MIX OF THE WEEK: Russ Yallop @ Paradise DC10 Ibiza

The last few years have seen Russ repeat this success with a string of hugely popular releases on labels such as Hot Creations, Rebellion, No.19, Foot & Mouth, and the label that gave him his big break, Crosstown Rebels. With a truly global fan base, Russ regularly tours worldwide playing the most prestigious festival's such as Tomorrowland, Kazantip, Global Gathering and playing venue’s such as Tokyo's Womb, Berlin’s Watergate and Circo Loco at DC10. This summer in Ibiza saw his third season as resident for Jamie Jones’ Paradise. His next event at DC10 is taking place on 4th September!

STEVE STIMPSON: Russ, it was an amazing night/morning a big thanks for having us along. Your set was bang on the money. Please take us through some of the tracks selected from the set.

Well it was a set of two halves, the first half was a warm-up that led into a more pumping second half. As for tracks that stand out I think I started with a lush track called Mij Mack - We Got Somewhere on Kenja Records, lots of lush chords and housey drums. Another great new one was Tolstoi & Andsan - We Got The Beat, think thats about midway when things start to pick up. As for bangers new Sidney Charles - Mono Pulse on Moon Harbour, Manu Desrets & Londongroun - C-Floor on Sanity, and a sick new remix of one of my tunes, Russ Yallop - Future (CASSIMM remix).

Where else can our listeners find you playing in the upcoming months?

Doing Circo Loco Closing on the 7th October, it will be HUGE!

Release/Remix wise, can you possibly give us a hint of anything forthcoming?

Check out my ep Future Illusions on Criminal Hype, came out a week ago!

Top 3 tracks in the box right here, right now?

1. Jay De Lys & Jamie Roy - Loveland. Saved

2. Russ Yallop - Future (CASSIMM remix). Criminal Hype

3. Sidney Charles - Mono Pulse on Moon Harbour

What musically inspires you and who/what was your biggest influence?

I've always been into beats so early on was heavy beats from hip-hop to house, from DJ Premier to Armand Van Helden..

We're just about to launch our EvermixBox4 which has crowd capture unit, please tell us how important recording your sets is, did it play any part in your early years in regard to getting heard and how important is recording the crowd noise alongside the set?

The crowd capture sounds like a sick feature! When I first started recording sets it was almost impossible. Evermix is a true game changer!

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