Spotlight Sessions - Tibasko

Next up in our Spotlight Sessions, we present the multi-talented, multi-faceted, musical geniuses (and all round nice guys) simply known as, Tibasko.

Ken & Andy are the Hertfordshire duo finding their feet in the industry, learning, adapting and growing, all of which can be heard in the development of their sound.

No Limits

It's important not to limit yourself in todays industry and these guys have no desire to do so. They have a love for all things electronic, melodic and musical, the right attitude and a great journey to look forward to. They set themselves a template with direction, let their creative juices flow and live by the mantra "don't be a dick".


The Journey 

These boys are on their own inspiring path, they've been booked to play at El Dorado Festivalfor the second time, alongside the likes of Detroit Swindle, Artwork, Mall Grab and Folamour to name a few. It's also worth a mention that these guys were named in DJ Mags January 2019 'emerging talent'list, have their unreleased tracks currently being spun by Denis Sultaand recently had their track 'Body Wrap' dropped atGlastonburybyTheBlack Madonna! 



Standing Out

With releases on their own label 'Omusaré Records', track premiers on houseum (respectably), sets at Percolate, Regression Sessions and Made Festival all off their own back, you can understand why we've chose to shine the spotlight on these chaps. Artwork is something they take huge pride in, "it's the first thing the listener will see, having artwork that pops is going to lead to that first click" Ken tends to look after that side of things, with Andy's desire to network and stand out from the crowed helping to forge the perfect partnership. The duo represent what it takes to be on the road to success as a modern DJ...Tibasko we salute you!



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