What makes German production wizard Frank Heinrich, aka Reboot stand out from many other artists is the variety of musical influences he has. He borrows sounds from all corners of the musical spectrum, from classic house, world music and even jazz and always experiments with new rhythms and sounds. He has released classic records on labels such as Connaisseur, Supplement Facts, Combi Int., Cadenza & Moon Harbour.

His next event is taking place on 25th August at Ritual Club in Arzachena, Italy.

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Reboot and his new fresh house mix.



STEVE STIMPSON: Reboot, thanks for joining us and creating this exclusive Evermix set. Please take us through some of the tracks selected. 
REBOOT: Thank you for having me! When I personally listen to Podcasts / DJ-Mixes, I usually do that at the car, when walking our dog or during workout
for example. So the track selection is not necessarily exactly what I would play on a club or festival. A massive sound system doesn’t need too many musical elements to deliver the message. When I am listening to music on headphones or in the car, I can focus on all the little spaces in  between. Especially the first half of the mix is more about those type of tracks that I love to listen to, but usually don’t play them at a peaktime DJ-Set. Starting a bit dark and trippy with Tracks by Clarkent & OuiOui, Charlie Banks and an exclusive unreleased own production. The mix gets a 
bit housier than with tunes by VOY, Louie Fresco & Dj Sneak. The second half is dedicated to the more groovy club tunes that I currently play, like the Louie Vega Remix of Josh Wink & Ursula Rucker or the new Collective Machine track called „the Legend of House“. Finishing the mix with a song of my upcoming EP on Hommage Records.
Your sets are renowned for carrying a fluid mixture of tough, driving Techno and groovy, flavoursome House music. What makes a track worthy of your selection for a Reboot setlist? 
Generally I don’t want to limit myself by playing only one direction of dance music, like only deep House or only hard Techno for example. When I started going out as a teenager, it was totally common, that one DJ would curate the music all night long. So you would listen to a journey through styles and vibes. It didn’t get boring, even after hours of listening to the same DJ and that’s something I still find desirable. In my sets you can find anything from Deep House to funky Techno. The most important is, that the tracks are either groovy as a mofo or have a special vibe that I like to build in.
Recently playing at Amnesia, Ibiza for the Vagabundos series, where else can our listeners find you playing this summer?
This years summer has been intense and extremely satisfying so far. Especially the Vaganbudos Show at Amnesia has been one of my highlights. Especially after reuniting with my Cadenza family. I had the chance to visit many cities that I haven’t been in quiet a while and been mainly playing around Europe this summer. Next stops are Ritual, Sardegna and Prince in Riccione end of August. After that I will take a break for some weeks to finish building up the new studio, which takes quiet a bit more time than expected. I will be back on the road in October for shows in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany or Luxembourg. 

3 albums you can't live without?
1. Rhythm & Sound - w/ The Artists
2. Bob Marley - Legend
3. Avishai
You have a natural flavour for developing finely crafted remixes, with previous reworks on tracks from the likes of Rich NxT, Sebo K, Kolsch and ANNA. 
What forthcoming remixes, tracks or collabs are in the pipe-line?
There is three different EP`s waiting for release at the moment. All of them very different from each other. The next one will be with my dear friends Monkey Safari on their label Hommage Records. Very playful and melodious material that I have been producing before remodeling the studio. Another release will follow on Aprapta with more oldschool trippy Reboot sound and then I got a special one coming up with proper house bangers at the end of the year. I did a couple of remixes at the beginning of the year (Groove Armada, Rich NXT, Kone Kone and Avidus), but for the moment I want to focus on my new working environment.
Evermix are about to release the EvermixBox4, which features the crowd capture feature, how important is it to have the crowd involved with a DJ Live Set?
Thats extremely cool! When you listen to a recorded set without seeing/hearing the crowds reactions and the atmosphere, it is often hard to get the full picture of
what was going on during that performance. The crowd is the most important factor and the whole reason why DJ`s are able to travel the world and do what they love. Without the love of the people, this ain`t working. Involving the audience, can simply mean, that you are attentive to the people on the dance floor - trying to 
understand the vibe and energy of a club and to musically pick up the people where they currently are and take them on a journey. The main goal should be, to give everyone a big fat smile and a fantastic time!
1. Reboot Intro
2. Clarkent & OuiOui - Fasolar
3. Reboot - Al Mundi 
4. Charlie Banks - Later
5. Louie Fresco - Aliens (Black Wax Pt. 2)
6. VOY - 09 A
7. DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Rare Two Inc. - Ass 9 Hunnit Fitty
8. Josh Wink & Ursula Rucker - Sith Sense (Louie Vega Remix)
9. Moodyman - I Can`t Kick This Feeling When It Hits
9. Collective Machine - The Legend Of House
10. Reboot - Memoria

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