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Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch, Pax, Michelle Weeks, Crystal Waters/Richey Profond, Ten Ven, Purple Disco Machine and more.

Interview by Steve Stimpson.

Hi Storm, great to meet you and welcome to Evermix.FM. For anyone not aware of your journey please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got snapped up by the legendary Hed Kandi?

Hey Guys! Thanks for having me haha.

Well I’ve been making my way around London DJing for the past 4 years. I hold a couple residencies with the Soho houses, co-run a night of my own called Green Light , and have DJ’d for numerous fashion brands, venues etc.

When I got the email about Hedkandi I thought it was spam, thankfully it wasn't

Please describe your sound in 3 words?

Bad Mama Jamma's

We love the concept of  ‘Green Light Special’. How did this develop and what inspired you to connect these different elements to create a show/event. 

Awe thanks guys. It was a pretty easy decision to start Green Light. My Green Light Special partner (DJ Ari Houmous) and I were giving the option venue wise to throw some parties. We felt we knew an array of artists from DJ's, to performers , to visual artists like animationists, illustrators, designers  to pull a decent night off. When it boils down to it, it's all about bringing artists together from all walks to be creatively free to do what they want for the eve. A year on an 12 or so more parties later and you can find us in a few venues around London and building a very open format community along the way.

What other performers and DJs inspire you and why? 

Okay I'm going to save us all a bit of time because my performer list is forever growing. I really admire any artist who overcame adversities to get to their level of success unapologetically and keeping their general air of authenticity along the way. Also those Artists that never craved the spotlight and just so happened to end up there because, well they were/are awesome!

DJ wise my peers never seize to amaze me. There are some pretty Badass DJs out and about at the moment. I do really adore Detroit swindle. Their sound is forever evolving, revolving however you want to put it, and their chemistry as a duo is always incredible. Also Big up to my old school DJ sensei 's like Frankie Knuckles , DJ AM, Masters at Work, Terrence Parker.

Jad & The - Strings that Never win - ToyTonics

Ten Ven - Just About (Hi,Im claude Remix) - Positiva Virgin EMI

Monopoly - Mass Destruction (Kenny Dope Remix)

The weekend just gone experienced a massive sell-out Hed Kandi event at Ministry Of Sound. It's clear that the brand has been truly missed and is certainly needed in this time of heavy tech-dominated scene. How was the night for you and what other Hed Kandi events are on the horizon?

The night was brilliant. Proved there is always room for a bit of Hedkandi even 20 years on. Its nostalgic, yet still new for some. It's finally been announced that we're going on a 20th anniversary tour this year so every gig on the tour will be something to look forward to!

Things are certainly improving but there is a hell of a long way to go in terms of the industry being male-dominated. What advice can you offer other females trying to break into the business.

I'm going to sound like a Nike Ad and say just do it. Don't be afraid to step on some toes, break some boundaries. Generally us females have each others backs, ask for advice. This comes down to women who work in events and promotions too where the male is also a dominating figure. We got this...

Where can we hear you performing over the summer and are there any specific highlights you are looking forward to?

Bring on Summer, a time of 293439 flights, spending 24 hours in a city half way across the world and making the most insane memories all at the same time. If in London you can find me playing poolside at one of the soho houses, or anywhere tropical with Hedkandi. Ibiza is always a highlight too

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