Damon Hess is known massively in the music industry for his dirty underground beats, dominating most record labels in the world by having releases on Dirtybird, 303 Lovers, Undr the Radr, Sony, MOS, Perfect Havoc, Central station, & many more. This guy has done it all, also holding residency in Ibiza in some of the biggest clubs such as O Beach, Eden, El Patio & also owning his own branded night "SOKO", which has gone from strength to strength over the last year, holding his own parties in clubs such as Eden Ibiza, Itaca, & several clubs in the UK. Listen to his mix and read our quick-fire questions to find out more about the artist: 

STEVE STIMPSON: You've had another Stella Ibiza Season. Give us some of the highlights of the summer.

DAMON HESS: Ibiza this year was Megga with 4 residencies with O Beach, Eden, El Patio, & Itaca, by far the best was El Patio what a sick open air pool party

Your prime time weekend show on Gaydio is a big crowd puller what's the secret to a well-produced radio show such as yours?

Keeping it current, I always make sure I’m supporting the biggest names and the best promos

Biggest tune in the box?

Robert Surace - "Joys" -Killer track for Ibiza season this year!

Damon Hess' New Year's Resolutions

Tick off the lists of labels I want to sign to.

What musically inspires you and who/what was your biggest influence?

I don’t really have one artist that inspires me, there are too many to mention.

Tell us what you have lined up on the production/remix front?

Several new tracks signed to labels on the tick box I’m slowly ticking them off one by one.

Finally, Evermix is currently launching its crowd capture EvermixBox4! How important to you is recording the crowd noise in a club?

Very important, this is a major difference to a live recording making you feel you're there when listening to the mix. I can't wait to start using the EvermixBox4!

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  • totally sick mix loved it

    donald haughey

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