MIX OF THE WEEK: DJ T. (Get Physical)


In today’s electronic music world, there are not many artists who can lay claim to a legacy like that of DJ T. From spending his youth collecting Disco, Funk, Soul, early Hip-Hop and Electro, to this day, still collecting, still full of energy and inspiration. DJ T. has notched up a seriously impressive list of achievements during his illustrious career, which spans over three decades. 

 In the last few years, he has produced three albums, curated numerous compilations, produced a long list of EPs and remixes and toured the globe several times over. He has also been a key member of the collective who launched Get Physical Music, the brains behind Groove Magazine - Europe’s premier electronic music publication - and single-handedly launched Frankfurt’s only House club in the first half of the naughties, the Monza Club.

 Despite so many accolades, his passion for music remains staunch, recently making several key changes to his professional life that have inspired him to explore new terrains. With hot new releases on AUS Music, Moon Harbour, True Soul and Jackathon representing his continued desire to push his creative boundaries. 

Celebrating 30 years in the business with another world tour, he has brought his art to the Americas and Europe since the beginning of 2019 and will continue until the end of the year. For a few weeks now the cat is out of the bag : DJ T. has taken a new wave of inspiration to the studio where he is currently producing a new album for his old label Get Physical Music, the 4th one of his career. The album will see the light of day around early spring 2020, following a successful series of EPs, that have been released since last year and will be continued until the end of 2019. The name of the album («Trans Orient Express ») says it all, DJ T. is drawing a lot of world music influences from the cultural circles of the orient to inject them into a wide spectrum of Nu Disco aesthetics. A new world tour will follow the album from the end of March 2020.

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