Island?

It’s difficult these days but finding yourself a residency or putting on your own events as well going round networking, getting to know the promoters, managers and of course working your arse off coming up with the goods is the key, whilst maintaining a fan base.

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