Surviving Facebook - 8 Alternative platforms for live streaming


October 1st 2020. Judgement Day. Okay maybe we’re being a little dramatic here. But in the case you have been living under a rock over the last month or so Facebook is making changes to its Terms of service, and these changes will have an impact on the already fragile DJ live streaming landscape...BUT HAVE NO FEAR! We've put together a comprehensive list of alternative streaming platforms, that can take your streaming game to the next level! 

Over the past few months, the Covid-19 Pandemic has been a catalyst for live streaming and we have seen an enormous growth in the number DJ sets being streamed at any given time. While there are a few platforms that offer a good service, The facebook platform is the most active of all social networks, with a large built-in audience (friends and followers).


Facebook has updated its terms of service to explicitly target what it calls “music listening experiences” Here’s an excerpt from the revised ToS below:

You may not use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience
“ We want you to be able to enjoy videos posted by family and friends. However, if you use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience for yourself or for others, your videos will be blocked and your page, profile or group may be deleted. This includes Live.

If you post content that contains music owned by someone else, your content may be blocked, or may be reviewed by the applicable rights owner and removed if your use of that music is not properly authorized. ”

While Facebook has maintained this stance on “music listenings experience” since 2018, the major change has been in how willing they are to aggressively enforce this.

“Your page, profile, or group may be deleted” is a pretty heavy-handed way of saying “we might remove your entire Facebook presence if you keep streaming DJ sets”. - Facebook (Terms of Service - Effective 1st October 2020)

So now, live streaming DJs could be risking their accounts and music profile being deleted and banned from the platform, if they use copyrighted material during a livestream. In an already delicate ecosystem, this is going to spell bad news for all of live streamers using Facebook...


There are a number of alternative platforms DJs can use to their advantage during these unprecedented times. We've had our ear to the ground and brought together a definitive list of 8 streaming alternatives for DJs.

Mixcloud has just announced a new live streaming platform,"Mixcloud Live". The service lets users live stream visuals – not just audio – from any standard desktop streaming app such as OBS, Wirecast and so on. Once your stream is up, viewers can chat and engage on the viewing page.

- Main Features:
Mixcloud has license agreements with labels, publishers and performance rights organisations more suited to DJs, meaning that music that gets streamed on their platform actually generates revenue for the artists involved, much like a radio play, but without takedowns. While not every single label and publisher in the world is on board, having signed deals with Universal Music Group (UMG), Warner Music Group (WMG) and Merlin, the global digital rights agency for independent labels, means that a very large portion of published music is part of the catalogue.

  • Measure and Monetise live streams with real-time analytics and follower subscription feature controlled by the user.
  • Customise and personalise channel look and feel for unique flavour.
  • Schedule and highlight shows.

- Drawbacks

  • Paid subscription - To stream on Mixcloud you will need to have a PRO membership that costs £9 a month.
  • Although Major updates have already been made the service is still being tested and improved with new features being added.

In the DJ world, few sites can compare with mixcloud. It has become the platform a number of DJs swear by as the go to platform for recording and publishing DJ sets. The market, audience and infrastructure is already in place and with the new live streaming feature now up to the industry standard. Mixcloud Live is hands down the best alternative. The interface is clean and professional, Set-up is easy and straightforward. Combining this with OBS and the world can be your oyster.. No seriously, you can make it look like you're djing directly from the world of oysters, or from inside an oyster or.. you're djing on top of a world that located in an oyster.. i'm sure you get the point.

Evermix Compatibility: Android (using new stream key feature), iOS (using Macbook/iMac and OBS)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner


One of the most popular and longest serving streaming platform. Traditionally a hub for gamers and live casting of games and entertainment. This platform is consistent, tried, and tested by uncountable video game streams that has proven to be useful for more things than just gaming.

- Main Features

  • Uninterrupted streams. The platform is made for streaming so it comes with ready made streaming tools.
  • It's a great companion with OBS and a few streamers have used Facebook Live to direct their friends to their Twitch channel for uninterrupted streaming – a great funnel to drive more friends who are unfamiliar with the platform to try it out. Plus, signing up is quick and free if you haven’t done it yet.
  • For creators there’s the opportunity to generate revenue through Twitch’s built-in tools - via their affiliate program.
  • Access to transcoding/option to stream in multiple resolutions

- Drawbacks:

  • Twitch takes a cut of subscription fee
  • Exclusivity - All content made with Twitch is exclusive to the platform for the next 24 hours or you risk breaking its terms of service agreement.

