STEVE STIMPSON: The guest mix is out of this world. A proper journey. Who still floats your boat when it comes to DJing. Who still excites you enough to go and let off a bit of steam on the dance floor when they are in town?

X-PRESS 2: It takes a lot to get me out these days tbh. The last 2 DJs I left the house to listen to were Ian Levine and Colin Curtis, and they were playing at a little local social club around a 10 minute walk from my front door!

Please tell us some of your earliest influences that still help shape your music today.

DJs I would say it was Tony Humphries, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez. The whole 90s New York vibe was a massive influence for us and we still look to that sound for inspiration.

3 words that describe Ibiza in 2019

  1. Will
  2. Never
  3. Change

If you could work with anyone in the studio dead or alive who would it be and why?

We'd still love to do something with Patti Smith. Her voice and style just click with us, again I think it's that New York connection that does it. We put Piss Factory on a comp that we did as X-Press 2 some years back. Amazing song.

Three non-dance related albums you couldn't live without?

  1. Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces
  2. David Holmes - Late Night Tales
  3. Ludovico Einaudi - Elements

We're just launching our EvermixBox 4 with crowd capture. How important is it for you to record the crowd noise alongside your set.

It definitely adds to the overall feel of a live mix. I was listening to some very old recordings of the Wigan Casino a while back, and the crowd noise on there was incredible!

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