The Evermix Ibiza Guide 2019

With way too many pubs, clubs, and hangovers to cram into a short holiday, it’s tempting to spend the whole week partying in the main resorts of San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa, and Ibiza Town.
But if you fancy a break from the eat, sleep, rave, repeat routine we’ve put together five tried and tested trip ideas from the Evermix Team to get you out and about.

Before You Go

First up, you’re probably gonna need some wheels. Whether you’re a lone-wolf on a scooter, or more suited to the comfort of a car - hiring a vehicle gives you the freedom you need to do your own thing.

DoYouSpain is one reputable website we’ve used many time before. It pulls together offers from several different rental companies and makes it easy to find a good deal. Always check the small-print carefully and make sure you’re aware of the fuel policy before you book.

And for something a little more in keeping with the ethos of 60′s Ibiza, grab an original 2CV from Ducks United (above) and get your driving groove on!

Evermix Tip: Book early! Prices rise rapidly the nearer you get to your arrival date, and rates in resort can be steep during times of high demand. And always get yourself excess protection before you go. It's loads cheaper than the high-pressure 'deals' the hire companies try to force on you in branch.

Now you’re all set… here’s where to go!


Lunch at ‘The Fish Shack’

This informal seafood shack has a different name depending on who you speak to: ‘Chiringuito’, ‘The Fish Shack’, ‘Maria’, ‘Chiringuito de las Sombrillas’, or ‘Chiringuito (amor’ehh!)’ to name just a few. Some even say it has no name…

What it definitely does have is amazing, sizzling, fresh-from-the-fishing-rod fish. And an unrivalled vista across Talamanca bay.

You’ll find it along a very dusty track just behind ‘Sa Punta’ restaurant at Cap Martinet. Parking is free. A carwash isn’t.

Don’t expect frills. Or a menu. Ask the waiter what they have available and choose grilled, fried, or baked. That’s it. It will come simply seasoned with salt and served with a salad and some delicious potatoes. Then sit back with a cold drink and smile smugly at the excellent decision you’ve just made.
This place does get busy, and there’s no booking - so try to get there early.

Evermix Tips:

- Do NOT put ‘El Chiringuito’ into your satnav, or instruct your taxi driver to take you there. You’ll end up at a very lovely, but much more expensive establishment several miles away at Es Cavallet. We may have accidentally done this…

- Take a towel. The cliffs around the chiringuito are perfect (and relatively safe) for cliff jumping. Just make sure you’re sensible and a strong swimmer! And maybe let someone else go in first…

Some of the best smoothies & juices on the island


Go North

The north of the island is quieter, more relaxed, and dare we say it… even more beautiful.

A drive up to the northern tip takes around an hour from Ibiza town, and is well worth the journey. Spend some time in Cala San Vincente (north east) where you’ll find a quiet, picturesque beach with a couple of very special places to relax and unwind.

Hidden bar: as you head down the hill into the resort go slowly as you approach the cove and look to your right. Hidden away (hence the name) you’ll find a little oasis or calm. With a cocktail menu designed by award winning mixologist Chris Edwardes and its very own mini-golf course; Hidden Bar is a wonderful way to while away an afternoon. You might even bump into Fatboy Slim (it’s one of his favourite bars). Better take a taxi (approx. €50 from Ibiza Town) if you’re planning to have a few cocktails!

On The Beach (pictured above): If you’ve been hitting it hard and your body is crying out for help, this is the place to go. Relax at the Dutch-owned beach bar and try one of their incredible fresh fruit smoothies while the DJ floats chill-out tunes straight into your ears.

Evermix Tip: Stop off at the hippy market Las Dalias, near San Carlos on the way home. Check the website to see what’s on (and when it’s open) - if you’re lucky you’ll Wax Da Jamwill be back again this year!

The Magnetic Es Vedra


Es Vedra

Whether it’s the ‘third most magnetic place on earth’ or not, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful. Shrouded in myths and mystery, looking out over the lonely limestone rock is truly mesmerising.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike up the steep path to one of Ibiza’s best placed stone watch towers - built to defend against pirates! It’s not a leisurely stroll but the views are worth it. Apparently the gates to the tower are open at certain times and you can climb to the top, although we’ve never managed to get into it ourselves.

Ibiza Spotlighthave a nice feature on Es Vedra if you want to read more about the legends surrounding it.

Evermix Tip: If you plan to reach the tower, don’t wear flip-flops. Just don’t. Another of our many Ibiza mistakes… :-)

Voyage to Atlantis (Or Walk)

While you’re in the area at Es Vedra, make your way down to the hippie hangout of Atlantis. It’s an abandoned stone quarry with a charming little beach and a whole host of interesting rock carvings.

Atlantis is one of Ibiza’s hidden gems, and most tourists are put off either by the walk, or fear of getting lost. So chances are you’ll have it to yourself.

To keep you on the right path, print off some instructions or take a screenshot before you set off (mobile signal is unreliable around here).

Evermix Tip: If you plan to hire a boat during your stay, ask if your captain will take you to Atlantis. It will save you a tough walk, and arriving anywhere by boat is infinitely more gangsta.

Ocean Mania

Okay, it’s not quite as amusing or dangerous as the Total Wipeout course, but you don’t have to listen to Richard Hammond commentating on your performance.

Billionaire boats aside, the huge floating playground at San Antonio Bay is just about the most fun you can have out at sea. Situated nearby Ocean Beach, a 45 minute session will set you back €15 (2017 season prices). It’s also a very competent hangover buster!

Evermix Tip: While you’re feeling active, test your surf skills, or ‘flowboarding’ to give it its proper name, at Surf Lounge Ibiza. We haven’t managed to stand up yet on their impressively powerful artificial wave.

Now you're set with your travel itinerary - Ibiza is just a few months and a short flight away!

Please do share your own insider Ibiza tips and off-the-beaten-track trips in the comments below and we'll keep the list growing and up to date!

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