MIX OF THE WEEK: PaperMacheTiger

Our latest Mix of the Week comes from purveyors of contemporary house and electronic themed music based in Ibiza, comprising of DJ/producers Mick Wilson and Dylan Debut, each already having successfully crafted out a fruitful and lengthy
career in the DJ and production world. The dance floor-ready releases look back to the classic sound of Detroit and Chicago, whilst moving ahead with the forward thinking sounds of now. PaperMacheTiger is the latest chapter in a DJ/production career and it has seen releases on many defining labels in the dance music scene, this as well as DJ performances at some of the most iconic clubs in the world is reflected in the music that is a touchstone for PaperMacheTiger's career and to an audience in search of a fresh perspective on dance music culture. With forthcoming releases and remixes for 2020 PaperMacheTiger will be making a huge impact over the next 12 months!

STEVE STIMPSON: Mick, great to catch up and. thanks for being our mix Of the Week. Let’s start by talking about your history. In a nutshell please tell us about your early DJing, production highlights and that famous picture I love of you and Malcolm McLaren? 

MICK WILSON: Well I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, started out as a fresh faced DJ in the acid house and rave days, I’ve been lucky to play in some of the best clubs all over the world, as well as releasing music on some of the scene’s most defining labels. It was a totally different scene to what we have today but it is amazing to see how the culture has developed and evolved from all those years ago. I am happy to be still a part of it and my passion for electronic music hasn’t waned. The Malcolm McLaren photo, that came from a photoshoot we did with him, a friend of mine, Marty Leama (another talented producer) came up with an idea that we do a track with Malcolm and approached him back in the Parks and Wilson days, he said yes and we recorded this track with him - Bell Song feat vocals of Maria Callas, one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. To be honest it was all very surreal Malcolm McLaren of the Sex Pistols fame - the God Father of Punk Maria Callas, one of the worlds most celebrated opera singers and us on this dance track?! The photo was the result of the press shots for the release. It takes pride of place in my studio, a story to tell the grand kids.

PaperMacheTiger is such a fantastic name. How did the name come about? What's the concept and mission? And what's planned for PMT in 2020? DJing, productions?
The name came about from my travels over Asia, I’ve been doing a lot of DJing around China, Asia etc., and bathing in the culture, I like the concept of PaperMache which has been cited as being created by the Chinese around 200 B.C. – building things from layers of paper, a simple idea that results in amazing works. This process has been used throughout ancient times and has a rich heritage. This is the same as music, from a simple note impressive works can be formed, and for me this is also reflective in the dance music scene and culture. The Tiger element has been something that has been with me for years, (I used to have a record label called Tigre Fair) the representation of tigers especially in Asian, Japanese and Chinese culture has been something that always interested me, it has a spiritual meaning symbolising strength, courage and enlightenment. Which sums up the journey that I have had within the music industry especially the dance music industry. The concept and mission is to produce great electronic dance music, simple as that. Taking influences from the various genres that have passed and are with us today. I’ve teamed up with my studio partner Dylan Debut and we’ve had a great year making music, getting in the studio and just creating. We’ve had a wealth of releases and remixes on some great underground labels. 2020 will see us release our new track ‘Jazz Ting’ on Nervous Records that will be coming out in January as well as exploring the underground side of things even further.

You now live in Ibiza and instead of going through the bog-standard, hit me with three things that have changed your life since moving over there, three restaurant recommendations and three insider tips.

Life changers :
1. Meeting some amazing, colourful characters and the opportunities that can arise, the island draws them in.
2. Life itself, there seems to be an amazing balance between work and living which is literally life changing.
3. Seeing the sunsets, the sunrises, the storms, the sea, the beach, the campo (countryside), the natural side of the island

Restaurant recommendations
1. Ibiza Food Studio – Top notch dining using local produce
2. Can Pilot – Favourite with the Spanish and island locals amazing Spanish style BBQ
3. El Bistro – Super quaint spot in Dalt Villa amazing Italian/Mediterranean food

Insider tips:
1. Cala Vadella – really lovely cove for relaxed beach vibes
2. Velo Club Ibiza – Get to see the delights of the island via bicycle tours
3. Hostel La Torre – Great relaxed spot to catch sunset

Top 5 tracks in the box right here right now?

1. Jack U Later Floatation Device Mix Mella Dee - Warehouse Music
2. Jazz Ting PaperMacheTiger - Nervous Records
3. Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie Original Mix Denis Sulta - Ninja Tune
4. Orange Dreams Original Mix Ardalan - DIRTYBIRD
5. Shadow Child The DBG – Hot Creations

You’re a music tech expert, please tell us what's hot for 2020?  
I can’t actually tell you, sworn to secrecy, but read between the lines. Basically it’s time for a lot of new pioneering products, that we have all been waiting for to replace the ones that we all use as DJs. It is going to be exciting as the technology has come on leaps and bounds and will take it up another level – again. Oh and the EvermixBox4 and the ability to capture the live crowd in your recordings, and I wasn’t paid to say that!!!



PaperMacheTiger 60 Min mix Track Listing

All tracks produced by PaperMacheTiger

1. Confusion

2. Reach Out

3. Under Da Cover

4. Level 11

5. Jazz Ting

6. Rock Me 

7. Grand Central

8. Acid Trax

9. Detroit

10. Funk Motha Fucka

11. Underground Muzik 


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