MIX OF THE WEEK: Full Intention

This week we welcome the house legends known as Full Intention to our Mix Of The Week

STEVE STIMPSON: Guys, great to have you onboard. I think it’s fair to say you currently riding a mighty successful wave. The DJ gigs and original tracks not forgetting the awesome remixes you keep churning out.

It seems to like there is a true resurgence in the love of disco and authentic house (as us oldies know it). You’ve seen the scene rise to the top on numerous occasions/throughout the years but it seems a bit different this time around. I guess nights like Glitterbox really help to educate a new audience but what is your stance on the disco house scene in 2019?

FULL INTENTION: This time around it's about making a more contemporary disco sound or re editing in many cases less obvious disco records from the past. A slower tempo too a lot of the time. The age range of people coming to our gigs can range as wide as 18 - 45.


Remixes have been your specialty since the good old days of double pack vinyl. Does the excitement and passion still remain the same and do you still use the same technique as you did back in the day?

The excitement is still there for sure, We only ever take on projects that we’re both feeling 100% but Its definitely got easier from a technology point of view! When we started remixing in the 1990’s you had to cut up all the parts into 2 bar sections and load them all into a bank of Akai samplers and then take ages programming the Atari to fire all the bits back in the right place. These days we can get up a whole mix of stems on Cubase in a few moments :)


Alongside being the amazing dynamic duo known across the globe as FULL INTENTION, you have both had highly successful individual careers. Can we expect additional projects from you both in the near future or is FULL INTENTION the single focus for the time being?

Full Intention will always be the main focus for sure but we do work on other projects separately as well.


Back to the remixes, the current ROCKERS REVENGE  - WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE Remix you created is ludicrously large and has so far clocked up over 1000 global radio plays. Tell us how that remix came about and your connection with the legend that is Arthur Baker?

We’ve known Arthur for ages and often chat so after the success we had last year on our label with our remixes of Walking on Sunshine Arthur asked if we’d like to work on the new Rockers Revenge track and sent us some ideas.


Can you give us a sneaky insight on what you’re working on now and what we can expect for F.I this summer?

We’re currently touching up a Mica Paris remix that we originally did 20 years ago. As many of our DJ sets include tracks from that era we’re finding they need beefing up a bit if we’re going top play them alongside tracks made these days! There is also a new Full Intention track we’ve got ready to go… just trying to clear the vocal sample so hopefully that will get thug ahead soon in time for the summer.

I have to mention that huge gig at VOCAL in Birmingham. Please tell us why the gig was such a special one and can you name 3 tracks that went off like rockets that night?
1 Rockers Revenge - What about thePeople
2 Full Intention - Sky’s the limit
3 Purple Disco Machine - Swiming Places

Where can we hear Full Intention in action next?

21/04/19 - The Get Up - Halifax
23/05/19 - Savannahs - Ibiza
26/05/19 - South Central Festival - Portsmouth
29/06/19 - Ministry of Sound - Windsor
13/07/19 - Playhouse - Mallorca
27/07/19 - Coalition - Brighton
17/08/19 - BMC - Mallorca
24/08/19 - SED Festival - Southend

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