Spotlight Sessions: Hazel Marimba

London based DJ Hazel Marimba is making waves in the London scene. With a combination of networking and a self confessed 'love for organisation', she's managed to turn her love for music into a successful career!



Hazel has a background in events, with one of her tips for success being to immerse yourself in the industry and become familiar with the tastemakers that are setting levels.

Going out, A LOT, getting yourself heard, learning to produce and gaining experience by playing for free, are all moves that got the 25 year old DJ where she is today.


Hazel has fully immersed herself into the scene and can often be found spinning a fuse of bass, groove and soul, at venues such as Fabric, The Bussey Building, Brixton Jamm and for radio shows such as Rinse FM and NTS.

Hazel is a shining example of what it takes to be successful in the industry, because it's "the people that actually do" that tend to be, and she's definitely taking action.



When it comes to recording sets, the EvermixBox is the hardware Hazels been looking for: "it's great to have something physical, that you can plug into the back of any mixer and just get going!" 

Needless to say, we have another DJ on our hands excited about the prospect of crowd capture: "slightly self indulgent but in a great way, as long I'm not being told  to get off the stage!" And I'm sure that won't be the case!

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