MIX OF THE WEEK: Tocadisco

Another Thursday, another Mix of the Week, this time coming from German DJ & Producer TOCADISCO, who started his musical career in his early years, got into DJing with the age of 16 and turned into a professional in the year 2000. Without a classic musical education he teach himself how to play several instruments and got into producing. In 2004 Tocadisco released his first own single “Nobody likes the records that I play” ( Superstar Rec. ), which became a worldwide success. After one year of heavy touring around the globe, 2005 became an even more successful year. Curious about his new releases? Keep reading!

STEVE STIMPSON: Tocadisco, absolute pleasure to have you come and chat with us in the midst of your busy summer schedule. Where have you been playing recently?

TOCADISCO: I’ve just came back from Croatia, I played at a beautiful beach bar/club called ‘Coral Beach Club’ in Dubrovnik, worth checking out if you are ever there. Before that I went to Buenos Aires, one of my favorite places to play. Just love it there!

We’ve been loving your new release ‘Paradiesvogel EP’ on your label Toca45 Recordings, the artwork and sampling in the title track is very unique, can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind the EP?

It was kind of funny, I finished the tracks already and was thinking about another name for them. But then I sat in a bar and a guy walked by and asked if I was Tocadisco and I said yes. He then told me that I’m pretty much a ‘Paradiesvogel’ (bird of paradise), which was a cynical comment on my clothing style. But I don’t care what other people think about my clothes, so I thought it was funny to call the EP that.

For listeners who may not have had a chance to listen to your label, can you tell us a bit more about the label, when it started, and the direction you’re taking it in?

It’s just an easy outlet for my creativity and a way to support fresh talent. I don’t care about any certain style, but it’s mostly House, Deep House, Techno and Tech House. I’ve also released some songs that were more Pop and even Jazzy with my sideproject ‘Roman Vintage’.

Where can our listeners find you playing the rest of the summer?

The easiest way is by my Facebook or Instagram.

What other exciting new releases can we expect from Tocadisco soon?

The next release on Toca45 Recordings is already in the pipeline! A Disco-influenced Tech House track called ‘Comatose’, which will probably will be released by the end of July.

What are your top 3 tracks in the bag at the moment?

  1. Steve Bug - A Reddish Hue
  2. Undercatt - Cadabra
  3. Dalfie - Can’t Think Right Now

Evermix are launching their new crowd capture Evermix Box, what is the importance of having that feature when recording a live set?

It’s a completely different experience when you hear the crowd cheer or react to the music. Otherwise, you could just make a mix at home. To be able to capture the club’s energy is great!



Aiwaska - Spiritual
Soleol Carrillo - Cello House
Space Motion & Kashovski - Hingo feat Idd Aziz
Tocadisco - Paradiesvogel
Miss Melera - Hue
Justin Cholewski - The Last Breath
Jashari - Spyce
Freak Me - Wawa Dance
Miroslav Pavlovic - Nebula ( manuel Meyer Remix )
SCSI-9 - Atonal ( Dave Pad’s Interpretation )
Justin Cholewski & Titas Petrikis - Peledy Kalnas
Sparrow & Barbossa - Yeke ( Enzo Siffredi’s Remix )

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