Go Freek are known as innovators on the club circuit with their self described ‘gutter tech’ style. In the past years they've harmoniously combined their club skewed talents, with a focused approach to their toplines and songwriting, creating tracks such as their 2018 hit ‘Love Is The Weapon’. And now, Go Freek have delivered the charismatic follow up single One Question feat. Yeah Boy’. (Buy/Stream HERE).
The duo have already hit worldwide stages, playing at festivals in Croatia alongside the likes of Claude Von Stroke, and heating up stages at EDC Las Vegas, Paradisco, and Beyond Wonderland.
Check out their house set featured in our latest Mix of the Week and the exclusive interview:


STEVE STIMPSON: Go Freek, great to have you come on board and chat with us, recently celebrating your latest release ‘One Question ft. Yeah Boy’ on Sweat It Out Music, what else can we look forward to from you?

GO FREEK: Getting back to the Go Freek roots and releasing some banging club records! It’s taken some time to modernize the ‘gutter-tech’ sound that was driving the project from day one, so really excited to get these out and see the response.

Being named as Bonafide Nightclub Hitmakers following various floor-shaking releases such as 'Love Is The Weapon' on Sweat It Out, ‘Define’ with Dom Dolla, ‘Time’ and your remix of Billy Kenny’s ‘Just Came For The Music’. Do you have a work routine when sitting down to write a new track?

Absolutely not! It's all about sparking that inspiration to work and "get in the zone", some times it's just mucking around with synths and drums and other times you know what you are aiming for and that's what motivates you. Always just looking for that spark or as I like to call it, 'the eureka' moment.

Having had a busy summer touring Australia with 15 headline string of shows, are there any highlights that come to mind in the year so far?

Doing my first ticketed show in Sydney was super inspiring. Having curated the lineup with some of my favorite local producer DJs and seeing real fans all come together for a night of Go Freek entertainment was super special.

The Go Freek sound is truly individual and unique, what advice could you share for aspiring producers wanting to get started in the scene?

I think the best way to figure out what your brand of music is and can be is by paying close attention to when you play a show, what do you want to hear in your own sets? Then try and make that!
Thats how Go Freek came about, I wanted more than what I was playing in my sets, so I went about making it.

What are your top 3 tracks in the bag at the moment?

Dom Dolla - San Frandisco (Walker & Royce Remix)
Eli Brown - Change The Situation
Go Freek - One Question (Born Dirty Remix)

Where can our listeners find you playing next?

Lots of Aus summer shows around the corner (TBA), Australian festive season is here! Really looking forward to getting back to the states around this new club music as well, but more on that soon.

How can you compare playing at a festival stage to a club environment?

There is a strong connection with the audience in night clubs because you are right there amongst it feeling the energy. You can really get a flow on when you understand the vibe in the room it's so much easier to pick the perfect tune to play at the perfect time.

Festivals well its all systems go! It's the most special moment you can have as a DJ its hard to not feel overwhelmed. Its everything you ever dreamed of and there is no better feeling to play to a large crowd all in unison.

We’re just announcing the latest EvermixBox4 with crowd capture features, what importance to you does having the crowd recorded in a DJ Set?

If only I had some recordings of past sets that I've played some and my loved Go Freek fans could relive. I couldn't back this anymore! As mentioned before, some of the best music moments are built from the energy in the room that's significant in capturing these moments is very special.


*Download here.

Fugees - Killing Me Softly (Acapella)
Ministers De La Funk - Believe (ft Jocelyn Brown)
Jesse Perez - Daddy
PAWSA - Wet Paint
Outkast - Ms Jackson (Acapella)
Salt 'n’ Pepa - Push It - (Acapella Tool)
Dosem - Projection (Sampled)
Khia - My Neck (Acapella Tool)
Dajaé, Angelo Ferreri - Brighter Days (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
Lubelski, WhereIsFenix- When The Rhythm Hits
DJ Mets - Make Me Feel
Amine Edge & Dance - Lovely Dae
Sonny Fodera - Been A Long Time ft Alex Mills
Darius Syrossian - Kouka
James Curd, Nah Man - Mr Molly (Chris Tolan Remix)
Cloonee - Lose Control
Endor - Pump It Up
A-Trak - Work It Out
Dr. Packer - Everlasting
Amine Edge & Dance - Could It Be
Kevin Knapp - Step Up
NightFunk - What U Want
Samim - Heater (Tube & Berger Remix)
Go Freek - One Question ft Yeah Boy (Tough Love Remix)
Martin Ikin - Hooked
Go Freek - Time
Eli Brown - Searching For Someone

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