I have watched a few events on this platform, there are rumours of impending copyrighting issues that could lead to yoru stream being stopped or content being deleted. But the platforms features and interface are excellent! Set-up can be easy but this feature heavy platform is the standard for live streamed entertainment. Combining this with OBS and Adding another hand on deck to help behind the scenes this can become the go to for live streaming DJ Sets.

Evermix Compatibility: Android (using new stream key feature), iOS (using Macbook/iMac and OBS)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner


3. Youtube Live
YouTube is probably the first platform people think of when it comes to video content.
Their new live feature allows for live streams or scheduled broadcasts direct on the platform.

- Main Features

  • Youtube is a household name for video entertainment. So in terms of searchability and SEO, YouTube is king.
  • The platform comes jam packed with features including real-time chat, engagement and analytics making it a ready made solution for live streams and broadcasts.

- Drawbacks:

  • Their content ID system allows for rights-owners to stake a claim and share ad revenue on the uploaded/streamed mix. There’s still a chance that you might play a song that triggers your stream getting stopped, blocked, or your account getting a copyright strike.
  • User needs a verified YouTube/Google account to get started.
  • If you want to embed your stream on an external site, you need to link an approved AdSense account to your YouTube account.
  • In order to live stream on Youtube on a mobile device, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Impending and inevitable copyright issues can be a pain, but with the platform already established, this alternative presents an opportunity for "new to the game DJs" to build their followers. There are some barriers to entry with the subscription rules, but overall if you are playing commercial music you may have to give this a miss as the content ID algorithm is strong with this one.

Evermix Compatibility: Android (using new stream key feature), iOS (using Macbook/iMac and OBS)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner


4. Zoom
By now we all know zoom or have used zoom in one capacity or another, work “catch-ups” or socially distanced birthday parties but using Zoom for DJ live sets might have you saying “Hold the phone, zoom?”

Zoom is like Skype, meaning it’s a videoconferencing app, with the difference being that you can have a ton of people in the same call (up to 100 in the free tier, with a max of 1000 at the highest paid subscription or as an add-on). This means that your guests see your face and the faces of other participants, and not just as avatars or lines of text. This alone makes Zoom very different compared to the aforementioned platforms, and has become the main reason why DJs want to know how to DJ on Zoom and throw parties on.

- Main Features:

  • Live online dance stream/parties with up to 100 people.
  • Zero music copyright issues.
  • Host can record sets and share footage afterwards.
- Drawbacks:
  • Free option is limited to 40 min long sessions.
  • The DJ set can only be recorded by the host, so there’s no way to reply or playback unless the stream is recorded and then posted on a separate platform afterwards.
  • Overall sound quality is average compared to other dedicated platforms.
  • No direct ability to monetise.

Have had issues with overall sound quality, the 40 mins time limit can also be limiting but overall this is a refreshing way to live stream and connect with friends. This platform is excellent for private stream and sets and its fun and easy to connect with all participants. Set-up can be straightforward but don't expect any real time analytics and stream specific features.

Evermix Compatibility: iOS (Mobile and Macbook/iMac)
Set-up Difficulty: Intermediate


5. Switcher Studio

No laptop, No Desktop, No Problem. Switcher Studio could be the solution you didn’t know you needed. With Switcher Studio you can use your iOS devices to stream live together.

Switcher Studio is a full video streaming app that runs on iOS/iPadOS, that lets you wireless connect together several iPhones and iPads, overlay text and graphics, and stream directly to all the popular platforms (including  and you can bring in guests remotely and even store old clips in the cloud.

- Main Features:

  • Allows for multiple handheld iOS devices to be connected and used as cameras remotely.
  • Brings Online Broadcasting to your fingertips.
  • Easy set-up and settings are saved across devices so you can pick up where you left off.

- Drawbacks:

  • Relies on WiFi
  • Subscription service costing up to £60 for the full fledged package

Guaranteed iOS connectivity across the board. This simple solution allows you to wirelessly connect iOS devices and have multicam live streams with all the editing features you want in a streaming application. Its OBS but for handheld iOS devices.

Evermix Compatibility:
 Handheld iOS devices excluding iPad Pro
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner

6. Mixlr?
Mixlr is the simplest way to broadcast live audio. Their powerful apps enable content creators, from artists to sports teams, online radio stations or podcasters, to stream live audio to millions of unique listeners each month.

