Artist Spotlight: Geer Ramirez - Sound of Summer DJ Competition winner

Quite the year 2020 has been. Apparently nothing unites and at times divides the world quite like a pandemic. The festivals have been cancelled, the venues are closed, and the beaches like the dancefloor are empty. But the music, the music never stopped. To pay testament to all the DJs from the bedroom to the mainroom who wanted to keep going by any means, we felt the time was right to launch our first Global mix competition.

Evermix Presents: Sound of Summer Mix Competition.

“Sunrise to sunset, you take your pick. From disco infused, soulful and funky, groovy and down tempo or vocal floor fillers. Take us to the heat of the midday sun, deep blue skies and Ibiza sunsets.”

Partnering with Bop DJ, Concrete Promo, Digital DJ tips, and Nocturnal Radio.

This was a great opportunity for DJs to have some fun, expand their network, show their skills and win some amazing prizes.

The competition was open for 3 weeks and in that time we had received 120 entries across 6 continents. The competition was fierce and the decisions tight. But there had to be a winner. Step in German “Geer” Ramirez a DJ and producer from Uruguay who beat 119 entries to be crowned our winner! We sat down with Geer (over zoom) to find out a bit more about the man behind the music, his passions, goals and the music scene in Uruguay.

You can check out the winning mix below:

First things first, the mix! How did it come about? Were you determined to win or was your approach more casual?
Hello guys, thank you very much for the interview, I am very happy to be able to speak with you!

I have always been the type of person who enjoys showing what I can do. It does not matter the country, or how many participants there are, or whether there is a prize or not. As long as the speakers are on, my heart beats stronger and I get into a zone where I select the tracks that excite me.

To be honest, I did not participate with the intention of winning or saying: “I am the best" I’m just here to share the music that I like and show what I do. That's really fun for me! It's similar to when you're at a show and you're the "warm up" dj, That is wonderful! You don’t need to be the  “headliner” to make it good for you.

I believe in contests like this it is the same. Winning is very good, but participating - especially now that there are no parties - I think helps, nurtures and forms you as an artist. On a personal note I’ve found It keeps me very focused and inspired.

Plus, you meet many great artists/DJs from all over the world and usually the quality is very high. That makes me very happy and lets me put the maximum in each mix.

How does it feel to be champion in such a global competition? Were you checking our socials everyday excited to see the winner? Were you confident with your entry?

AMAZING, I couldn’t wait to tell my family, my friends and everyone that would listen: it is a real privilege. Being able to participate, qualify, or be on the podium in one of these contests is an honour. To be chosen among so many good DJs, from all over the world. I am very grateful and very happy!

You know when you've been struggling for so long, every day, from buying a cable, to buying records or getting bookings, getting positive recognition feels good to the soul!
It is impossible not to shed tears when they tell you that you have won or you never forget the feelings of that moment.

The thrill is participating. That just does it for me, I knew the day results would come out. I tried to be calm. But as the day became closer, I started to get a little more nervous Hahaha!

So you have been DJing professionally for 14 years, can you remember the moment you decided this was the path for you?
(I'll try to be brief on the story haha)
No matter the situations in my life, I can’t remember a time I have not been very attached to listening to music, leaving the radio on, recording cassettes(mixtapes). Even as early as primary school!
I really liked medicine, until in high school when I was 15 years old I started to realize that maybe I wasn’t so good in the books hahaha!
I found myself falling deeper in love with the radio and the world of music till I became obsessed.

Back in those days, there wasn’t the amount of information that exists now, you're a click away from having all the information is in front of you. Also growing up I didn't have access to the same resources and technology that is available now so it felt like a big dream. 

By 1997 I began to study journalism and voice overs and this gave me experience with the technology and allowed me to get the confidence to put myself out there and started playing on small radio stations - very amateurish, but it was the beginning!

What and who have been the biggest inspirations to you and your sound?
My inspirations come from melodic music. Those big artists of progressive house - Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren.
I think in Uruguay Electronic music is not very well known, unless you were in the capital or visited Punta del Este in summer, but it's always a good time.

How have you been dealing with the shutting down of venues and all the restrictions that have come about with the Covid-19 pandemic?
I’ve been extremely lucky to continue working. From Monday to Friday, I have my work here in my city radio, I am very fortunate! As you know, there are many complications that were caused by the pandemic, so I’m grateful for being healthy, working and that my loved ones are well! That is the light in the middle of the storm for me.

Thanks to the internet and the global connections, there has been a lot of music to listen to and contests and that's been inspiring. Overall I'm hopeful for a positive outcome.

Honestly, I'm really looking forward to traveling again and doing what I love to do which is sharing the music, but obviously at the moment you can't. Sometimes it’s easy to get upset and be sad, but when you really reflect there are many people who are going through much worse than you, you have to take a moment to appreciate you are more fortunate. We are all eager to return to the party, but we must be cautious, be calm and do what we can to help those who need it the most.


While doing some. Research we came across some of your solo productions, how long have you been producing your own music? Which came first: DJing or Producing?
The first thing was to Listen. Once I fell in love with the music, It became my perfect universe. I could DJ for hours! I love putting sets together with a theme, it can be from the time of day, the vibe, or the location, it's a lot of fun doing it this way. The productions started in 2013 which was due to a tremendous boredom on vacation hahaha but I think it’s been a valuable skill and it has helped me appreciate music in a different, more intimate way.

We know 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but it's important to always look at the positives, what would you say are your positives for the year. And what would you like to see happen in 2021?
As you said, this 2020 has been a great challenge for all! You’re right we have to focus on the positive aspects.

I think this year has allowed all of us to spend more time with our family and those closest to us, if not physically then through technology.

It is very important to be close or reach to our parents, siblings or friends with a message or a phone call. Even before the pandemic broke out, as the days go by it is always good to take a moment to hear from others.

In terms of art, I could tell you that I was lucky enough to visit and play for the first time in Chile, in the Montemapu Festival, a three-day event a few kilometres from Santiago.

As well as participating in DJ contests, I also just started the 10th season of my show Atmospherics Sound Sessions which comes out this year. It’s amazing I’m so grateful to have been doing the show for 10 years now.

And what would I like to see happen: In general, I would like each one of us to do what we have to do, in the best way possible way for the right reasons. I think feeling the commitment of what you are doing and putting your heart into it no matter what it is, is the best way we can change the world for the better.

Professionally, I will leave that to be decided by the Universe, I will leave that to God or to the one who commands things from above.

Congratulations on winning Geer! Overall your mix got almost perfect scores across the board from our judges and it was a personal favourite of mine!

You can check out the winning mix here

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, and getting to know you a little bit better.
We look forward to hearing more of your mixes and I’m sure you will be entering into the next contest to defend your crown!

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