- Main Features:

  • Online radio broadcasting with a free tier option for limited/timed broadcasts.
  • Broadcast with good audio quality using  3G or 4G and Wifi.
  • Recorded broadcasts are saved to your mixlr profile allowing your audience to catch up with old shows.
  • Paid options are jam packed with excellent broadcasting features including: scheduling broadcasts, livestream URL and TuneIN compatibility - giving your live stream the ability to be picked up on radio circuits.

- Drawback:

  • Audio only.
  • Free option comes with barebone features.
  • DJs must build their own fan base

A good looking interface. The custom url and embedding options can be good for 24 hour audio streams. They also have a handy twitter bot notification system that lets all their followers know when you are live. 
All in all, the inability to stream video and the pro subscription price holds this back in our opinion

Evermix Compatibility: High Spec Android, iOS(Mobile and Macbook/iMac)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner
How-to: Plug and Play with Evermix app on 


7. is a browser-based livestreaming platform. It lets you broadcast to you choice of 30 plus platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, and aggregates all your chat messages for those platforms in one place so you don’t have to keep an eye on each individual platform when you’re broadcasting.

Easily broadcast professional live streams from your browser to 30+ social platforms. Customize your live streams, engage with your audience in real-time, and drive action during your live streams.

- Main Features:
Overall, Restream is easy and straightforward to set-up. While the paid version offers more bang for your buck, it’s free option allows the user to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously with the resource requirements of a single stream. Restream Free comes with a lot more features, which include:

  • Social alerts and notifications
  • Custom Transcoding - option for video resolution
  • Access to analytics
  • Real-time chat room

- Drawback:

  • Although Restream has a free version, The paid version houses its best features and starts at US$19.00/month and does not offer any free trial options.

A little heavy on the techy side, so this may not be the best option for the less tech savvy DJs. It does what it says on the box and with a mobile broadcasting software and an addition set of hands on deck this can be a solid long term solution to live streaming DJ sets on multiple platforms simultaneously. We also had some issues with the resolution and FPS settings when trying to stream from a mobile device.

Evermix Compatibility: High Spec Android (using new stream key feature), iOS (using Macbook/iMac and OBS)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner

7. PlayDJ:TV
- Main Features:
Plug in and play version for DJs that want a simple solution to livestreaming without all the bells and whistles. The free plan includes:

  • Custom Page URL
  • Licensed Streaming
  • 5 HOURS VIDEO STREAMING Per month - Add ons available
  • Unlimited Monthly viewers - Max. 30 Concurrently

The price paid subscription adds:

  • DJ Channel customisation
  • 25 Hours video streaming monthly limit - add ons available
  • Stream Multicast - Cast stream to Youtube, Twitter, Twitch
  • Unlimited video streaming and viewers for paid events
  • Stream virtual invite-only events from your channel
  • Live Chat & Real-time Reactions
  • Unlimited audio streaming
  • Increased viewer limit - 500 concurrency(No room limit on paid events)
  • Priority listing on Live DJs page
  • Accept tips from viewers

- Drawback:

  • No way to save and replay livesets
  • No subscription service
  • No direct option for channel monetisation
  • Viewer limitation (30 for Free plan, 500 for paid)

Although Major updates have already been made the service is still being tested and improved with new features being added in its current state it looks like the business for a no-frills live streaming solution.

Evermix Compatibility:
 High-Spec Android (using new stream key feature), iOS (using Macbook/iMac and OBS)
Set-up Difficulty: Beginner

Larix Broadcaster

Another alternative that will take you away from your phone. The larix broadcaster is designed to feed simple but high quality output to your platform or destination of choice.

- Main Features:

For those that don’t want to be tied to any particular channel, you can use the Larix broadcaster to stream to and enjoy all the added benefits.

The free application simply streams your camera and audio (although there are lots of settings for tweaking), so don’t expect a “video switcher in a box” like Switcher Studio – although there is an option to record your livestream locally, which is handy!

- Drawback:

  • Barebones with no added production features

No frills free broadcasting application that send audio and video to your favorite streaming platform. This does what it says on the box and it does it well!

Evermix Compatibility: High-Spec Android, iOS
Set-up Difficulty: Intermediate

We hope this articles been helpful!

Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram with any feedback and alternatives you've found.

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